Bi-State Motorcyle Awareness Ride extended pre-registration until April 15

Posted Online: March 25, 2009, 1:01 pm
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Press release submitted by Bi-state Motorcycle Awareness Council

The Bi-State Motorcycle Awareness Ride council has extended the Pre-Registration drive until April 15th. This is in hope of increasing participation. As well as providing a more acurate assesment of expected rider participation for Police planning for escort needs, and public impact. Can you help us get the word out. Registration forms have been distributed at local and regional motorcycle dealerships. Ride information and printable froms can be found on www.awrenessride.com . The following information is a redistribution of initial contact information from earlier this month.

My name is Tim Wassell; I am the current Promotional Director and PR Rep of the Bi-State Motorcycle Awareness Council. The Council is made up of 2 members from each of the motorcycle organizations in and around the Quad Cities area. Each member is nominated to serve on the council as Director from membership of their organization. The Council organizes the annual motorcycle parade to promote motorcycle awareness and safety. The annual parade takes place on the first Saturday in May of each year. The Council is a NON-PROFIT organization that is sponsored by The Children"s Therapy Center of the Quad Cities (formerly known as the Easter Seals).

The reason I am contacting you at this time, is to ask for your help in informing the public and motorcyclists of our annual parade. And remind participants of the pay to ride status for this years ride. This includes a pre-registration drive for participants. I am asking for any help that you can give me in getting our message out. Please feel free to contact me at any of the numbers below if you have any questions.

Thank you very much

Tim Wassell

Promotional Director of the

Bi-State Motorcycle Awareness Council

Home Phone 796-1139

Cell 309 737-5830

E-Mail timothywassell@mchsi or twinswede@aol.com

Bi-state motorcycle awareness ride May 2nd 2009


The BI-STATE Motorcycle Awareness Council was founded in 1985 by Jim Barnes. Motorcycle Safety Foundation instructor at Eastern Iowa Community College. The sole purpose was to join together the states of Iowa and Illinois in promoting motorcycle awareness among motorists. This goal is accomplished through the joint efforts of local motorcycle groups. With their perseverance and hard work, this has become the largest 2 state motorcycle awareness ride in the nation.

Proclamations are received from Governors, Senators, and Mayors of the two state area, proclaiming May as Motorcycle Awareness Month. By doing this, the Council is able to attract media attention that reminds the public that another riding season has started and that they should be alert to presence of motorcycles on the streets and highways. These proclamations are presented at the annual Motorcycle Awareness Proclamation Ride, which is held every year on the 1st SATURDAY OF MAY.

Though the primary purpose is promoting motorcycle awareness and safety, the Council has adopted the Quad Cities Children Therapy Center as the benefactor of donated funds which the ride raises. The Council is able to raise theses funds to support the cause through the sale of event shirts, ride pins, 50/50 drawings, and other solicited donations.

Starting in 2008 we changed to pay to ride format. This is due to an estimated $3000 to $4000 projected charge for Police work. A number of the cities that provided free services in the past are charging police assistance fees. We will be initiating a pre-registration to try to provide funding for the police services.

The annual police escorted ride is, alcohol free, and open to all street legal motorcycles, begins at Davenport West High school and ends at (Davenport Iowa) the Rock Island county fair grounds (in East Moline Illinois).

Currently there are twelve different motorcycle clubs and associations represented on the non-political Council. Because of the diversity of the membership, the Council does not endorse nor promote any special interest persons, groups, or issues.

Please use this information to encourage participation in the ride and on the Council and the promotion of motorcycle awareness and good will with the motoring public.

Timothy Wassell Promotional Director of the

Bi-State Motorcycle Awareness Council

Home# (309) 796-1139

Cell# (309) 737-5830

E-Mail timothywassell@mchsi.com tiwnswede@aol.com

The following information can be found on the Councils web site @www.awarenessride.com

2009 Ride flier. 2009 Registration form. (Both PDF files are attached)

Pre-Registration fees are $5 per person plus you may order any number of pins and/or t-shirts.

If you wish to attend the ride without previous registration, the entrance fee is $10 to be paid the day of the ride. Shirts and pins will be available while they last.

Packets will be picked up the day of the ride at the starting point. PHOTO ID REQUIRED to pick up your packets.

Registration Instructions

Fill in the registrant's names and information in the space provided.

Include your address and phone so we may contact you if necessary regarding your registration. All information is STRICTLY confidential and will not be used for any other purpose except registration for the 2009 Awareness Ride.

Write the number of registrants from the spaces above, multiply that by $5 and enter the total in the column on the right.

To Order T-Shirts

Write the quantity for each size of t-shirt desired, multiply the number in each size by $15 and enter the total for each size in the column on the right.

To Order Ride Pins

Write the quantity of ride pins desired, multiply the number in each size by $5 and enter the total in the column on the right.

Add the totals in the right hand column and write this at the bottom. Include the appropriate registration fees and mail to the address at the top of the form.

Make checks payable to Bi-State Motorcycle Awareness Council.

Registration forms may also be picked up at just about any local area motorcycle dealership!


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