Brother and sister, together in life and death

Posted Online: Feb. 17, 2013, 5:30 pm
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By CeCe and Ren
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Just as humans do, pets can touch lives and leave so many memories. This is one of a happy life with many broken hearts to heal.

We don't have birth certificates. Nor do we have obituaries or funerals. But we do leave broken hearts behind, just as humans do.

Our names are Ren (male) and CeCe (female). We are brother and sister and are Australian shepherds.

We were born in May 1998. Wehear it was the same month CeCe's owner's husband passed. He was Ren's owners' father and grandfather.

Our owners didn't know it yet, but in July, we would be household names in two related families.

At a family-reunion gathering in Springfield, our new families came. We were taken to our new homes in Moline.

We lived in separate houses, but we visited each other. We had lots of fun when we visited. We wrestled a lot, and our hair was wet and messed up from our playing. As we got older, we didn't see as much of each other.

We had complete opposite personalities.


I was raised by a widowed female, and I was a very good companion. Sometimes I was known to be a little overprotective. That was my job. But we kept each other company. I made her feel safe when she came home.

Her daughters took care of me while my owner was away. My brother lived with one of her daughters.

I didn't like collars or walking chains, so I had a big backyard to play in.

On Oct. 15, 2012, my owner had to make a tough decision. My quality of life was getting worse. I could no longer stand. My back legs were failing. If I fell down, I had a difficult time getting up. I started messing in the house.

I just want my owner to know that as difficult as the choice was, it was a choice that had to be made.


I was raised with several kids running through the house. Friends, four kids and two adults. One of my kid owners actually was born the same year I was. My sister was laid to rest on his birthday.

I had a pet friend living with me. He was fun to play with, also. My owners would let me off my chain so I could play with my pet friend. We would run circles in the backyard.

I loved the snow. I lived by a ravine, and sometimes would wander out in the woods and come back looking like a mess only an owner could love. Since I had long hair, it was hard to clean me up, but I did get cleaned up.

I loved going for walks.As I got older, my owners let me sit on the furniture.

One of my kids I lived with went away to college, and I took it hard. But she came back at least once a year and I was OK with that.

I was very protective of my family. Sometimes too much. When one of my kids would bring a friend over, I would make sure he or she was scared of me. But I loved all of my kids and their friends.

As I got older, I loved just sitting outside in the sun. I would see foxes and deer, and of course I had to bark at them.

In October 2012, my health was failing fast. On the Monday before I passed, I was OK. On Tuesday, I was still OK. But Wednesday morning, I could not get up. It was difficult. I had my owner help me walk straight down the hallway. She helped me down the hallway and outside that morning.

When I was ready to come in, I had a very difficult time getting up the three stairs. I went right to my special room, and I never left that room, as it was difficult to stand or walk around. I would get up and move just a bit to sit in another position.

My owners fed me bread dipped in water, as I did not want my dog food. I slept well that night. Then, on Oct. 25, my owners had to make that same tough decision.Who would have thought my sister and I would pass so close together?

I want my owners to know that as difficult as it was for them, it was a choice that had to be made.

I love all my owners. I will miss all the hugs and kisses. But I'm in a better place with my sister.

Change is never easy. You fight to hold on, and you fight to let go.

R.I.P., CeCe (5/3/98-10/15/12) and Ren (5/3/98-10/25/12).


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