Dozen Ness Guess entries post perfect weeks

Posted Online: Nov. 22, 2012, 9:34 pm
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By Marc Nesseler,
The email came in early Tuesday, probably shortly after he picked up his newspaper off the front step the morning after the San Francisco 49ers trounced the Chicago Bears 32-7.

"Here's hoping I won the NESS GUESS contest! 15-0 and 5 pts off the tiebreaker. *crosses fingers*" wrote Steve Louck of New Boston.

Alas, the best that exceptional showing in the football contest could do was fifth place.

There were a dozen entrants who were 15-0, and two of those were just one point off on the tie-breaker. Another two were three points off.

In fact, one of those 15-0s and one point off has to go away empty-handed. With a tie for the top, we defer to the computer for a random selection of the two for the winner. That became Jeff Wilson, of Milan, for the $100, with Robert Inskeep, of Rock Island, getting a high-five for his uncrossed fingers.

The other perfect entries belonged to Sandy Strother, of Moline, and Steve Smet, of Peoria (both off by 3 on the tie-breaker); Louck; Mike Beserra, of Moline, and Nick Hurst, of Sherrard (both off by 6); Brodie Aldrich, of Galesburg, and Debbie Brandon, of East Moline (both off by 8); Dave Taghon, of East Moline (13); Justin Small, of Port Byron (18); and Darnell Evans, of Rock Island (25).

The Ness Guess did quite well with a 14-1 record, and while that would have been 13th if it was for the weekly cash, it's first when it comes to the Challenge against WQAD-TV sports director Matt Randazzo. With Randazzo going 12-3, the Challenge now stands at 7-3-1 in favor of the Ness Guess, a four-week lead with six weeks left.

As for this week's games, if the Ness Guess pulls it off with these picks, then it really was meant to be:

1. Illinois at Northwestern
Northwestern: Illini fans, give thanks that the season is almost over.
Dazzo: Northwestern: Winless Big 10 season means honeymoon long over for Tim Beckman.

2. Michigan at Ohio State
Ness: OSU:
This one is for my Isle of Iowa friend Heather Sexton; hoping she reads it online.
Dazzo: OSU: This is Buckeyes' BCS Bowl game and National Championship all rolled into one.

3. Wisconsin at Penn State
Ness: Wisconsin:
Wins a week too late in Randazzo's view.
Dazzo: Penn State: Happy Valley much happier than last year.

4. Raiders at Bengals
Ness: Bengals:
McFadden injury might have cost me Fantasy Football money.
Dazzo: Bengals: A.J. Green quietly becoming NFL's second best receiver.

5. Steelers at Browns
Ness: Steelers:
Someone tell the Steelers they lost because of those hideous uniforms so that they'll never wear them again.
Dazzo: Steelers: Somehow finds a way to win.

6. Bills at Colts
Ness: Bills:
Figuring the Colts' Luck has run out.
Dazzo: Colts: Fun team, great story.

7. Broncos at Chiefs
Ness: Broncos:
Wondering if Dazzo is done picking the Chiefs for the year.
Dazzo: Broncos: Manning vs. Casell — enough said.

8. Titans at Jaguars
Ness: Titans:
Just pencil in a Jags' loss each week and you'll be all right.
Dazzo: Jaguars: Henne stays hot.

9. Falcons at Bucs
Ness: Bucs:
Believe, they are one of the best teams in the NFC right now.
Dazzo: Falcons: Matt Ryan won't throw 5 interceptions the rest of the regular season.

10. Seahawks at Dolphins
Ness: Seahawks:
Wavered on Dolphins, so if they'll come through, I'll be upset.
Dazzo: Seahawks: Dolphins continue to struggle.

11. Ravens at Chargers
Ness: Ravens:
Please, please, please let Flacco and Rice have huge games.
Dazzo: Ravens: But beware of letdown.

12. 49ers at Saints
Ness: Saints:
Beware of the Saints in December.
Dazzo: Saints: MNF letdown, Superdome, and red hot Drew Brews equals upset.

13. Rams at Cardinals
Ness: Cardinals:
Rams hit a low point last week. Defeated going in.
Dazzo: Rams: Can't pick any team that starts a QB I've never heard of.

14. Packers at Giants
Ness: Packers:
Don't look now, but Pack lead their division.
Dazzo: Giants: Bye week gets champs back on track.

15. Vikings at Bears
Ness: Vikings:
Vikes have winning record, thus Bears don't win.
Dazzo: Bears: Cutler is use to running for his life by now.

You can enter the Ness Guess Football Contest, and have a chance at winning the $100 prize, until midnight tonight at, clicking on the contest icon.


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