Real estate transactions, Dec. 9, 2012

Posted Online: Dec. 08, 2012, 5:20 pm
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Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.

Rock Island County warranty deeds

Gross, Roger D., estate, Silvis, to Westhoff, Gregory and Megan, Alpha; 919 12th St., Silvis; $80,000.

DeSchepper, Marlene J., Rock Island, to Jacks, Danny A., Rock Island; 1429 47th Ave., Rock Island; $127,000.

Trask, James and Linda, Eldridge, to Jobe, Paul and Susan, Rock Island; 2157 14th St., Rock Island; $69,000.

Faust, William C., Moline, to Secor, Patrick M. and Kristine, Port Byron; 608-610 26th St., Rock Island, apartment building, four units; $85,000.

MWABank of Rock Island, Rock Island, to RY Washington, Iowa City; 911 3rd Ave., Silvis; $49,900.

Mareks, John E. and Cathleen A., Rake Wales, Fla., to Thornton, Judy, Hampton; 1007 7th St., Hampton; $137,000.

Mucha, Thomas and Xenya A., Moline, to Ver Heecke, Devin and Kimberly, Moline; 1801 37th St. Court, Moline; $146,000.

DeLille, Thomas H. Jr., Rock Island, to Lamar, Ronald E., Moline; 1802 53rd St., Unit 2, Moline; $43,500.

Smith, Julia L., Carbon Cliff, to Septer, Ryan W., Carbon Cliff; 208 Sinclaire Blvd., Carbon Cliff; $78,000.

Derby, Marcia, Milan, to Stradt, Robert, Milan; 11111 22nd St., Milan; $75,000.

Lister, Dorothy, East Moline, to Dale, Jeff and Laura, East Moline; 1358 18th Ave., East Moline; $21,000.

Houser, Nona S., Erie, to Duncan, Carla S., East Moline; 2941 4th St. A, East Moline; $18,500.

Martens, Michael T. and Julie A., Rock Island, to Tribble, Mindy K., Milan; 9035 13th St. W., Rock Island; $189,900.

Lowery, Teri, Wynne, Ariz., to Gedye, Kessille, Moline; 2644 44th St. Court, Moline; $142,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Carrollton, Texas, to Dahal, Susmita, Moline; 3623 34th St., Unit 3, Moline; $76,500.

Showers, Kenneth R. and Linda K., to Kump Investments, Davenport; 425 W. 4th St., Milan, commercial building; $83,700.

Federal National Mortgage Association, Dallas, Texas, to Harvey, Eddie Lee and Nan Tsain, Rock Island; 1526 6th St., Rock Island; $27,500.

Casillas, Rodney, Moline, to Howard, Dale and Marie, Rock Island; 680 7th St. Court, Moline; $279,900.

Crupi, Paul E., Henderson, Nev., to Vanbat, Port Byron; 6 acres farmland, Port Byron, Port Byron Township; $70,000.

McGrath, John W., East Moline, to Top Level Investments, Moline; 1211 48th Ave., Unit 36, East Moline; $50,000.

American Bank and Trust, Rock Island, to Fryermuth, Tyson and Angela, Illinois City; Drury 121, Rock Island, Drury Township, land/lot only, 79.5 acres; $469,050.

Lundie, Stephanie Anne, estate, Moline, to Brixey, Chris Ann, Moline; 1311 9th St., Apartment C, Moline; $49,900.

Foley, Beverly, trustee, Orion, to Helderman, Carolyn J., Moline; 1110 2nd St., Moline; $135,000.

Lane, Corman Craig, estate, Rock Island, to JBB Enterprises, Phoenix, Ariz.; 2734 7th Ave., Rock Island; $38,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Carrollton, Texas, to Olmstead, Elizabeth, Moline; 225 40th St., Moline; $29,000.

Kirschbaum, Kimberly A., trustee, Fredricks, Jon M., trust, Davenport, to Quick, Benjamin, East Moline; 459 31st Ave., East Moline; $79,900.

Clearvue Opportunity IX, Newport Beach, Calif., to Marcinko, Christine P., San Jacinto, Calif.; 443 40th St., East Moline; $15,500.

Beneficial Financial I, Brandon, Fla., to Midwest Living, Bettendorf; 204 48th St., Moline; $14,500.

Samalon, Stella, estate, Samalon, James Stephan, independent executor, LeClaire, to Reagin, Kristen M., Hampton; 1215 8th St. Court, Hampton; $88,000.

Veto, Patricia M., Moline, to Pilichowski, Wendy J., Moline; 729 24th Ave. Court, Moline; $155,500.

Stotts, James R., Bettendorf, to Griffiths, Christina, Rock Island; 1419 31st St., Rock Island; $55,000.

