Davenport woman's book 'will bring joy to your life'

Posted Online: Jan. 25, 2013, 10:00 am
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Leon Lagerstam, llagerstam@qconline.com
DAVENPORT — A Davenport author kept hearing Bible study colleagues ask how Scriptures they read applied to everyday life.

So Nancy Newton, 60, a retired Arsenal employee and Army Air National Guard member, made it her mission to explain and categorize Biblical passages to help them see the tie-ins to their lives.

She started hand-writing devotions and Scriptural references in pages of a three-ring binder about three years ago, and sharing a few examples of her work in letters to family and friends, never imagining it would turn into a published book.

But "Inspiring Voices," a division of "Guideposts" magazine, decided it should be published, and printed Ms. Newton's "You Will Find Joy," a 122-page soft-cover or eBook, containing 1,500 donations in 26 chapters.

Soft-cover books are $12, and eBooks are $3.99. They are available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, BAM, the Book Rack and other bookstores, Ms. Newton said. Part of the proceeds will benefit disaster relief in the U.S.

The book has "something for everyone," she said, including humor, pathos, romance, treachery, history, tragedy and feats of daring-do."Why should you read my book? Because it will bring joy to your life."

She said her book is unique "because of its categorized treatment.It's organized so whatever your situation, you easily can find a Biblical verse to help you."

It opens with a chapter titled "Needing God" and ends with "Purpose of the Law and Scripture." In between are chapters such as "How He Thinks Of Us Always," "How He Wants Us to Behave" and "How He Wants Us To Treat Others."

One of her favorite passages refers to Psalm 24: 12-14, in which David asks "Do you want long life and happiness? Then keep from speaking evil and do good; strive for peace with all your heart."

Ms. Newton became interested in writing devotions "many years ago," when she started reading ones published by The Upper Room Ministries.

"I soon found numerous Bible passages that spoke to me, like a primer or a guide," she said. "I kept seeing those devotions as the Bible in miniature forms, and then saw how those Scriptures broken down into those miniature forms helped show people how the Bible applies to everyday life."

Hearing people say they couldn't figure out how to apply the Bible to their daily lives was a "gauntlet unknowingly thrown down," that she said she resolutely picked up.

She said writing the book took about 20 years, and working on it helped her ''be more able to talk about my faith. My aim in putting it together is to spread the word that our lives can be filled with joy, no matter what life brings."

Nancy Newton bio box
Address: Davenport
Birth date: March 7, 1952
Occupation: Author, retired Arsenal worker
Education: two associate degrees, one of which is from Black Hawk College, Moline
Home town: "the world; my dad is a retired Army officer
Family: parents, Phil and Rita Newton, in Washington, D.C., brother, Phil Newton, Jr., in California
Favorite Scripture: Psalm 23
Military experience: Army Air National Guard member for 13 years, first as a medic, then as a radio lineman, and finally working on aircraft.
Hobbies: reading, crafts, and greyhound dogs
One thing I feel strongly about: "We need to find God and we need to obey him."
I wish I knew how to: "fly a helicopter."


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