Real estate transactions for Sunday, Nov. 13, 2011

Posted Online: Nov. 12, 2011, 2:00 pm
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Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.

Rock Island County warranty deeds

Boyle, Beverly, Moline, to Gillespie, Harriette R., Hampton; vacant land, Hampton, Hampton Township; $20,000.

Robert P., Rock Island, to Colby-Dean, Louise, Rock Island; 9416 W. 12th St. W., Rock Island; $94,500.

Herman, Dora J., Moline, to QC Props, Davenport; 2620 39th Ave., Moline; $43,650.

Clark, Anthony and Katy, Andover, to Christiansen, Jennifer D., Moline; 729 3rd St. A, Moline; $103,000.

Schwanke, Jeffrey S., Coal Valley, to Martinez, David and Ana, Moline; 3812 32nd Ave., Moline; $100,000.

Mendoza, Jason M., Sterling, Ill., to Cousins, Daniel and Augsburger, Amanda, Rock Island; 1504 37th St., Rock Island; $91,900.

Sneil, Geneva, Ill., to Kain, Earl E. and Virginia K., Rock Island; 514 21st St., Rock Island; $5,500.

Fieser, Richard A., trustee, Fieser, Garland E., trust, Moline, to Brewer, David R. and Laura L., East Moline; 2852 7th St., East Moline; $60,800.

Arnold, Cory and Sarah, Moline, to Rush, Larry Sr., Moline; 4603 50th Ave., Moline; $109,900.

Adam, Andalusia, to Holman, Allyson, Rock Island; 1720 19th Ave., Rock Island; $67,500.

Beckhart, Vera, Rock Island, to Beckhart, Gregory and Mary, Rock Island; 2114 10th St., Rock Island; $40,000.

Johnson, Judith A., Lexington, S.C., to Blaser, Joanne, Fort Myers, Fla.; 2501 26th Ave. Court, Unit G1, Rock Island; $57,000.

Argo, Wade S., Coal Valley, to Johnson, Paul F., Rock Island; 2801 47th Ave., Rock Island; $32,000.

Everett, Gary, Davenport, to Bounds, Rob, Moline; 5112 27th Ave., Moline; $135,000.

Johnson, Peter D., Bettendorf, to Austin, Dorothy, Moline; 3032 3rd St., Moline; $130,000.

Brent, Jay W. and Brent, Merilynn S., Merritt Island, Fla., to Martin, Angela D. and Pavacik, Cathleen L., Rock Island; 4105 31st Ave., Rock Island; $184,250.

Saelens, Jacqueline A., Moline, to Deem, Burl L. and Barbara E., Moline; 7343 34th Ave., Moline; $123,500.

Decker, Stephen J. and Tamara L., Rock Island, to White, Ronald W. and Nancy J., Moline; 3605 37th St., Moline; $139,900.

O'Meara, Ronald J. Sr. and Tamara K., Silvis, to Standard, Denise J. and Dale, Silvis; 612 3rd Ave., Silvis; $194,000.

Hill, Kenneth H., Pine River, Minn., to Casanova, Michael P., Moline; 2457 32nd St., Moline; $120,000.

Whitehall, Brenda K., Moline, to Hutchison, Jason P. and Beth A., Moline; 2807 24th Ave., Moline; $182,000.

Hayes, Francis J. Jr., trust, Hayes, Christopher T., trustee, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., to Woller, Fred W. III, Rock Island; 2106 7th Ave., Moline; $162,000.

Zampogna, Kimberly L. and Dan P., Andalusia, to Lerch, Denise A., Andalusia; 642 4th Ave. W., Andalusia; $122,000.

Standard, Denise, Silvis, to Kiefer, Sara, Moline; 1418 25th St., Moline; $124,000.

Van Melkebeke, Rodney, executor, Knary, Karen S., estate, Reynolds, to Mayo, Michael A., Moline; 2906 24th Ave. A, Moline; $96,250.

Mullins, Daniel D. and Andrea L., North Ridgeville, Ohio, to Phelan, Arnesia M., Moline; 1842 15th St., Moline; $133,000.

