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Posted Online: Feb. 09, 2013, 3:30 pm
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How the 7 Habits Have Helped Me
By Carter LaCamera
Sixth grade

I like the new thing we're doing at Denkmann about 7 habits. They really help me. The habit that affects me the most is ... well, I can't decide. All 7 habits affect me equally, so I'm going to write about them all.

The first habit is "Be Proactive," and I feel that being proactive helps me because I used to let people tell me what to do, like my brother and sister. Now that I learned about being proactive I don't let them boss me around, but I tell them in a very nice way. This habit has really helped me.

"Begin With the End In Mind" is the second habit. This habit helped me choose my career. I want to be a professional football player, but I also have two other career ideas to fall back on. These are being a teacher or a mechanic. This habit also helps me by getting an early start so if I want to change my career, I can prepare for it.

The next habit, the third habit, is "Put First Things First," which means, when you get home, do your homework, then play outside or play video games. You do your homework first so you don't forget about the homework. You can always hang out with your friends another time. This habit helps because when I've been getting home from school I've been sitting down and doing my homework before I do anything else. This habit really helps my life. You should try it.

The fourth habit is "Think Win-Win." I like this habit because it means everybody can win. For example, Chasson Randle is always in win-win situations, because he tries to win games for his team, not just himself, and that makes him feel good too. That also helps his team look good.

The fifth habit is "Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood." Listen to what the other person has to say before you start an argument, then the other person probably won't start an argument with you. Follow this habit if you want to be a better listener.

"Synergize" is the sixth habit, and this habit means that together is better. When I lived in my old house these two kids that lived across the street had nobody to hang out with One day my friend and I asked them if they wanted to play football so they could have some fun. That taught us that together is better.

The last habit is the seventh habit, which is "Sharpen the Saw." This means that balance is best. That also means that if you have a lot of homework, take a break and play video games and hang out with your friends. Then get back to your homework in about a half-an-hour. This habit is really good for helping you get your work done and taking care of yourself.

Use all seven of these habits and you will make new friends, get a good job, and just have fun.

Getting in the Habit to 'Synergize'
By Malena McCray
Sixth grade
The habit that affects me the most is "Synergize."
I use this habit at school when the teacher says that we can work with a partner. I choose to work with someone that's not so good at what we're doing so I can teach them and they can get better at what we are doing.
Another way I use this habit is at recess. I let anyone join the game. I think that's more fun. I also think that more people should use synergy.
When I look outside I see that people won't even walk on the same side of the sidewalk. I hope in the future that can change and students will not only walk on the same side, but also introduce themselves to one another. So, I hope that more people can use synergy and change the world.

Synergize to Enjoy Life
By Jasmin Sanchez
Sixth grade
The habit that I use the most is "Synergize."

Synergize is the most important habit that I use. In school my teacher, my friends and I work together, and when you work together you work better.

I also help my sister do her homework using synergy. When you work with someone you finish faster and easier.

I like to synergize because it is much better to work with someone. My mom told me to clean my room and I didn't want to. My sister told me that she would help me so we could finish faster, and then play. When my sister and I finished cleaning, my sister told me that we were synergizing (working together). She told me that synergizing is a lot better than working by ourselves, and she was right!

These are the things that I do at school and at home to synergize with my friends and teachers, and at home with my family. You should try to synergize with other people in your life. "Synergize" is the habit I use the most.

Learning to 'Sharpen the Saw'
By Kristina Mathews
Sixth grade
I feel like the habit I use most in my life is "Sharpen the Saw." Sharpen the saw means to take care of your body and brain. Pay attention and work hard at school, but when you get home, relax a little. Play a sport or hang out with friends. It also means eating healthy. I use this habit in and out of school.

At school I use "Sharpen the Saw" often. I learn most of the day, but I get breaks in the day. We have gym class and recess, which helps my health, and I can relax a little.
Then we have lunch, which gives me energy to last the rest of the school day. It's also good for my health to eat lunch every day. Then, I have energy to learn even more, which is exactly what sharpen the saw means! Take care of your body and brain, like I do every day at school.

Although I use all of the habits a lot, I use "Sharpen the Saw" the most. I always will as long as I remember that balance feels best!

Putting First Things First
By Maria Quilty
Sixth grade
The habit I believe in the most is "Put First Things First," because if you don't do your homework right away and just have fun, you might run out of time or forget to do your homework. That is one way that putting first things first can help you.

For example, I had a school project and I procrastinated. The due date came and I hadn't even started. I had to finish really fast the night before. Let's just say I didn't get the best grade ever.

I use this habit at school when I have free time and I really need to work on my homework, but I want to read. I make sure to do things I need to do first, like homework.

One last example I have takes place at my swim practice every night. I don't always want to go. Sometimes I want to be lazy, but I know I have to go. I look at the positive side and get up and get there. I tell myself, "You won't make any state or regional times if you don't go." I know I need to put first things first and get to practice to achieve these goals.

This is how I put first things first, and I strongly believe it is right. Maybe you should try it too!

It's Important to Synergize
Taylor Adrian
Sixth grade
I feel that "Synergize" is the most important habit because you need to know how to work with other people if you want to survive in the world when you get older. If you want a job, you work together to even get the job!

I use this habit at school when asking for help on papers or when we have to do partner work. For example, we have this activity called "Teamwork Tuesday." Our teacher puts us in groups and gives us an assignment. We have to build what she tells us with the supplies that she gives us. Everyone in our group has to work together to make a good creation. If we don't work together, our invention doesn't turn out very well. I have been in a couple of groups that have won, and we have always worked together.

In conclusion, I think "Synergize" is a very important habit. Working together is a good skill to have, and it can sometimes be fun to synergize!


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