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Posted Online: Dec. 01, 2012, 7:10 pm
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Finally! Shopping is a Sport!
By Niah Tyler
Fourth grade
Have you ever shopped so much that you went home and took a long nap? Then you should go to Shop 'til You Drop at Our Lady of Grace! There is so much stuff to do! And, they have Christmas presents to buy for your family.

At Shop 'til you Drop, there are is lots to buy -- from books to jewelry to good smelling stuff for your home. This is a good fundraiser for the faculty and students at Our Lady of Grace. And when I say shopping is a sport, you'll agree with me once you get there!

Shop 'til You Drop is perfect for the season! If you have a teenage daughter at home, jewelry would be perfect! Or, if you have a toddler at home, an easy-to-read book would be the perfect present.

Remember, you can get your shopping done at once. Please meet us there next year!

Honoring Our Veterans
By Sophia Best
Fifth grade
On Thursday, November 8th, the students at Our Lady of Grace honored veterans with a special Mass. I thought that our Veterans Day Mass was very respectful and that the veterans who came enjoyed it. I think they looked at it like a big thank you for all they have done for our country.

We started the day off at the flag pole where a special group raised the flag. We then said the pledge and sang the National Anthem. Someone played the trumpet and MAVA did a 21-gun salute. We then walked in silence to Mass.

Our choir did a wonderful job. They did a great job singing Amazing Grace. I think our Mass, though not on Veterans Day, showed what Veterans Day is about -- saying thank you to those who have served.

After Mass, we presented a slide show. Our slide show showed all the good Veterans have done and gave each Veteran there a chance to stand and represent which branch of the military they were from. I thought it was neat to hear their branch's song played.

We invited the Veterans over to our hall for coffee and cookies. This gave us the opportunity to hear the Veterans personally tell their experiences. It also gave us the chance to thank them personally.

Our Lady of Grace is Great
Tommy Skahill
Sixth grade
Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy is a great school! One of the best things about OLGCA is the teachers. They're amazing! Our teachers have high expectations for all their students to achieve and with their help we do just that. They help you whenever you ask a question, and they teach you what you need to know to be successful now, and in our future as we continue to the next grade level.

Our teachers make school FUN! So it makes learning even more fun. They plan a variety of activities, centers, and games using technology of our SMARTboards, iPads, computer lab, as well as the computers in our classrooms. My favorite, of course, are the math games! Most kids don't like working 24/7, but at OLGCA the teachers make working enjoyable and achievable for all student levels. They just keep encouraging us to do our BEST! We do get breaks throughout our school day; like library, music, gym, lunch and recess. I love my school because it is not boring! We are always involved in a project or doing service to help others or just to help at Our Lady of Grace.

With our small class sizes, I am able to know almost every student in the school, and that is from pre-kindergarten through 8th grades! We have true school community here, because we all care for each other and only want the best for everyone. Our new principal, Mr. Turnipseed, instills in each one of us quality characteristics of faith, responsibility, respect, honesty, and service. So you can see having dedicated teachers and an enthusiastic principal, like Mr. Turnipseed, the students at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy are very blessed that our parents have sacrificed their time, talent, and treasures to send us to our unique faith-filled school where we learn to "Enter to Learn, Exit to Serve."

Programs at Our Lady of Grace
By Olivia Best
Seventh grade
Our Lady of Grace is a great school. We have many programs. One program that they have is the Study Hall Program. This program is scheduled for after school. You can go there for help with homework or just to be in a quiet environment to do your homework.

Study hall is held in the classrooms of fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grade. A teacher is there to supervise. You can ask for help if you don't understand a question. The room stays at a maximum of a whisper, so you can concentrate easier. You are not allowed to have out any electronics or things that would distract you. Study hall isn't mandatory, but it is an opportunity to improve your grades. If you are ineligible to play for a sport, it is suggested that you go to study hall.

Another program at Our Lady of Grace is the Art Club. This program is also after school. It will be starting soon. My friends and I have signed up for the club. Art Club meets once every month. We love it here because we can show off more of our creative side. You do different art projects that will be put on display when the program has ended.

Choir is another extracurricular program at Our Lady of Grace. We have a select choir that sings for special Masses. Some of my friends and I are part of the choir. We usually have practices on Tuesdays after school from 3 to 3:30. This is a way we can all praise God.

We have sports teams, too. Our volleyball season just ended not too long ago. We won some of our games, but we tried our hardest in all of them. Our boys' basketball season has just started. I hope that we will have a strong team this year. Our girls' basketball team's season starts sometime in the winter. I will be playing for our basketball team.

We also have a cheerleading squad that cheers for the boys at their basketball games. They meet after school, during the week. They provide encouragement for the boys' basketball team.

These are just some of the programs at Our Lady of Grace. We are encouraged to try and participate in as many programs as possible. My friends and I are involved in all of these programs.

Having a Buddy is Fun
By Mary Hart
Eighth grade
When you go to school every day, you know you are going to learn things like math and science, but there are other things you might learn that aren't classified as a school subject. Some of those things might be how to treat people or leadership. At Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy, those types of things are taught so much that they almost are a school subject. They've created some good ways to teach them, too. One of those ways is the buddy program.

The buddy program is something OLGCA has been doing for a long time now, and it has become a big thing. The buddy program pairs each eighth grader (and occasionally a seventh grader, depending on class size) with a kindergartner. Students are paired together based on their personalities. The goal is to form a big brother or big sister type of relationship. Getting your buddy is a big deal for students in both grades.

Buddies get to do many things together. Eighth graders read to their kindergarten buddies every week, and they go on many field trips with each other. The whole experience is a lot of fun, but for eighth graders, all of the fun comes with responsibility. Eighth grade buddies are not supposed to pay attention to anyone or anything else when they're spending time with their kindergarten buddies. It is also the eighth grader's job to teach their kindergarten buddies how to behave in church.

The buddy program is one of my favorite things about Our Lady of Grace. It adds to the family quality that is so special in small schools. Having a buddy is the best responsibility you could ever have because it doesn't seem like a responsibility at all. It just seems like fun.


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