QC Prep Basketball Power Polls -- How they fared, Week 3

Posted Online: Jan. 23, 2013, 5:44 am
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By Steve Tappa, stappa@qconline.com
-– These local media rankings are determined on a descending points system, with a first-place vote receiving 10 points, a second-place vote receiving 9 points, and so on. Presented by The Dispatch and The Rock Island Argus, WQAD-TV 8, MC22, WFXN-AM 1230's Quad Cities Radio Group, Aledo's WRMJ-FM 102.3, Kewanee-based Regional Media and the Clinton Herald.


Rank. Team (Rec.): How they fared

1. Rock Island (14-4): Lost at Illinois-ranked Quincy, 48-47 (OT) Friday.

2. Bettendorf (14-0): Beat No. 9 Pleasant Valley, 50-39 Friday; Beat United Township, 62-36 Saturday; Won at Davenport Central, 70-43 Tuesday.

3. Rockridge (17-2): Beat Sherrard, 65-35 Friday; Beat Chillicothe IVC, 70-51 Saturday at Abingdon's Great Western Shootout.

4. Assumption (11-3): Beat Davenport Central, 72-47 Friday; Won at Burlington, 56-42 Tuesday.

5. North Scott (13-2): Won at Clinton, 60-31 Friday; Beat Central DeWitt, 78-29 Saturday; Beat Davenport West, 57-45 Tuesday.

6. Monmouth-Roseville (14-4): Beat No. 14 Orion, 57-48 Friday; Beat Petersburg PORTA, 73-64 Saturday at Abingdon's Great Western Shootout.

7. Kewanee (16-3): Beat No. 15 Riverdale, 78-73 Friday.

8. Wethersfield (17-3): Beat Ridgewood, 100-68 Tuesday.

9. Pleasant Valley (9-4): Lost at No. 2 Bettendorf, 50-39 Friday; Beat Muscatine, 58-35 Tuesday.

10. Sterling Newman (15-4): Lost to Peru St. Bede, 63-36 Friday; Beat No. 16t Preston, 63-36 Saturday at West Carroll's Manny's Shootout.


11. Danville (16-0): Beat Fort Madison Holy Trinity, 89-54 Friday; Won at New London, 97-25 Saturday; Won at West Burlington, 92-41 Tuesday.

12. Galesburg (13-11): Beat Alleman, 47-34 Friday; Lost to both Minooka (50-47) & Maine South (37-30) Saturday at Galesburg's Martin Luther King Tournament; Lost to Bloomington (77-67) & beat Kankakee (61-48) Monday at Galesburg's Martin Luther King Tournament.

13. Northeast Goose Lake (13-3): Beat Lisbon, 63-39 Friday; Beat Tipton, 70-47 Saturday; Lost at North Cedar, 82-65 Monday.

14. Orion (13-9): Lost at No. 6 Monmouth-Roseville, 57-48 Friday; Beat Monmouth United, 55-30 Saturday at Abingdon's Great Western Shootout.

15. Riverdale (11-10): Lost at No. 7 Kewanee, 78-73 Friday; Beat Bureau Valley, 53-51 Tuesday.

16 (tie). Erie (16-9): Won at Amboy, 46-30 Friday; Beat Morrison, 44-42 Tuesday.

16 (tie). Preston (13-2): Won at Camanche, 75-43 Friday; Lost to No. 10 Sterling Newman, 63-36 Saturday at West Carroll's Manny's Shootout; Beat Bellevue, 76-32 Tuesday.


-- Galva (15-3): Beat ROWVA, 45-41 Friday; Lost at Williamsfield, 55-43 Saturday; Won at Biggsville West Central, 68-64 Tuesday.

-- Bureau Valley (17-10): Beat Fulton, 57-49 Friday; Lost at No. 15 Riverdale, 53-51 Tuesday.

-- Moline (13-9): Won at United Township, 53-46 Friday; Beat Marengo (49-30) & Chicago Noble Street Bulls (66-40) Saturday at Moline's Martin Luther King Tournament; Beat Rochelle (62-60) & Lost to state-ranked Washington (54-40) Monday at Moline's Martin Luther King Tournament.



Rank. Team (Rec.): How they fared

1. Rock Island (21-2): Won at No. 9 United Township, 61-44 Thursday.

2. Assumption (13-2): Won at Davenport Central, 56-14 Friday; Lost at state-ranked Southeast Polk, 68-50 Saturday; Beat Burlington, 76-25 Tuesday.

3. Annawan (20-2): Beat both Biggsville West Central (57-47 Thursday's semifinals) & Stark County (36-30 Saturday's championship) at the Lincoln Trail Conference Tournament; Beat Sciota West Prairie, 66-37 Monday; Wednesday at Galva.

