American spirit runs strong, won't surrender

Posted Online: April 21, 2013, 11:59 pm
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By John Marx,
To the best of my knowledge:

- You can knock a city (pick one) down for a short period, but there is no way we'll ever wave a white flag.

The effort of bringing to justice the alleged Boston Marathon murderers, was amazing by so many people.

If the opportunity presents itself, tell a law enforcement agent, a fireman or a first-responder you appreciate them. Then, remember, John Q. Citizen made the call that caught the second suspect. Call me impressed.

- You never spill on the cheap shirt.

- I have spent a lifetime being the "before'' model.

- I get the beauty of living near a body of water, but one boat ride from my flood-riddled front door to high and dry ground would change that.

- Bacon smells better than it tastes. The fascination with it and anything breakfast-like is lost on me.

- There's always one dude who doesn't believe the sign River Drive (Iowa or Illinois) is flooded. Watching them trying to back up for two blocks is hilarious.

- No matter what a newborn looks like, you always say the baby "is beautiful.''

- If I ever go missing, the first place you won't find me is a the health food store at the mall.

- Judge Joe Beatty, who passed last week, was fair, honest and what is good about our legal system. He was as patient a judge as I have ever dealt with. He will be missed.

- The local television reporter standing in floodwaters should realize a silly stunt like that does not give his or her story any more bite to it than the next one. And it's dangerous.

- Every cable newschannel talking head, and every talk radio host is a member of the media. Stop trying to set yourselves apart when there is an issue you don't agree with.

- We all have that one friend who, when they raise their hand to speak, should then place it over his or her mouth.

- My company is giving my son a chance to draw a picture of what his dad does at work. My son said his picture would be blank.

- You are getting old when the bald spot atop your head uses more sunscreen than your arms and legs.

- Motherhood is tough. There is the patient and loving care it takes to watch over one's child and then long hours of posting photos on Facebook of its every move.

- If you are worried someone's not paying attention to what you do, mispronounce or misspell their name.

- It is not cool to take liberties with MY National Anthem. Sing the song without the theatrics and move on.

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  Today is Friday, April 25, the 115th day of 2014. There are 250 days left in the year.

1864 — 150 years ago: Never in the history of Rock Island was there such a demand for houses as at present. Our city is suffering for the want of suitable tenement houses.

1889 — 125 years ago: The choir of Central Presbyterian Church presented a ladies concert under the direction of S.T. Bowlby.

1914 — 100 years ago: Miss Rosella Benson was elected president of the Standard Bearers of Spencer Memorial Methodist Church.

1939 — 75 years ago: Mrs. Nell Clapper was elected president of the Rock Island Business and Professional Women's Club.

1964 — 50 years ago: Gerald Hickman, of Seattle, Wash, will move his family to Rock Island to assume the position of produce buyer for the Eagle Food Center chain of food stores. This announcement was made today by Bernard Weindruch, president of Eagles.

1989 — 25 years ago: Care & Share, formed in 1984 to provide food to jobless and needy Quad-Citians, will disband because the major part of a crisis created by plant closings is over. Food for the needy is still necessary. So groups separately will continue to raise money and collect food.

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