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Posted Online: Nov. 10, 2012, 2:30 pm
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My Sister
By Allison Mirimanian
Fourth grade
I'm going to write about my sister. My sister is an awesome person and she is a really funny. Sometimes we fight, but I know inside I still love her and she loves me. My sister's name is Hannah.
Hannah is the prettiest and nicest person you will ever meet. She is also very loyal and is the most creative person on the planet. I just love her so, so much. If anything bad ever happened to her, I would stay by her every second of every minute of every hour of every day. I hope that shows you how much I love my sister.
If you met her you would see how loyal, nice and funny she is to me and to her friends. When she is with her friends, she is wonderful even when she says to me, "Leave me alone for now." I always know she will come back. I know she wants to hang out with her friends for a while.
These are some of the reasons why I love my sister.

School Advice
By Samantha Allen
Fourth grade
Everyone knows that school is hard. So I'm going to give you some good advice about school.
The first day of school is pretty hard. Once you get out of the car, bus, or anything you ride to school in, you'll probably feel kind of like you're in a new world.
The first day is mostly for introducing you to other people and doing fun stuff. And the first week is all pretty easy. But as the school year goes on, things will be added like RTI. At least if you're at my school you would have RTI (Right to Intervention time). As the year goes on school might get harder.
Separation is kind of hard for some kids when they leave their parents. It's hard to leave your parents, but the teachers are always there for you. You have to remember that or else school would be even harder.
If you have special needs or have to go to special classes, it's really okay It just means you're different, but that's always a good thing.
This is all I have to tell you. So listen to my advice, and it will be okay.

My Dog
By Carina Castaneda
Fourth grade
My dog likes to play with other dogs and she likes to play with people too. She is a very nice dog to me. She likes to run very fast, like me. She likes to eat snacks. She listens to my voice.
I like to play with my dog outside. She likes it when I play with her. When it's a sunny day, we really like to play outside together.
My dog likes to watch shows on television because it's one of her favorite things to do.
I hope you liked reading about my dog and me.

My Favorite Days and Hobbies
By Sadie Warden
Fourth grade
One of my favorite hobbies is riding my bike. My bike is purple. I used to have a blue bike, but it wasn't working. On my birthday, my grandma took me to the store to get a new bike. I like to ride it all of the time.
My other hobby is to read. Reading is what I do if I am really bored. I have lots of books. I have so many books that I think I have more than my mom.
Another hobby I have is drawing. I like drawing as much as I like reading. When I am drawing, I usually make flower and rainbow pictures along with pictures of my friends and me. Sometimes I draw and read so much that it hurts, but I still keep drawing or reading.
One of my other hobbies is playing outside or inside with my friends and family. Whenever I play inside, I play board games, but whenever I'm outside I run and play and have fun. Sometimes when I am inside, I play on my phone.
My favorite days are when it is sunny. I don't like it when it is cold, wet, and rainy. My two favorite days of the week are Fridays and Saturdays. I do like it when it's snowy because you get to make snow angels, have snowball fights, and make igloos.
I hope you enjoyed reading about my hobbies and my favorite days.

Save the Animals
By Kerah Hipes
Fourth grade
Please help all of the animals that are endangered. Don't wait until they are gone. Why not help all the animals around the world to stay alive and enjoy their lives. This is the time! Go help them! Don't wait. Start now. Help the World.
All animals are living things just like us. We all live here, and animals deserve to be treated just like us. They deserve to live.
Whether animals are small or large they are living things. Whether humans are small or large, they expect to be treated with respect. Why shouldn't the animals be treated the same? We grow up together. We eat the same things (mostly).
The more we litter, the more the animals die.
Help us! Help them! Let them live their lives happily together just as we do. Together we can make a nice pleasant world. Let it happen!
Lions and tigers might show their wrath, but we don't need to have wrath regarding the animals. Help stop animal hunters.
I hope you agree with my revelation.


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  Today is Monday, Oct. 20, the 293rd day of 2014. There are 72 days left in the year.

1864 -- 150 years ago: The store of Devoe and Crampton was entered and robbed of about $500 worth of gold pens and pocket cutlery last night.
1889 -- 125 years ago: Michael Malloy was named president of the Tri-City Stone Cutters Union.
1914 -- 100 years ago: Dewitte C. Poole, former Moline newspaperman serving as vice consul general for the United States government in Paris, declared in a letter to friends that the once gay Paris is a city of sadness and desolation.
1939 -- 75 years ago: Plans for the construction of an $80,000 wholesale bakery at 2011 4th Ave. were announced by Harry and Nick Coin, of Rock Island. It is to be known as the Banquet Bakery.
1964 -- 50 years ago: An application has been filed for a state permit to organize a savings and loan association in Moline, it was announced. The applicants are Ben Butterworth, A.B. Lundahl, C. Richard Evans, John Harris, George Crampton and William Getz, all of Moline, Charles Roberts, Rock Island, and Charles Johnson, of Hampton.
1989 -- 25 years ago: Indian summer is quickly disappearing as temperatures slide into the 40s and 50s this week. Last week, highs were in the 80s.

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