Swank, Jo Anne, Dean, George, and Duncan, Donna, Milan, to Seabloom, Allen R., Rock Island; 9311 Ridgewood Road, Rock Island; $70,000.

Reese, Mariann, trust, East Moline, to Bowers, Timothy J. and Peggy J., East Moline; 2809 10th St., East Moline; $135,000.

DeBoever, Angela L., East Moline, to VanHyning, John L., Coal Valley; 141 W. 5th St., Coal Valley; $88,000.

Stack, James S., Naperville, Ill., to Lorenz, Linda C., Naperville; 2831 8 1/2 Ave., Rock Island; $27,500.

The National Bank, administrator, East Moline, of Sullivan Larson, Marion E., estate, to Mossage, Kirk and Dawn M., Rock Island; 2603 Blackhawk Road, Rock Island; $211,000.

Grace, Desiree C., Rock Island, to Schwingel, Ann, Moline; 2424 27th St., Moline; $163,900.

Barnes, Terry C. and Jennifer L., Sherrard, to Hampsey, Jack, Milan; 3322 W. 7th St., Milan; $97,000.

USA Rental Fund, San Diego, Calif., to Anderson, Phillip W. Sr. and Mary E., East Moline; 2615 18th St., East Moline; $2,500.

De Bock, Reva A., by Verbeke, Allan, attorney-in-fact, Coal Valley, to Schmooke, Jason T., Coal Valley; 12 Crestview Drive, Coal Valley; $122,437.

DHCU Community Credit Union, Moline, to Bailey, Meagan, Rock Island; 1827 43rd St., Rock Island; $65,000.

Metro Investment Properties, Bettendorf, to QC Props, Davenport; 1722-1724 2nd Ave., Rock Island, bar; $425,000.

Frakes, Anthony J., Eldridge, to Holmer, Matthew C., Moline; 3719 11th Ave., Moline; $68,000.

Brewer, Laura L. and David R., East Moline, to Roseman, Linda, Moline; 940 17th St., Unit 8, Moline; $55,500.

Swanson, Jon E., Fenton, to Hohmeier, Anneliese E., Rock Island; 537 22nd Ave., Rock Island; $45,000.

Ohnen, Gregory L. by Ohnen, Kenneth Q., attorney-in-fact, Prophetstown, to Edwards, Robert L., Silvis; 932 15th Ave., East Moline, barber shop; $17,000.

Bloomington Holdings, Forreston, Ill., to Roberson, Gary III and Sara, Rock Island; 1229 36th St., Rock Island; $41,800.

Humberstone, Robert O., trust, Edgewood, N.M., to Murphy, Robert R., Rock Island; 1841 46th St., Rock Island; $54,000.

Zancanelli Land, Grand Junction, Colo., to Spirit SPE Portfolio 2011-1, Scottsdale, Ariz.; 895 4th St. W., Milan, .344 acres, retail establishment; $778,126.

Zancanelli Land, Grand Junction, Colo., to Spirit SPE Portfolio 2011-1, Scottsdale, Ariz.; 2943 18th Ave., Rock Island, .277 acres, retail establishment; $814,324.

Zancanelli Land, Grand Junction, Colo., to Spirit SPE Portfolio 2011-1, Scottsdale, Ariz.; 1170 Avenue of the Cities, East Moline, .920 acres, retail establishment; $990,940.

Garcia, Julio and Carolyn, Milan, to Lin, Harry, Rock Island; 2124 37th St., Rock Island; $100,000.

Walker, Lisa, LeClaire, to Holman, Dustin, Silvis; 414 11th Ave. A Court, Silvis; $129,500.

Zancanelli Land, Grand Junction, Colo., to Spirit SPE Portfolio 2011-1, Scottsdale, Ariz.; 4430 16th St., Moline, .642 acres, retail establishment; $1,054,436.

Upadhya, Shashi B. and Maureen, Ashburn, Va., to McCooley, John and Grace, Desiree, Rock Island; 4310 42nd Ave. Court, Rock Island; $280,000.

