Real estate transactions for Sunday, Jan. 27, 2013

Posted Online: Jan. 26, 2013, 5:40 pm
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Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.

Rock Island County warranty deeds

Wells Fargo Bank, Addison, Texas, to QC Props, Davenport; 627 16th Ave., East Moline; $33,100.

Thornton, Scott C. and Megan M., Moline, to DuVoisin, Jessica, Coal Valley; 501 E. 15th Ave. Court, Coal Valley; $295,000.

Birks, Rebecca J., Rock Island, to Franklin, Marlene, Silvis; 2944 Archer Drive, East Moline; $79,400.

Olson, Margo A., Moline, to Boardman, Luann J.and Steven A., co-trustees of Boardman, Luann J. trust, Milan; 10709 14th St. W., Milan; $87,500.

Carton, Irene C., trustee, Moline, to Piersall, Cheryl L., Moline; 2366 27th St., Moline; $86,000.

Brooks, Frank and Joanna, Moline, to Yerkey, Jeffrey C. and Jean M., Rock Island; 3304 91st Ave. W., Rock Island; $169,000.

Meadow Builders, Davenport, to Wykle, Russell A., Milan; 1509 Jondre Drive, Milan; $402,019.50.

Tates, William, estate, Stoneking, Mary L., executor, Sherrard, to Kettelkamp, Steven J., Rock Island; 2836 45th St., Rock Island; $59,500.

DeSplinter, Regina A., by Lerch, Denise A., agent, Andalusia, to DeSplinter, Devrin L. and Lynn J., Rock Island; 1409 33rd St., Rock Island; $72,000.

Hanna, Ross, Rock Island, to Harder, Mary E., Rock Island; 1203-1205 17th St., Rock Island; $83,000.

Peterson, Randy, Silvis, to Jamieson, Sean, Moline; 5401 19th Ave., Moline; $237,000.

Thorngren, David R., LeClaire, to Perez, Joshua D., Silvis; 818 9th Ave., Silvis; $88,000.

DeSplinter, Steven R., East Moline, to Hardtwood Properties, East Moline; 2372 27th St., Moline; $43,900.

Boyle, Steven L., Rock Island, to Calhoun, Darrick, Rock Island; 4404 9th St., Rock Island; $145,000.

DeMarce, Jerry L. and Virginia A., Ankeny, Iowa, and Peterson, Randy C. and Kelly A., Silvis; 3308 14th St., Silvis; $282,500.

McKinney, Jimmie J. and Ilka D., Coal Valley, to O'Tool, Melody, Coal Valley; 505 E. 8th Ave., Coal Valley; $162,000.

Adler, Richard, trustee, Wine McDowell, Zhenya K., Columbus, Ohio, trust, to Tanamor, Jason and Bonnie M., Rock Island; 1628 22nd St, Rock Island; $100,000.

QCA Holdings, Milan, to Minasian, LaHabra Heights, Calif.; 726 17th St. Rock Island; $87,500.

Houtakker, Bradley, Davenport, to Amann, Craig and Kim M., Cedar Falls, Iowa; Timber Ridge Drive, Port Byron; $54,100.

Pareigis, Stefanija, estate, Coal Valley, to Pareigis, Alex, Coal Valley; 1600 1st Ave., Rapids City; $127,350.

Old Orchard Estates, Overland Park, Kan., to CEAI Old Orchard, Overland Park; 3351 Orchard Lane, Carbon Cliff, apartment building; $3,859,548.

Beaston, Eugene D., Moline, to Wright, Kevin E. and Sindy M., Coal Valley; 3223 69th Ave., Moline; $39,900.

Dahl, Gregory W., Illinois City, to Sours, Robert and Reed, Susan, Illinois City; 17002 245th St. W., Illinois City; $145,000.

Ballegeer Family Trust, Muscatine, to Rowe, Sandra J., Silvis; 1015 10th St., Silvis; $82,500.

West, Nellie Ann, estate, Milan, to Clark, Cindy, Rock Island; 517 13th Ave., Rock Island; $9,500.

Knight, Anna and Edward, Chatham, Ill., to Campbell, Matthew and Kathleen, East Moline; 422 27th Ave., East Moline; $79,500.

Achenbach, Shane A. and Tate, Giovonnte, Bettendorf, to Eliakimu, Karnzo and Joseline, Mwajum, Rock Island; 1345/1347 12th St., Rock Island; $57,000.

Leech, John R. and Tharon J., trust, Moline, to Younggren, Christian M., Moline; 3620 and 3622 34th St., Moline; $128,000.

Roberts, Bartholomew Patrick, Shelby Township, Mich., to Orth, Joshua L., Rock Island; 2017 44th St., Rock Island; $65,000.

Eckert, Robert H., estate, Eckert, Steven B., Moline, to Eckert, Bradley S., Moline; 3902 26th St., Moline; $82,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association, Dallas, Texas, to QC Props, Davenport; 2205 16th St., Rock Island; $36,000.

QC Props, Davenport, to JBB Enterprises, Phoenix, Ariz.; 2402 33rd St., Moline; $70,000.

QC Props, Davenport, to JBB Enterprises, Phoenix, Ariz; 552 31st St., Rock Island; $52,500.

QC Props, Davenport, to JBB Enterprises, Phoenix, Ariz.; 5119 28th Ave., Moline; $70,000.

QC Props, Davenport, to JBB Enterprises, Phoenix, Ariz.; 2205 16th St., Rock Island; $43,200.