4. Muscatine (14-2): Won at Davenport West, 64-17 Friday; Beat No. 14t Pleasant Valley, 57-34 Tuesday.

5. Riverdale (19-2): Won at Kewanee, 49-36 Thursday; Beat Bureau Valley, 96-27 Saturday; Won at Fulton, 64-37 Tuesday.

6. Sherrard (21-3): Beat Carthage Illini West, 35-26 Thursday; Won at River Ridge, 55-48 Saturday.

7. Prophetstown (22-3): Won at Morrison, 58-23 Thursday; Beat Amboy, 69-29 Saturday.

8. Wethersfield (20-5): Lost to Stark County (50-48 Thursday's semifinals) & Beat Biggsville West Central (59-52 Saturday's third-place game) at the Lincoln Trail Conference Tournament; Beat Galva, 71-40 Monday; Wednesday hosts Stark County.

9. United Township (15-11): Lost to No. 1 Rock Island, 61-44 Thursday; Beat state-ranked Champaign Centennial (51-49) & lost to state-ranked Morton (47-24) Saturday at Galesburg's Mid-Winter Classic; Beat Peoria Notre Dame, 53-41 Monday at Galesburg's Mid-Winter Classic; Lost at Illinois-rated DeKalb, 23-17 Tuesday.

10. Galesburg (17-9): Won at Quincy, 51-38 Thursday; Beat Peoria Notre Dame (54-36) & lost to Normal U-High (55-40) Saturday at Galesburg's Mid-Winter Classic; Lost to state-ranked Morton, 43-33 Monday at Galesburg's Mid-Winter Classic.


11. Mediapolis (16-1): Won at Lone Tree, 70-18 Friday; Beat Pekin, 72-36 Saturday; Beat Waco, 74-30 Tuesday.

12. Burlington Notre Dame (16-2): Lost to state-ranked Central Lee Donnellson, 74-69 Friday; Won at Van Buren Keosauqua, 62-40 Saturday; Beat Fairfield, 66-44 Tuesday.

13. Orion (17-7): Beat both Peoria Manual (50-45) & Kewanee (40-33) Saturday at Kewanee's Martin Luther King Tournament; Beat Freeport, 47-43 Monday at Kewanee's Martin Luther King Tournament.

14 (tie). Erie (17-6): Lost at Amboy, 39-28 Thursday.

14 (tie). Pleasant Valley (8-8): Lost at Bettendorf, 43-35 Friday; Lost at Linn-Mar Marion, 62-56 Saturday; Lost at No. 4 Muscatine, 57-34 Tuesday.


-- Stark County (16-8): Beat No. 8 Wethersfield (50-48 Thursday's semifinals) & Lost to No. 3 Annawan (36-30 Saturday's championship) at the Lincoln Trail Conference Tournament; Lost to Ridgewood, 36-34 Monday; Wednesday at No. 8 Wethersfield.

-- Sterling (14-11): Beat Dixon, 51-40 Friday; Beat Yorkville, 56-54 Saturday.

-- Sterling Newman (13-9): Beat Clinton Prince of Peace, 46-31 Saturday at West Carroll's Manny's Shootout.

-- North Scott (9-6): Beat Clinton, 55-31 Friday; Won at Davenport West, 50-14 Tuesday.


Local events heading

  Today is Monday, Sept. 22, the 265th day of 2014. There are 100 days left in the year.

1864 -- 150 years ago: The board of education has granted Thursday as a holiday for the children, with the expectation that parents who desire to have their children attend the Scott County Fair will do so on that day and save irregularity the rest of the week.
1889 -- 125 years ago: The guard fence around the new cement walk at the Harper House has been removed. The blocks are diamond shape, alternating in black and white.
1914 -- 100 years ago: The Rev. R.B. Williams, former pastor of the First Methodist Church, Rock Island, was named superintendent of the Rock Island District.
1939 -- 75 years ago: Abnormally high temperatures and lack of rainfall in Illinois during the past week have speeded maturing of corn and soybean crops.
1964 -- 50 years ago: Installation of a new television system in St. Anthony's Hospital, which includes a closed circuit channel as well as the three regular Quad-Cities channels, has been completed and now is in operation.
1989 -- 25 years ago: When the new Moline High School was built in 1958, along with it were plans to construct a football field in the bowl near 34th Street on the campus. Wednesday afternoon, more than 30 years later, the Moline Board of Education Athletic Board sent the ball rolling toward the possible construction of that field by asking superintendent Richard Hennigan to take to the board of education a proposal to hire a consultant.

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