Dumer, Lester H. and Marion R., trustees, Warsaw, Ill., to Swanson, Theodore and Patsy, East Moline; 1222 47th Ave. Court, East Moline; $100,000.

Carlson, Timothy H. and Rae L., East Moline, to Kinkead, Debra J., Hampton; 1014 5th St. A, Hampton; $120,000.

McClaine, Janelle M., Cordova, to Morrison, Donterious, Rapids City; 1503 9th Ave., Rapdis City; $129,000.

Strupp, Pamela J., executor of Brady, Patricia A., estate, Rock Island, to Passini, James H. and Shirley G., Moline; 2608 38th St., Moline; $131,450.

The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, Fort Washington, Pa., to Dexter, Joshua A., Reynolds; 211 W. Perryton, Reynolds; $38,000.

Bloomington Holdings, Forreston, Ill., to Cross, Brittney, Moline; 2515 18th Ave. A, Moline; $40,000.

Ceurvorst, Denis P. and Loretta R., Moline, to Manning, Shawn J. and Karen E., Rock Island; 560 17th Ave. and 532 19th Ave., Moline, tavern/restaurant; $400,000.

Petzing, Louis A., Nags Head, N.C., to Janoski, Alexander J., Milan; 11621 25th St. Court W., Milan; $128,000.

Dixon, Dorothy B., New Windsor, to Raya, Andrew S., Rock Island; 2925 30th St., Rock Island; $66,111.

Matter, Daniel J., estate, Rock Island, to Blood, Katherine J., Milan; 11503 18th St., Milan; $72,0000.

Blackhawk Band & Trust, Milan, to Brems, Kristina, Rock Island; 520 W. 9th Ave., Milan; $15,000.

Knox, Joel J. and Teresa L., Moline, to McManus, Karen, Rock Island; 1844 36th St., Rock Island; $73,000.

Moroney, Janna T., LeClaire, to Coe, David E. and Sharon K., Moline; 1315 24th Ave., Moline; $140,000.

Hiles, Kipp, Rock Island, to Gleason, Daniel, Rock Island; 2200 30th St., Rock Island; $107,900.

Cutshall, James W., East Moline, to Wilson, Dixie, East Moline; 2112 5th St., East Moline; $60,000.

Cocquit, Shirley J., Geneseo, to Cocquit, Scott B. and Julie, Geneseo; 433 and 435 38th St., Moline; $55,000.

Lage, Tammy K., Moline, to Mayfield, Joachim W., Moline; 1651 19th Ave., Moline, vacant land/lot; $8,000.

Weir, Camille N., Moline, to Pettit, Glenn, Moline; 2410 27th St., Moline; $167,500.

Swanson, Theodore M. and Patsy R., East Moline, to Bowen, Dean K. and Wenstrom-Bowen, Mary F., East Moline; 391 33rd Ave., Court, East Moline; $110,000.

Henry County warranty deeds

Elizabeth F. to Glynn, Bernard W. and Charlene K.; Country Manor Condos, Unit 1, Geneseo; $164,900.

Page, B. Thomas estate to Interial, Anthony; 624 S. Center Ave., Galva; $91,500.

Johnson, John L. trust to Grubaugh, Delores and Fred; 1030 Page St., Kewanee; $159,000.

Hemphill, Lyle trust to Hemphill, Barry; Green River Heights, Lot 12, Block 9, Colona; $4,500.

Repass, Kathleen A., trust to Beneke, Jason W. and Rhonda M.; 13585 N. 2150th Ave., Geneseo; $440,000.

Foster, Barbara R. and Ronnie R. to Battin, Laura and Popiel F.; 19 Lake Lynnwood, Lynn Center; $137,500.

Brandau, Karen R. and Steven L. to Jackson, Casey J. and Jessica L.; 210 S. Main St., Cambridge; $95,000.

Deyoung, John P. to Clifton, Sonya and Timothy; Section 1, Township 17N, Range 1E; $50,000.

