Dailey blames actions on hallucinations

Originally Posted Online: Dec. 05, 2012, 9:47 pm
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By Rachel Warmke, rwarmke@qconline.com

Dustin J. Dailey said he was gripped by terrifying hallucinations and irrational beliefs the night he broke into the Rock Island residence of a 78-year-old woman and sexually assaulted her.

Testifying at his bench trial Wednesday in Rock Island County Circuit Court, Mr. Dailey, 27, of Rock Island, said, throughout the night of July 27, 2011, and into the early morning hours of the next day, he felt compelled to follow "a plan" and at times believed family members were in mortal danger.

Mr. Dailey is accused of one count of home invasion and two counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault. His trial began Tuesday.Assistant State's Attorney Margaret Osborn rested her case immediately Wednesday morning, with defense attorney Dora Villarreal expected to conclude her presentation of witnesses today.

Mr. Dailey said, on July 27, 2011, he returned from a golf tournament to a Rock Island apartment he shared with his sister, Ashley Kuster, and smoked marijuana with Tyson Smith, of Sterling.

The two men later left to buy rolling paper, Ms. Kuster said.Mr. Dailey said he and Mr. Smith made several stops during the outing, including a Rock Island gas station where Mr. Smith came out of a restroom with a light gray liquid on his hand.

They then drove to the Bettendorf home of a female friend, Mr. Dailey said. While they smoked cigarettes in the garage, the two men drank concoctions Mr. Smith made using nonalcohol items from the kitchen refrigerator, including milk, juice, soda, coffee creamer and infant formula, Mr. Dailey said.

While in the garage, the two men reportedly stripped to their underwear and kissed. Neither man said they recalled the incident, and Mr. Dailey said he had never had prior relations with a man. Mr. Dailey also said they smoked marijuana, but Mr. Smith said he couldn't remember.

"It's very foggy," Mr. Smith said. He testified he had not taken his bipolar medication accurately and was in the midst of a nervous breakdown that night.

The two men returned to Ms. Kuster's apartment about 10 p.m., Mr. Dailey said, and he began hallucinating his sister was suicidal. Ms. Kuster testified her brother kicked down a bathroom door to "save her."

"He was off in his own little world," she said, adding Mr. Smith told her Mr. Dailey had done PCP, ecstasy, crack cocaine and other drugs that night. She said her brother then stripped off his clothes and left the apartment.

Mr. Dailey recalled running outside and after having a "vision," stopping at a Rock Island house in the 3200 block of 26th Street where he said he believed his ex-girlfriend -- who lived in Las Vegas -- would be. He said he broke a window,disarmed an elderly woman holding a gun, bit her, pushed her head toward his crotch and wrestled with her.

"I remember calling her 'Grandma,'" Mr. Dailey testified.

During a police interview on July 28, 2011, Mr. Dailey said he believed the woman had two or three guns and wanted him to perform the acts. In prior trial testimony, the victim and police said there was only one gun. Mr. Dailey also said he believed he left the victim's home through a window, although police and the victim testified Tuesday he left through the front door the victim opened.

After leaving the residence, Mr. Dailey said he had traveled down the street and fell into a muddy ditch before hearing a woman scream.Hallucinations again seized him, he said, and he ran toward the residence, jumped a six-foot fence and grabbed the arm of the female homeowner believing she was his own mother.

He said he then punched and wrestled the woman's husband, whom he said he thought was his stepfather trying to harm his mom.

"I remember feeling like I had some sort of a superhuman strength or special talent," he testified.

Mr. Dailey said he saw images of his dog and past friends as police arrested him. He also said he felt forced to have "racing, irrational thoughts" while strapped to a gurney inside an ambulance headed to a hospital.

Mr. Dailey said he did not remember an interview with police in which he knew the year and the president's name but confused Rock Island with Bettendorf. He also speculated the marijuana he had smoked may have been "mixed with something," according to interview transcripts.

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