GOP adds just one seat on RI County Board

Posted Online: Nov. 07, 2012, 12:40 am
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By Eric TImmons
Republican dreams of winning control of the Rock Island County Board for the first time since 1972 were dashed Tuesday night with the party managing to pick up just one seat on the board.

The final results on election night left Democrats with 20 seats and Republicans with five.

Rock Island County Board member Mike McColl, R-Moline, lost his seat to Democrat David Adams. Mr. McColl had announced plans to run for county chairman after the election.

Rock Island County Board member Phil Banaszek, D-Moline, beat Republican Bill Bloom. Mr. Banaszek also has announced he wants to run for chairman. The board will elect a new chairman in December to replace Democrat Jim Bohnsack, who is stepping down.

Republicans had been confidently predicting they would win at least 10 seats. Democrats said they were vindicated.

"I think the people agreed with what we've been saying all along," said Rock Island County Board member Steve Meersman, D-Moline. "They are getting government for the money they pay because we have a nursing home, a zoo and parks, and a lower tax rate than Scott County."

On Tuesday night, Republicans were finding it difficult they had fared so poorly after putting in the hours on the campaign trail.

"It's mind-boggling that after all the work we put into this and all the good vibes we got and then to have a lop-sided result like this. It's just astounding," said Bill Long, one of the losing Republican candidates. "But we start rebuilding tonight to get ready for the next one."

Rock Island County Board Member Don Johnston, D-Moline, who won his election, wasn't surprised by the Democrat's success.

"Usually a presidential year favors us in the county," Mr. Johnston said. "Usually, with the larger turnout in this county with a number of registered Democrats or people who voted Democrat, we usually do pretty well."

Republican Korry Tessen who lost to Democrat Ginny Shelton in District 14, congratulated his opponent and Democrats in general.

"They've got a really strong organization and they got their vote out," he said. "But I just don't think the county wanted change."

 District 1
(R) Christine (Searl) Filbert - 1,597
(D) James I. Boyd - 1,434

 District 2

(R) Ronald Camper - 1,117
(D) Gary Freeman - 1,641

 District 3

(R) Mark Archibald - 838
(D) Michael Burns - 1,464

 District 4
(R) Jim Dieterich - 406
(D) Patrick Moreno - 1,299

 District 5
(D) Virgil Dueysen - 1,323
Independent Douglas L. Strand - 1,178

  District 6
(R) Michael Zeitler - 921
(D) Donald L. Jacobs - 1,493

  District 7
(R) Jo VanBlaricome - 1,210
(D) Steven E. Meersman - 1,659

 District 8
(R) Jim E. Gager - 977
(D) Brian Vyncke - 1,539

  District 9
(R) William "Bill" Bloom - 1,267
(D) Phil Banaszek - 1,529

District 10
(R) Michael A. Coussens - 959
(D) Steven J. Ballard 4 - 1,623

  District 11
(R) Jane Reinhardt-Martin - 885
(D) Don Johnston - 1,409

 District 12
(R) John Mike McColl - 1,029
(D) David L. Adams - 1,242

 District 13

(R) David Cox - 517
(D) Richard H. "Quijas" Brunk - 984

District 14

(R) Korry Tessen - 1,059
(D) Ginny Shelton - 1,385
District 15

(R) Bill Long - 1,019
(D) Nick Camlin - 1,923

 District 16

(R) Kevin Goveia - 736
(D) John R. Brandmeyer - 1,537

 District 17

(R) Brian Westin - 396
(D) Edwin M. Langdon, Jr. - 945

  District 18

(R) Rodney K Simmer - 1,671
(D) Ron Fiscella - 1,560

  District 19

(R) Chad Bohonek - 359
(D) Kimberly Callaway Thompson - 1,519

 District 20

(R) Linda Soyke Haake - 454
(D) Mia D. Mayberry - 1,440

  District 21

(R) Mike Thoms - 890
(D) Scott Terry - 1,276

 District 22

(R) Drue Mielke - 1,385
(D) Kathleen E Mesich - 1,371

  District 23

(R) Marty Matherly Jr - 1,185
(D) Ken "Moose" Maranda - 1,689

  District 24

(R) Ron Oelke - 1,496
(D) Kathy J. Parrish - 1,219

 District 25

(R) J. Robert Westpfahl - 1,881
(D) Mark N. Williams - 1,364


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