Hansen, Stephen, Scottsdale, Ariz., to Vincent, Carl, Port Byron; 5429 227th St. N. Court, Port Byron; $317,500.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Carrollton, Texas, to Hawk, Dewayne and Virginia, Reynolds; 404 N. Grant St., Reynolds; $76,100.

Seale, Howard M., Apache Junction, Ariz., to Jump, Lori Ann, Moline; 2924 11th Ave. C, Moline; $65,000.

Minnis, Roy E., Rock Island, to Gomez, Jesus Munoz Villa, Silvis; 1006 17th Ave., Silvis; $182,600.

Simons, Robert A., Corpus Christi, Texas, to Palmer, Andrea D., Silvis; 224 5th St., Silvis; $75,000.

McCartney Improvement Company, Davenport, to Thoms-Meyer, Stephanie, Rock Island; 4230 14th St., Rock Island; $300,000.

Radosevich, Derek J., Milan, to Morelock, Jason M., Rock Island; 2016 43rd St., Rock Island; $87,000.

Chicago Title Land Trust Company, Chicago, to McKnight, Kirk and Anita, Milan; vacant lot, 127th Avenue, Milan, 20 acres; $175,000.

Raya, Arturo M. and Enedina, Silvis, to Torres, Cristian I., Moline; 1527 10th Ave., East Moline; $15,000.

Getz, Thomas G., estate, by NW B & T, executor, Davenport, to Jennings, Bradley, Raleigh, N.C.; 8 Wildwood Drive, Moline; $203,000.

Fountain Manor Apartments, Davenport, to QC Capital, Davenport; 3561 41st St., Moline, apartment building, 43 units; $1,525,000.

Viren, Michael G. and Holly S., Rock Island, to Gilliland, Diane M., Rock Island; 2212 29th St., Rock Island; $180,000.

King, James P. and Barbara M., Moline, to Krotz, Daniel and Janelle, Moline; 2619 12th Ave., Moline; $119,000.

LQ2 Trust A, Geneva, Ill., to Roberts, Elex and Rosetta, Rock Island; 2318 9th St., Rock Island; $5,500.

Durbin, James N. Sr., Colona, to Boldt, Rusty L., East Moline; 3714 8th Ave., East Moline; $85,000.

Henry County warranty deeds

Carlson, Carl H. estate to Curry, Charles E., trust; Section 5, Township 14N, Range 1E; $1,157,000.

Carlson, Carl H. estate to Curry, Carol A. trust and Curry, Duane A. trust; Section 32, Township 15N, Range 1E; $792,000.

Carlson, Carl H. estate to Curry, Kathryn A. and Thaddeus A.; Sections, 32, Township 15N, Range 1E; $560,000.

Carlson, Carl H. estate to Curry, Jody Lea trust and Curry, Joshua James trust; Section 32, Township 15N, Range 1E; $560,000.

Carlson, Carl H. estate to Drake, Monte A. and Sandra L.; Section 31, Township 15N, Range 1E; $600,000.

Earley, David E. and Janice M. to Earley, Walter L. trust; Section 24, Township 16N, Range 5E; $400,000.

Heartland Bank & Trust Company to O'Rourke, Joseph trust; Section 12/1, Township 17N, Range 5E; $715,500.

Fronz, Anke M. and Rainer to McKibbon, John K. trust; Section 35, Township 18N, Range 3E; $400,000.

Gash, Maxine estate to Earley, Davld E. and Janice M.; Section 28, Township 16N, Range 5E; $108,700.

Dewulf, George estate to Garcia, Orlando Radilla and Morales, Raul; 528 Willard St., Kewanee; $215,000.

Chapman, Sylvia E. estate to Dillie, Robert D.; Lot 1 Gernants Subdivision, part lot 4 out lot, 1 JT Pierce Addition, Geneseo; $110,000.

Huber, Howard W. estate to Nordstrom, Laura and Richard; 109 & 111 NE 1st St., 312 SW 3rd Ave., 15 SW 5th St., Galva; $100,000.

Flint, Twilah L. trust to Boone, Patrick A. and Susan E.; 724 S. Spring St., Geneseo; $90,000.

Farmers National Bank of Prophetstown and Stenzel, William H. trust to Rickman, Rodger R. and Stephanie L.; Section 15, Township 16 N, Range 2E; $1,090,000.

Speller, Lorna B. family trust to Young, Paul R.; Section 6, Township 17N, Range 2E, Section 31, Township 18N, Range 2E; $321,000.

Iorio, Joseph D. trust to Pate, Lilly L. and Robert A.; 617 Mission Drive, Kewanee; $98,000.

O'Brien, Michael W. and Helen M. to Vandersnick, Mark and Paula J.; Section 3/2, Township 16N, Range 5E; $270,528.

Farmers & Mechanics Bank to Nightingale, Betty J. and Larson, Orville H. and Shirley I.; Section 28, Township 16N, Range 2E; $490,000.

Klemp, Helen W. trust to O'Rourke, Joseph R. trust; Section 20, Township 17N, Range 5E; $576,000.

Klemp, Helen W. trust to O'Rourke, Ashley J. and Joseph R. Jr., Section 21, Township 17N, Range 5E; $591,500.

Savignano Family Trust to Larson, Lester C. Jr. and Melissa E.; Section 25, Township 18N, Range 2E; $130,500.

Kuster, Connie S. to Anderson, Amber M. and Chad T.; Section 8, Township 14N, Range 5E; $65,000.

Anderson, Carol S. trust to Anderson, Alan C. partnership; Country Manor Ph 9, Lot 26 and 27; $1,040,000.

Rose, Harold W. estate to Rose, Larry C. and Lisa A.; 2836 County Highway 5, Galva; $45,000.


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