Minnaert, Teri L. to Minnaert, William R.; Section 10, Township 17N, Range 2E; $25,000.

Geneseo Prairie Developments to Larson, Lester C. Jr. and Melissa E.; Prairie View Subdivision Lot 52 and 53, Geneseo; $54,000.

Beneke, Jason W. and Rhonda M. to Vandevoorde, Tonya S.; Section 12, Township 17N, Range 1E; Lot 46 Heartland Subdivision; $141,000.

Fender, Linda J. and Robert L. to Lofquist, Angela J.; 313 Wilshire Drive, Colona; $128,000.

Jones, Lucille M. estate to Jones, Deborah Ann; Lot 14 Lohman's Subdivision of Lot 3 and 4 in Outlot 4 in JT Pierce's Addition, Geneseo; $123,000.

Showers, William J. and Catherine E.R. to Scott, Dennis and Dierdre; 416 W. Mill St., Kewanee; $20,000.

Rashid, James T. and Kelli E. and Saey, Kelli E. to Grice, Jason S.; 650 Mission Dr., Kewanee; $105,000.

Bibby, Janice M. to Fender, Linda J. and Robert L.; 38 Crestview Drive and Lot 58 Lynwood 3rd; Geneseo; $163,500.

Olin, Lydia to Genisio, Charles E. and Janice M.; Russell Addition, Lot 4,7,8 Block 4, Woodhull; $43,750

Lamb, Herbert E. and Jeanne L. to Billingsly, Kerin D. and Ricky A.; orig town, Galva; $61,500.

Carlson, James A. and Lanette A. to Adkison, Connie L.; 210 North West St., Cambridge; $145,000.

Hemphill, David L. and Linda L. to Bunch, Daniel L.; 106 E 7th Ave. A., Colona; $90,000.

Fielding, Joanne L., Joseph K. and Joseph R. to Anderson, Loran L.; Orig. town Andover; $25,000.

White, Cheryl A. and William A. Jr. to Stohl, Patrick M. and Sheri L.; 4 Ponderosa Court, Colona; $177,000.

Madlem, Vera A. to Burns, Laurie A. and Timothy J.; 315 S Oakwood Ave., Geneseo; $132,000.

Schroder, Veronica K. and Thad D. to Clifton, Cheryl A. and Kenneth R.; Section 31, Township 17N, Range 1E; $115,000.

Mcelyea, Jon B. and Paul M. Sr. to Hoelscher, Jayne E. and Scott E.; 517 E Chestnut St., Geneseo; $121,500.

Vandersnick, Christopher J., Gayle E. and Vandersnick, Larry L. Sr. to Conrad, Jann E. Collier and Steven D.; Orig/ town, Andover; $49,500.

Vanwassenhove, Paul and Peggy A. to Hart, Cal J. and Chelsea T.; 43 Estate Road, Geneseo; $195,500.


Local events heading

  Today is Thursday, July 24, the 205th day of 2014. There are 160 days left in the year.

1864 -- 150 years ago: The Rev. R.J. Humphrey, once a clergyman in this city, was reported killed in a quarrel in New Orleans.
1889 -- 125 years ago: The Rock Island Citizens Improvement Association held a special meeting to consider the proposition of consolidating Rock Island and Moline.
1914 -- 100 years ago: The home of A. Freeman, 806 3rd Ave., was entered by a burglar while a circus parade was in progress and about $100 worth of jewelry and $5 in cash were taken.
1939 -- 75 years ago: The million dollar dredge, Rock Island, of the Rock Island district of United States engineers will be in this area this week to deepen the channel at the site of the new Rock Island-Davenport bridge.
1964 -- 50 years ago: The Argus "walked" to a 13-0 victory over American Container Corporation last night to clinch the championship of Rock Island's A Softball League at Northwest Douglas Park.
1989 -- 25 years ago: The Immediate Care Center emergency medical office at South Park Mall is moving back to United Medical Center on Sept. 1. After nearly six years in operation at the mall, Care Center employees are upset by UMC's decision. The center is used by 700 to 800 people each month.

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