'Resculp' your body with treatment that flushes out toxins

Originally Posted Online: March 23, 2013, 10:49 pm
Last Updated: March 25, 2013, 6:47 pm
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By Elena Pena

Belva Thorpe chases her 5-year-old great-granddaughter, Hailey, and loves playing with her for hours. The 63-year-old Silvis woman never would have imagined bursting with so much energy two years ago, when she suffered from arthritis and high cholesterol and weighed 190 pounds.
Today, Ms. Thorpe weighs 115 pounds and has lost more than 100 inches from her entire body. She credits Ionithermie treatments at Results Body Sculpting in Moline, and eating right.
"I tell my kids and my grandchildren I feel like I can run a marathon now," she said. With her new body, she can exercise easier and feels healthier.
Ionithermie treatments were developed in 1979 by French biochemist Dr. Oliver Fouche. The treatments were created to help his wife with her arthritis; later studies found the process helped with the appearance of cellulite.
During treatments, the patient lies on a table. The process includes:
-- Brushing the body first to stimulate circulation.
-- Cleansing the skin with a toner.
-- Rubbing a cocktail made of an anticellulite slimming gel and cream on the body.
-- Wrapping the body in a light paper film.
-- Applying micronized algae and a conductive thermal aroma clay over the film.
-- Usingmild electric stimulation to flush toxins from the body. The electric pulses cause the muscles to flex and help move toxins out of individual cells and into the lymphatic system. As the toxins leave the cells, extracts from the clay help rejuvenate the body.
Mostly used to diminish the appearance of cellulite and detoxify the body, the treatments are said to increase circulation, help with inflammation and increase metabolism and energy. Ionithermie is a patented, noninvasive treatment that also improves and smoothes skin texture and firms and tones muscles, according to Chris MacDonald, owner of Results Body Sculpting.
Ms. MacDonald has been providing the treatments since 2011. She discovered the process when she and a friend took a luxury cruise and used the spa.
"I didn't think much of it during the cruise because we were in our swimming suits," she said. "It wasn't until I came home that I noticed all of my clothes were loose. It really works."
So, her personal experience with the product made her leave her marketing job to open up her own business. "It has been rewarding to see my clients receive the results they want to with the treatments," she said.
The number of inches lost by those taking the treatments varies. Some people have lost between 6 and 8inches in the first treatment, said Ms. MacDonald, who measures clients before each treatment and after to monitor the success of the ongoing results.
Some people use the treatments simply as a way to detox and relax, she said.
"You can actually see the yellow toxins in the mud and on the mat that come out of the body during the 30-minute session," she said. Clients leave the treatment with a 32-ounce bottle of water mixed with cucumbers or fruit, and they must follow a 24-hour water regimen so the toxins continue to flow out of the body, she said.
Ms. MacDonald said the body gathers toxins from our daily lifestyles, habits, the food
we eat and even the air we breathe. Over time, toxins that the body cannotdischarge begin to accumulate between the cells deep in the dermal layers, potentially creating problematic skin
conditions, she said.
Mostly used in Hollywood and other big cities, Ionithermie treatments are limited in availability in the country. Other than Results Body Sculpting, the closest salon is in Chicago.
Kimberly Anderson drives to Moline from Ames, Iowa, at least twice per month to "detoxify" her body. "It is worth the three-hour drive," she said.
Ms. Anderson said she first turned to Ionithermie for a jump-start on her weight maintenance. "I was really impressed with my results," she said. "I look in the mirror and see a new person. I can actually see it working in my clothes and in the texture of my skin."
She said her job can be stressful at times, and she looks forward to visiting Ms. MacDonald to relax. "I feel so much better that I am detoxifying my body more than just losing the inches," she said. "I leave relaxed, refreshed and energized, knowing that it works in many ways for me."
Ms. MacDonald said she has created a relaxing environment for her clients. The warm brown walls and gentle, soothing music allow people to relax before the treatment begins. The scent of soothing herbal clay fills the three rooms. "We want to make everyone comfortable and sometimes, they relax so much, they fall asleep," she said.
Greg Kaiser, of Bettendorf, said his experience with Ionithermie has been better than going to a massage therapist. He heard about the treatments from his sister.
"I wanted to reduce the belly fat and focus on my abs, and wanted to work on tightening those muscles," he said. "When I go, it actually makes me feel good and gives me extra energy. I almost like going to relax."
Mr. Kaiser said he tries to get treatments a few times per month.
"I was nervous about the electrodes going through my body, but I know that I am doing my body good, and I am seeing results every time I go," he said. "I feel like I accomplished something if I can take the highest intensity and see the improvement in my muscle tone."
Ms. MacDonald said she likes to make people feel good about themselves.
"It is amazing when someone first comes in and when they leave how much better they feel about themselves," she said.
In addition to the Ionithermie treatments, Results Body Sculpting offers spray tanning services and soon will offer massage therapy.
To learn more about the Ionithermie process and pricing, visit resultsbodysculpting.com or call 309-736-2639.
The business is located at 1421 5th Ave., Moline.


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