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Posted Online: Sept. 29, 2012, 5:10 pm
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Staying Fit and Healthy

By Clayton Price

Sixth grade

It is important to stay healthy because later in life we are going to need our bodies to survive. To keep our bodies in tip top shape you need to do a few things, like work out, eat healthy, and my favorite, go outside.

Vegetables, fruits, no sugar, oh my, that is the sound of eating healthy. Here are some ways to do that. For one, you can diet. This is a good thing. It can stop all of the bad things such as heart attacks and other problems because you don't have all of the body fat. Also, it is very good to start when you are young so that you can get into the habit of eating right and continuing it throughout your life. That way, later in life you will be in shape to face anything that comes at you.

With sweat beads running down your temples, adrenaline rushes through your body, that is the feeling of going to the gym. Also, that's not the only adrenaline rush; the real one is getting the benefits from working out. An example of this is your muscles will get stronger and all the weight you do gain will be burnt off. To go along with this, exercise can make your heart stronger and ensure that you have a longer life. Not only will your heart be stronger, exercise will make your body more reliable for situations to come. Exercise is important to stay healthy.

Knock, knock, knock, "Do you want to go outside?" Personally, going outside is my favorite. Why, because it is a perfect way to workout, and eat healthy. For instance, you can work out in many different ways, such as ride a bike, play games, and sports. The possibilities are endless. Along with that, you can go outside and plant a garden to pick and eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Just try it! It is fun, productive, and one of the best ways to stay healthy!

To sum it all up, if you do these things they can be very beneficial to your life. Try one or all of them to make yourself healthy and feeling good! You could be like Mr. or Mrs. Universe, so just try!

The Gifted Program

By Kaiah Miles

Sixth grade

Only approximately 39 students are in the gifted program at Earl Hanson Elementary School. This shows that it is quite difficult to be advanced. You must be determined, dedicated, and persistent. The gifted program is much different that the regular education rooms. Students in the gifted program say that the gifted program is more challenging and fun than normal classes. The advanced program does not repeat subjects and teachers make sure that you understand before you move on to another unit. In the gifted program, the students have different kinds of work to keep them busy. The students learn at a pace that is right for them. The advanced teachers also always discover new, fun, and exciting ways for their students to learn. Smiles can always be found on the faces of the gifted students during the lessons or work time. As stated, the gifted program is much different than regular education.

The advanced students learn at a faster pace than the regular education students, but the teachers always make sure that the pace is right. Gifted students get to learn concepts that are more advanced or higher level. For instance, we learn about algebraic equations and technological design. When we read a class novel, we have class discussions about why the characters do what they do and how that affects the novel. We also discuss the author's style and compare it to other authors, which we have read. The gifted program moves at a pace that is just right for us.

Compared to regular education, the gifted students use fun and creative ways to learn new material. The advanced teachers find the most fun assignments and lessons possible. In Mrs. Dillender's room, at Earl Hanson school; the students absolutely love learning new ways to problem solve. They play games to help them learn subjects. A sixth grader from Mrs. Dillender's classroom explained to me, "The gifted program is very fun compared to regular classes." The student said that there are more opportunities to prepare for your future in interesting ways. Overall, the gifted program has more fun and creative ways to learn new things.

Obviously the gifted program varies in ways of learning compared to regular education classrooms. The advanced students learn at a quicker pace that is perfect for them. It is also a very unique learning experience. Advanced students come to school determined to learn in good moods. The gifted students never say that school is boring. When we hear the word school, we leap up and cheer in joy.

I Helped Write and Sing a Song

By Raziya Gunasheva

Sixth grade

Can you believe it? I wrote a song with Steve Seskin! Nine students from my school and I all wrote this song! I was reading my guided reading book and Ms. Lievens called me to her desk. Then, she asked me if I liked singing. I said, "Sure." Then Ms. Lievens continued to write down my name on a sheet of paper. All she said is that she would give me the details later.

A week later, when I was in class, I got called down to the library. Once I got to the library, I saw my principal, Mrs. Taber waiting for me with the other students. She then explained to me that we were all going to be a part of a program where we would write a song with the famous songwriter Steve Seskin. Before we could participate we had to bring a note home for our parents to sign. When I went home my mom signed the paper immediately. The next day, I brought the paper back to school and turned it into Mrs. Taber. I told her that I didn't have a ride home, so she asked Maddie's mom if she could give me a ride home. She agreed, and this meant I could officially start helping write the song! I was excited!

At first, I thought writing a song would be difficult. I was worried that it would be hard to have fun with all the work we would have to do. Then, after we got started, I realized how easy it was and I had a blast! Mr. Seskin gave us a title for the song. It was Keeping the Peace. We came up with lots of ideas. All of the ideas were great, but they didn't rhyme very well. Everyone gave a piece of their mind. Everything went well, we finished the beginning part of the song. Francis Willard had to write the ending to the song. We finished the beginning of the song in an hour. We went back to class. Then, in a few minutes they called all ten of us back downstairs to sing the song again to this one guy. I was so scared. I didn't remember a word of the song. Then the next day was the big day. After school, we had to go to the office to get our Earl Hanson Elementary School T-shirts. The bus took us to Rocky's auditorium. Once we got there, we had to go to the practice room to practice the whole song. Francis Willard came to practice it with us too. When I heard we could use our papers, I was happy. I thought we did a good job singing. When we were singing everyone was glaring at us. We were the first ones to perform.

I was happy it was over fast, because more than a hundred people were listening to us sing. I was happy I was chosen to write and sing a song. I hope I get chosen to do this again. I really enjoyed it!

Earl Hanson Activities

By Gabby Taylor

Sixth grade

Did you ever wonder if the only thing students do at Earl Hanson is learn, if the days are boring? If you wondered that, I have your answer. No, most of the school days are fun. We have family nights, student only activities, and super fun things.

We have many family nights during the school year. We have a family writing night. Everyone that comes to this participates in a fun writing activity. Then it is over and everyone leaves. This year we are having a family game night. This is the first year we have had a family game night. It sounds fun, and I am really excited!

Just like there is a lot of family nights, there are also a lot of student only activities. We have a field trip every year that is super fun. It is normally toward the end of the year, in May. Last year we went to the Putnam Museum. We toured the new dinosaur exhibit and watched a movie about flying dinosaurs called Pterosaurs. Sometimes we have guests that come to our school and talk to all of us. Last year, we had a man that lived through the Holocaust. It was very interesting hearing him speak about what happened during that awful time. A few times last year we had a DJ. We went outside, listened to music, and had a lot of fun.

All of the best activities take a lot of preparation, but the turnout is fantastic! We have a school dance every year at the end of the year. We dress up to match the theme. There are decorations, snacks, music, and tons of people. We have a carnival every year. Games, prizes, snacks, we even have a petting zoo! Sounds like fun to me; what about you? My favorite time is the book fair. We sell all kinds of books, pencils, pens, erasers, bookmarks, and so much more. All of it is cheap too!

Earl Hanson is an exciting and fun school. I do admit though that some days can be boring. However, most of the time we have exciting and fun activities here!


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1964 -- 50 years ago: WVIK-FM, noncommercial educational radio station at Augustana College, will return to the air tomorrow. The station operates at a power of 10 watts at 90.9 megacycles on the frequency modulation band. The station is operated with a staff of 92 students.
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