Letter: Women, Bush, Clinton drive Obama reelection

Originally Posted Online: Nov. 13, 2012, 2:10 pm
Last Updated: Nov. 13, 2012, 2:57 pm
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On Nov. 6th, women used their majority voting power to reelect the president.
In late October, the campaign's theme unexpectedly shifted from comfortable economic issues to women's rights, often a minefield for Republicans.

The shocking remark linking rape and "God intended pregnancy" was reminiscent of August's "legitimate rape" lunacy and highlighted the GOP's position on abortion, contraception, and equal pay for women.

An obvious factor in the election was the influence of two very different men. One man was never seen or heard and seldom mentioned by Republicans, former President George W. Bush.

In contrast, the other man, former President Bill Clinton, was ubiquitous, relishing his starring role in "Revenge of the Impeached."

It took the electorate 20 years (1932-1952) to get over Herbert Hoover. To forget the Bush policies in four years would require amnesia.

By remembering the past, voters are not condemned to repeat it.

FDR did not end the Great Depression in four or eight years, but he was elected four times and appointed nine Supreme Court Justices. His successor, President Truman, appointed four more justices.

President Obama will not restore the middle class in the next four years, but he will probably appoint two or more Supreme Court justices.

Hopefully, the election was a repudiation of anonymous, big money donations (billions changed little), voter suppression, and candidate "shape shifting."

Robert M. McKanna,


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