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Posted Online: Feb. 16, 2013, 4:10 pm
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Peanut Butter Oreos
Mia Burrill
Fifth grade
Would you eat bugs? I know I wouldn't! The article "Far Out Foods" is about trying new kinds of food. Wade Davis, an anthropologist, eats almost anything, like bugs. Who would eat bugs? Most people think they're gross. A honey ant looks weird to us, but Wade Davis says the abdomen actually tastes good.
My weird food would be Oreos and peanut butter. I like to eat peanut butter Oreos because it's salty and sweet. I usually eat it afte rschool for a snack because I like the taste and I LOVE peanut butter, which is good for you too. All you have to do to make peanut butter Oreos is to buy a pack of Oreos and buy a jar of peanut butter. The next thing you do is dip the Oreo in the jar of peanut butter or spread the peanut butter on the Oreo.
Everyone probably has a weird food. It could be something you never tried before. I never put potato chips in my peanut butter and jelly sandwich until one of my friends tried it. Now I put all kinds of chips in my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Just because a food you've never had before looks weird doesn't mean it tastes weird.

Banning Super-Size Drinks
Shakira Readus
Fifth grade
What would the world be like to you with no super-sized drinks? People in New York City are banning super-sized drinks. They are banning these because people are getting overweight and the drinks have too much sugar for children. They are banning these drinks in March of 2013, which is in 2 more months.
I agree with banning super-sized drinks because people are overweight and also because the drinks have too much sugar for children. Mayor Bloomberg talked about it on the "Today Show." He said "All we're trying to do is to explain … that if you drink a little bit less, you will live longer." That's right, because those jumbo drinks have about 100 grams of sugar. If you drink a 32 ounce pop you will have to jog for 1 hour and 30 minutes to work off the extra calories!
Do you want gigantic drinks to go away? I do, because there is just too much sugar and people are getting too overweight. I think we should take away the big sized drinks here too. There are just too many calories and it is too unhealthy.

Martin Luther King Jr.
Brianna Ramos
Fifth grade
What life would be like without Martin Luther King Jr.?
Well, life would just be horrible and sad. The reason I think life would be horrible and sad if Martin Luther King was not alive is because we wouldn't be with the people we love and care about, and that is one thing I just can't imagine.
Martin Luther King was a big hero and an important person in our lives. If it wasn't for him segregation would still be going on. African-American people and women would not be able to vote, and we would still be separated by color. The reason why the civil rights act was passed and signed by the president was because of him. Also, the reason why blacks are not always sitting in the back of the bus is because of him.
He went through bad times in life and never gave up. When his house got bombed and destroyed he never gave up, and after he got stabbed by a black woman, which was very confusing, he never gave up. From what you've heard about Martin Luther King, you can tell that he was a brave and a strong man and also how much he cared for us and how much he cared about and fought for his dreams to come true. 

Just imagine what life would be like without him. African-Americans and white people wouldn't be able to enjoy their lives together how he always wanted. Black people would not enjoy their rights as equals. As Martin Luther King always used to say, "A man who won't die for something is not fit to live." Just like he died for something that was important for his dreams. hat's what life would be without Martin Luther King Jr., and that's also why you should be thankful for all the things he did.

What a Difference King Made
Savannah Williams
Fifth grade
Martin Luther king Jr. made a difference in everyone's life. Just thinking about what life would be like makes me scared.
I wouldn't know what to do. Latinos were called lazy just because the color of there skin. My best friends and I would be called lazy just because we're Mexican and Puerto Rican. African-Americans would have less to eat and more work and would barely get paid just because of their different skin color.
We would have to sit in the back of the bus and some of us wouldn't even have a house. Why are we getting treated different just because the color of our skin? Us kids wouldn't even be able to play with our friends because our parents would hate African-Americans because of our skin color. We wouldn't be able to go to the same schools we would have segregated bathrooms, water fountains, waiting rooms, and everything different for whites and blacks.
Can you picture two 3 year old girls, best friends, but one is black and the other is white, and their mothers said they couldn't be friends just because the color of their skin. The two little girls wouldn't understand why they couldn't be friends. If Martin Luther King Jr. wasn't alive, the civil rights movement wouldn't have been passed. That law was passed in 1964, and it was passed for everyone.
Martin didn't like violence. He liked to do things peacefully. Martin once said " A man who won't die for something is not fit to live." If Martin Luther King Jr. wouldn't have been here to stand up for what he believed in and died there is a good chance that segregation would still be going on.

Life Without King Would be Different
Hafsa Faiz
Fourth grade
What if Martin Luther king Jr. didn't exist? How would it feel? In my opinion I would be terrified. How would you feel? Maybe it's some way like this?
The place is gloomy and sad, segregated bathrooms, and worn down houses. Can you picture it? Black kids and white kids couldn't play together. I would feel sad. Would you want your children to be mistreated just because of the color of their skin? Since I'm a child I know how children would feel about being treated horribly.
The women didn't even have a voice. It was like they had no power. This was a terrible time. It would have stayed like this if it wasn't for Martin Luther king Jr.
African-Americans would still get tortured or sent to jail every time they protested. Would you like to live that life? I certainly wouldn't. Would you want to go to a school that was not full of all races? Right now I bet your children have at least one friend that's white or if you're white, has one friend that's black. We make a better team together.
Life is better now but if it wasn't for Martin we would have a horrible life. Stop and think about what he changed because if it wasn't for him the world would be in major trouble. People of the world now, consider yourselves lucky because you weren't alive back then. It wasn't all fun and games then. You are very lucky to be living during this time.


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1864 -- 150 years ago: It is rumored in the streets that the 13 negroes sent to Quincy on the Moline quota were refused. We think this must be a mistake.
1889 -- 125 years ago: Harvey McKenna, of Detroit, billiard player matched to play Wizard Schafer in New York in January for the world championship, was a professional friend and manager, Billy Catton in Rock Island.
1914 -- 100 years ago: Levi Cralle, former Rock Island county sheriff, had come from his farm near Mitchell, S.D. to visit friends in the city.
1939 -- 75 years ago: Work is being rushed on the new high school building in Orion to replace the one destroyed by fire last winter. Classes are being held in churches.
1964 -- 50 years ago: Rehearsals for the 84th season of the Handel Oratorio Society chorus will begin at 7:30 p.m. Monday on the stage of Centennial Hall, Augustana College.
1989 -- 25 years ago: The Rock Island City Council's plan announced this week to have the federal government vacate Valley Homes public housing and move residents to Arsenal Courts to reduce density may not be feasible.

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