CR Capital Group, Elmsford, N.Y., to PMA Properties, Milan; 1002 20th Ave., Rock Island; $9,000.

Hibbs, Thomas J. and Dorothy E., trust, by Park, Stephanie A., trustee, DeKalb, Ill., to Parker, Darrel F. and Eleanor J., Geneseo; 2607 1st St. Court, Moline; $160,000.

Tribble, Mindy K., Milan, to Radosevich, Derek J. and Megan S., Milan; 513 Bruce Ave., Milan; $160,000.

White, Ann L., Las Vegas, N.M., to Sprouse, Lee J., Silvis; 822 7th Ave., Silvis; $80,000.

Willett, Larry J., estate, East Moline, to JBB Enterprises, Phoenix, Ariz.; 1224 2nd Ave., Silvis; $45,000.

Gutting, Linda M., by Ulner, Jacqueline, Colona, to Woller, Fred, Rock Island; 2002 37th St., Rock Island; $46,500.

Floyd, William C. and Maria S., East Moline, to Perkins, Clara Ann, East Moline; 468 44th Ave. Court, East Moline; $162,900.

Zepeda, Elias M., estate, Marshall, Sandra A., independent executor, Silvis, to B&N, Rock Island; 3123 7th Ave., Rock Island; $54,500.

Oakcliff, St. Louis, Mo., to Steel Warehouse Quad Cities, South Bend, Ind.; 7919 W. 42nd St., Rock Island, commercial building; $1,650,000.

DHCU Community Credit Union, Moline, to Hansen, Luke R. and Ashley E., Moline; 415 Barber Creek Road, Port Byron; $215,000.

Dusenberry, DeWayne, Illinois City, Coffey, Steven, Illinois City; 11928 238th St. W., Illinois City; $119,000.

Hoffman, Nicholas J., Port Byron, to Enloe, Ben J., Port Byron; 24123 71st Ave. N., Port Byron; $117,000.

Morrow, Melvin R. and Marilyn Y., Woodland Park, Colo., to Hoffman, Nicholas J. and Einsweiler-Hoffman, Erica, Port Byron; 1610 Parkway Drive, Port Byron; $229,000.

Verbeckmoes, Scott K. and Iona M., Port Byron, to Verbeckmoes, Todd, East Moline; 2800 46th Ave., Moline, commercial building; $225,000.

Prescott, Michelle Ann, Moline, to Dismer, Jeffrey S. and Martha M., Moline; 3417 South Shore Drive, Moline, vacant land/lot; $11,000.

Henry County Warranty Deeds

Giorno, Joseph J., estate to Zang Properties; 424 E. South St., Kewanee; $31,500.

Giorno, Joseph J., estate to Zang, Andrew J.; 421 Green St., Kewanee; $33,500.

Hanford, Charles C. Jr. to Ries, James A .and Martha A.; 316 W. Pearl St., Geneseo; $125,000.

Robinson, Clinton W., estate to Brockman, James J. and Parsons, Bonny R.; Section 33, Township 18N, Range 2E; $164,000.

Pobanz, Marvin C. and Gretchen E., trust to Pobanz, Kathryn E. and Roger P.; 716 Meadowlawn Drive, Geneseo; $145,000.

Pinks, Joyce L., trust to Tord, Charles C.; Humphrey & Turners, 2nd Add., ml/blk 9, Geneseo; $99,000.

Shannon, Dennis R. and Sue A. to Hughes, Jonathan R.; 208 East A St., Alpha; $55,00.

Sherbeyn, Marie H. to Mikenas, Marie Elizabeth; N1/2 lot 4, Bennison and Quinn's Subdivision, Lot 47 and 48 in Howe, Preston and Co., Kewanee; $85,000.

Butcher, Lisa D. and Robert L. to Kutsunis, George W.; Section 15, Township 17N, Range3E, Country Manor lot 213, Geneseo; $288,000.

Crabtree, Curtis L. and Kay O. to Fitzgerrel, Jeanette and Paul; 202 Dwight St., Kewanee; $16,000.

Crabtree, Curtis L. and Kay O. to Fitzgerrel, Jeanette and Paul; 336 S. Cottage St., Kewanee; $17,500.

Fry, Raymond E. to Cerda, Isaac; 603 2nd Ave., Colona; $43,900.

Brown, Carlie M. and Justin R. to Sandberg, Mallisa A. and Nathan L.; 222 S. Ridge St., Cambridge; $108,500.

Harper, Edmond J. and Lori Ann to Stott, Tiffany N.; 502 3rd St., Colona; $50,000.

Berg, Marlene E. to Glisan, Derrick; 520 N.E. 3rd St., Galva; $130,000.

