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Posted Online: Oct. 06, 2012, 1:30 pm
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New Schools is Amazing

By Amaris Oliva-VanDeWalle

Sixth grade

Have you ever had the opportunity to go to a new school? Well, I have been going to Northeast Junior High for the past few weeks and have had a great experience.

I think that Northeast Junior High is very neat and clean. This school even smells brand new still. It is so clean that the furniture doesn't even have a speck a dust on it! We have carpeting that is fresh, clean, and kept well vacuumed. Everyone is helping to keep our new building to stay this way.

Our school is enormous. The commons area is ten times larger than what we had before. The gigantic ceilings tower high over our heads. We also now have more space in our cafeteria and classrooms. The classrooms have large active boards and whole walls painted to make them dry erase boards that we can write on.

Going to this amazing new school has been so much fun! I really like the extra-curricular activities that we have, such as volleyball and cheerleading. The teachers are all friendly and make learning fun.

In conclusion, Northeast Junior High is an amazing, outstanding, and beautiful school to attend. I hope that you can come see our new school someday!

Our New School

By Kyle Jecks

Sixth grade

Did you know that this is the first year that Northeast Junior High has ever been open? Yes, and as a student I would like to tell you all about it.

The gym is the best gym I've ever stepped into in my life! It has all new basketball hoops that are glass, and in addition to that we have four practice hoops as well. The brand new bleachers are blue to match our Silvis Rockets color. The floor is great and up above we have skylights. The gym also has a stage connecting with the band room, and lights like you'd find in a theater. These are many amazing things about our brand new gym.

The Band Room has an amazing set up as well. With a new stage, curtains, and lights we can put on a fantastic show for our parents. Our new band lockers make a great home for our instruments. Some other accessories include, new seats and music stands. These are just a few of the things that make our new band room the best!

What, our new track is made out of rubber? Yes, at Northeast Junior High we have a brand new track, almost just like the one at United Township High School. It has permanent chalk lines and starting places for the runners. For the safety of our parents we even have a net behind the discuss throwing spot. Our new track is beautiful. You should come and see it for yourself.

I really love my first year at our new building. If you come to see our school, you will love it too. This is the best school ever!

My New School

By Sarah McGrath

Sixth grade

Have you ever attended a brand new school? This year I am at a brand new school and I am really lucky to be here.

My favorite room in the building is the band room. The band room has all new chairs that are amazing. Everyone who is in band gets their own locker to keep their instruments in this year. Also new this year are individual practice rooms that we did not have at our old school.

Another room that I like is the art room. The art room has a whole wall of windows. On the other side is a wall of shelves, that we use to put our art work in. The floor is a little bit different from the rest of the flooring in the school, because it has concrete instead of carpeting. In the back, is a pottery wheel that we use to spin clay on to make pots and other clay art.

The coolest room is the computer room. In here we have all new laptops and Ipads, instead of the old desktop computers. This room also has carpet instead of title flooring. We have new tables and our very own recording studio.

As you can see, there are a lot of cool places in my new school. I am so lucky to get to go to Northeast Junior High.

Our New School is the Best

ByDevon Gutierrez

Sixth grade

Northeast Junior High

When I was only one year old, Silvis school district was promised a new school. Now after ten years, we finally have our building. I am eleven years old and get to attend Northeast Junior High for the first year that it is open!

One of my favorite rooms is the library. The library is much more decorative this year. It has a stripe of green carpeting that leads from the opening, all the way to the end of the library. There are movable shelves to help move all of the heavy books to locations where we will need to use them. We also have a very large, brand new check out desk.

Another one of my favorite rooms is the art room. Did you know that this room has one whole wall of shelves and windows? On a large cart is a ton of clay we use for projects, and in a closet is a kiln that the teacher uses to help us finish our clay creations. To wash our hands and any art materials, are two large sinks.

My last favorite room is the cafeteria. One new cool idea that they used in here is slip proof floors for our safety. Another new thing the cafeteria has is a combi oven, which cooks our food in half the time than last year. The new dishwasher cleans our trays in three minutes! Here you will also find a brand new recycling center.

As you can see, our new school is the best school in the Quad Cities. If you are near by, you should visit our new school and see it for yourself!


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