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Posted Online: May 11, 2013, 7:20 am
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Why I love Bicentennial
By Izabel Jernigan
Fifth grade
Hello my name is Izabel Jernigan and I go to Bicentennial Elementary School. I was chosen to write about why I love my school. I play the clarinet but I'm going to switch over to the saxophone. I am going to be 11 years old. I'm in Mrs. Schaefer's classroom. I am going to John Deere Middle School next year.
Anyway, I should start talking about my school Bicentennial. The teachers at Bicentennial think very highly of their students. Everyone at Bicentennial is very nice. If you ever need help with anything there's a friend that can help. There is a lot of fun activities you can do like Student Council, Patrol, Academic Team, Band, and Orchestra. I participate in Student Council, Patrol, and Band.
Our school is also very clean and very modern. I think we have the best school in the district. We use a lot of technology. We are learning a lot about our American history. We have a math lesson everyday unless we have had a math test that same day. I really like to learn about the presidents and all of the wars even though they are really sad. The kids in Mrs. Schaefer's classroom have to do a project on the Holocaust. Everyone chose a different subject that revolved around World War II. I chose Holocaust War Criminals.
So these are just some of the reasons I love Bicentennial.

A Trip to Bicentennial
By Kensey Harris
Fifth grade
Bicentennial is a very educational school. The teachers at Bicentennial are very kind. They can help kids when the kids need help. The teachers give a good amount of homework each day. They sometimes even let us have parties. So that's what the teachers are like at Bicentennial.
Everyone treats each other with respect. Here at Bicentennial we are all friends with each other. Even if we don't know people really well, we still have that friendship feeling. All the teachers and students have a fun time teaching and learning. It is a great atmosphere for students to feel comfortable with everyone.
We have different events through the school year. Some of them are book fairs, educational field trips, carnivals, and talent shows. All of the students have something to look forward to. At Bicentiennial, everyone has something fun coming their way.
I will always miss Bicentennial because it was one of the best schools I ever attended. I will miss the teachers and students at Bicentennial. They always put a smile on my face. They also let me have a great day everyday. Bicentennial had so much to offer to every individual that comes to it as a student, teacher, or a visitor.
So that concludes all the great things about Bicentennial. I am sure I have forgotten something because there are so many wonderful things to do and see, from the teachers, to the events, and to the way everyone treats each other. Bicentennial has always treated students to be responsible productive citizens. Everyone will love Bicentennial when they first walk through the door, Bicentennial is the one school I will miss.

Things I Like About Bicentennial
By Andrew Douglas
Fifth grade

Bicentennial is a very nice school to go to. There are many things I like about Bicentennial. Some of the many things I like about Bicentennial are Safety Patrol, Academic Team, and Band.
First, Safety Patrols keep students safe before and after school. It is really fun because there are many jobs that you can do. Captain, Hallway/Sub, and Playground Patrol are just some of the jobs that you can do. You get to do that job for a whole week.
Next, Academic Team starts right after school and helps you learn about subjects you didn't know about. It is fun, because you get to push a buzzer if you know the answer to a question. There is even a competition between different schools at the end of the year.
Last, if you do Band you get to choose your own instrument. If you choose a brass or string instrument Mr. Morton will be your instructor. If you choose a woodwind instrument Mrs. Sheese will be your instructor.
In conclusion, I have had a really nice time at Bicentennial. The things that I talked about were just a few of the things you can do at Bicentennial. For anyone that is going to go to Bicentennial, I hope you have as much fun as I have at Bicentennial.

B stands for Bicentennial
By Ashley Schnell
Fifth grade
Did you know that there are 2,605 elementary schools in Illinois? Well, I am very fortunate that I get to go to Bicentennial Elementary School in Coal Valley. It has a variety of activities that you can participate in, an awesome staff and I feel safe going there.
There are so many amazing activities that go on at Bicentennial. One of them is getting the opportunity to be on patrol. During this time you get to help students in and out of their cars and sometimes be the crossing guard. The academic team holds practices and gets to compete against other schools to show off what they know. This year, our student council held a school election for the President of the United States. And, if you like music, we have a great choir, band and orchestra program that holds a district performance in the Spring.
Another good thing about Bicentennial is the awesome staff. I feel privileged to go to Bicentennial because of how much the teachers care about us. Our teachers are always there to help us with whatever we need. Another thing we have is a group that the entire 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students go to that is called MSN, meeting student needs. We have it every morning and our teachers plan activities to help out in the areas where the students need a little bit of extra practice. Some of the other staff members are the specialists, nurse, secretary, principal, counselor, custodians, cafeteria workers and playground monitors. They all work very hard to bring our school together.
And one of the most important things about Bicentennial is that I come to school every day knowing that I am safe. We do fire, tornado and earthquake drills throughout the year. But, the one thing that we have done recently is a code red drill to protect us in case an intruder came into school.
So you can see why my school is such a fantastic school, Out of the WHOLE state I feel lucky that I attend Bicentennial Elementary.

A View of School from the Valley
By Ben Christensen
Fifth grade
Have you ever wondered what school is like from a student's point of view? Well, I am a student and I am going to tell you some reasons why I like my school. I am a fifth grader at Bicentennial Elementary School. I have many friends, the PTA does a lot of fun things for us, and our teachers are GREAT!
One of my favorite reasons I like my school is because of my friends. I personally have made a lot of friends and try as hard as I can to make new people feel welcome. There are always friendly faces in the hallways -- that makes going to school fun. I love the feeling I get when I walk into the room every morning because everyone is so nice and my friends are real conversation starters.
Another reason why I like my school is the PTA. They always have fun things to do. For example, on Read Across America day we celebrated Hop on Pop. Our hallway floors were filled with bubble wrap and we all jumped on it and made a LOT of noise! Another time, for Dr. Seuss' s birthday, all of the teachers dressed up like Dr. Seuss characters -- it was cool to see how they really got into it. We have fun activities and games to play at our carnival, too. My friends and I like the Cake Walk and the Pop Walk because we always get to take home a lot of sugar!
Last, but not least, the other thing I like about my school is the teaching staff. We have eleven teachers at Bicentennial. I have liked every teacher I've had in the six years I have been there. I've learned a lot from my teachers over the years -- without them, I would still be guessing on addition problems! Not only are the regular teachers fun, but the band, gym, art, computer, science and choir teachers are great too.
Bicentennial is a great place to experience kindergarten through fifth grade. I will miss it next year when I am at John Deere Middle School. I have a lot of great memories that Mom says I'll hang onto forever. I hope this paper has given you a better understanding of what a fifth grader's point of view is of his school.


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