Vaughn, Mildred to Woods, Julie; 548 Greenway Ave., Colona; $118,000.

Chandler, Carol S. and Michael D. to Johnson, Shane M.; 284 Brairgate Drive, Colona; $130,000.

Peterson, Justin C. and Kristine L. to DeClercq, Megan E.; 214 S. Cottage St., Kewanee; $49,000.

Altona, Shannon M. and Baker, Ryan to Spaniel, Amber; 507 Rockwell St., Kewanee; $33,000.

Dunne, Robert Michael to Allen, Brian and Hepner, Sarah and Thompson, Michelle; 807 12th Ave., Orion; $94,000.

Thompson, Marilyn J. to Williams, Burl and Leota; 236 S. Chestnut St. Kewanee; $70,000.

Stout, Carol J. and David K. to Thompson, Marilyn J.; 619 Dewey Ave., Kewanee; $50,000.

Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co. to Liichow, James K. and Doss, Jane E.; 1204 W. Church St., Kewanee; $26,500.

Wells Fargo Bank to Nelson, Helen L. and Loren R.; 118 E. Oak St., Kewanee; $34,000.

Bouvier, Jill R. and Dorff, David to Carman, Diana L. and Jeff L.; 14 Ponderosa Drive, Colona; $190,000.

Northwest Bank and Trust Company to Sall, Elia E. and James P.; Wiley, Fleming & Davis, Lot 7 and 8, Block 15, Galva; $14,500.

Schmedt, Janelle K. to Nightingale, Lia M. and Steven R.; Section 28, Township 16N, Range 2E; $170,000.

Wittenauer, Robert A. to Stees Construction; 536 W. Exchange St., Geneseo; $15,000.

Odey, Cynthia L., estate to Good, Judy A.; Donaldson's Subdivision, multiple lots/ blocks, Kewanee; $55,000.

Stenzel family trust to Chamberlain, Cheryl A., trust; Section 22, Township 16N, Range 2E; $907,500.

Fickling, Wayne L., trust to Yarger, Roger and Theresa; Section 35, Township 16N, Range 3E; $45,000.

Central Bank Illinois and Greenwood, John L., trust to Nilsson, John L. and Nancy A.; Section 29, Township 18N, Range 3E; $427,500.

Hancock, Cindy J. and Steven A. to Mighell, Cody; 632 E. Park St., Geneseo; $85,000.

Richards, Martin to Bennett, Jeremy J. and Michelle; Wethersfield original town, Lot 66, Kewanee; $70,000.

Welch, Doris R. and James R. to Richards, Marty S.; 446 Dwight St., Kewanee; $46,000.

Staskowski, Gregory J. to Laingen, Karen M.; 13015 N. 2550th Ave., Geneseo; $98,000.

Ernst, Betty J. and David A. to Butcher, Lisa D. and Robert L. II; 24491 Grange Road, Geneseo; $245,000.

Northwest Bank and Trust Company to Kennelly, Kathleen J. and Steven N.; 3 Skona Lake, Alpha; $83,000.

Lewis, Darrel D. and Monica to Snyder, Daniel L.; 308 10th Ave., Colona; $160,000.

DeGeeter, Beatrice A. and Joseph H. to VanOpdorp, Bettina and Rock J.; original town lot 14 e5', Atkinson; Lot 13 in Block 11, Atkinson; $4,000.

Stewart, Bryan J. to Good, Judy; 612 Willow St., Kewanee; $14,000.

Sharp, Charles W., trust to Anderson, Angela S. and Bruce D.; 3877 N. 1300th Ave., Section 34 Township 16N Range 1E, Orion; $1,080,000.

Anderson, Angela S. and Bruce D. to Schmedt, Janelle K.; Section 34, Township 16N, Range 1E; $300,000.

Hein, Mark T. to Borkgren, F. Randall, trust, Borkgren, Martha A., trust, Borkgren, Rick A., trust and Borkgren, Teresa M., trust; Section 1, Township 14N, Range 2E; $35,000.

DHCU Community Credit Union to Larson, Lester C. Jr. and Melissa E.; 5 Circle O Drive, Colona; $105,000.

Bellovics Construction Group and Construction Group to Halverson, Mindy K., trust; 833 Ash Drive, Geneseo; $210,000.

First Federal Savings and Loan to Swanson, James D.; 19 S.E. 3rd Ave., Galva; $36,000.

Pauley, Guy T. and Laurie J. to Brants, Charlene R. and Robert L.; 202 Causemaker Drive, Atkinson; $126,500.

Anderson, Janet L. to Muhlenburg, Anthony W. Jr.; 310 E. North St., Cambridge; $108,000.


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