BCSD PPEL community presentation Sept. 4 before vote

Posted Online: Sept. 03, 2013, 11:02 am
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Press release submitted by Celeste Miller

Physical Plant & Equipment Levy (PPEL) Vote to be held in conjunction with September 10th School Board Election
PPEL Community Presentation
Wednesday, September 4, 6 p.m.
BCSD Administration Center - 3311 18th St.
Ray Stensvad Board Room
At the Tuesday, September 10th Board of Education election, Bettendorf Community School District voters will be asked to consider continuation of the voter-approved Physical Plant and Equipment Levy at $1.34 per $1,000 of assessed valuation. The 10-year voter-approved levy has been in place in the Bettendorf Community School District since 1975. The current voter-approved levy expires June 2014. The question on the ballot is asking voters if they would support the voter-approved levy not to exceed $1.34 for 10 years commencing July 1, 2014.
"Today, more than ever, schools face critical decisions due to financial challenges," said Theron J. Schutte, Ed.D., Superintendent. "The Physical Plant and Equipment Levy is key in providing the money to adapt and renovate our aging facilities. The Bettendorf Community School District utilizes the funds to maintain the investment of $147.7M worth of facilities, including 154 acres of grounds and buildings totaling approximately 781,000 square feet."
PPEL primarily provides school districts with means to: maintain buildings and grounds, complete remodeling projects, and to complete capital improvements projects such as a building addition. Single pieces of equipment greater than $500 can also be purchased through PPEL. The fund would raise $1.9 million per year - more than $22M over 10 years. Approval of the $1.34 levy will not increase current property taxes.
Proposed PPEL Projects

Bettendorf Middle School - Enlarge cafeteria; renovate main office; add new secure front entrance and project based learning classrooms; improve traffic pattern and parking by the main entrance, install running track
Bettendorf High School - Renovate TouVelle Stadium: track, lighting, north concession stand and restrooms; addition of field turf to accommodate football and soccer; install new entrance and plaza for athletic fields
Edison Academy - Add walls in open classroom area; improve facility parking; other building improvements
Grant Wood Elementary – Add new gym/commons area and meeting space; improve drive; upgrade HVAC, windows and playground
Mark Twain Elementary – Add new gym/commons area and meeting space; improve drive; upgrade HVAC, windows and playground
Paul Norton Elementary – Add new secure front entrance and music room; expanded commons area
Thomas Jefferson Elementary – Expand serving kitchen, add meeting spaces and restrooms
Neil Armstrong Elementary – Upgrade playground
Herbert Hoover Elementary – Improve parking lot

The Bettendorf Board of Education
Top 9 Facility Priority Order
Bettendorf Middle School - Enlargement of cafeteria, offices, storage; improvement of secure front entrance
Bettendorf High School - Renovation of TouVelle stadium: field turf, track, north restrooms, lights, north concession stand
Grant Wood Elementary - Addition of new gym/commons; improve drive, HVAC, windows, playground
Bettendorf Middle School - Addition of classrooms to support project-based learning, STEM and special needs
Bettendorf Middle School - Improvement of traffic patterns and front entrance parking
Mark Twain Elementary - Addition of new gym/commons; improve drive, HVAC, windows, and playground
Bettendorf High School - Renovation of south concession stand and field plaza/entry way
Thomas Edison Academy - Addition of walls, parking; and other building renovations
Bettendorf Middle School - Installation of running track
Past BCSD PPEL Projects
Neil Armstrong Elementary School (2006-2007)
Middle School Remodel/Addition (2004-2009)
Herbert Hoover Commons Addition (2011-2012)
District Administration Center (2011-2013)
BHS Renovations & Additions – Performing Arts Center (2011-2013)
As well as . . .
ADA Upgrades | Air Conditioning of Schools | Athletic Facility Improvements | Asbestos Abatement | Busses | Carpet Replacement | Classroom Remodels | Computer Replacement | Door & Lock Replacement | Gym Floor Maintenance & Replacement | Electrical Maintenance | HVAC Repair & Replacement | Intercom/Paging Systems | Lighting | Parking Lot & Sidewalk Maintenance | Playgrounds Repair & Replacement | Plumbing Maintenance | Roof Replacements | Safety Enhancements | Security Cameras | Technology Infrastructure | School Vehicles | Window Replacement

Approval will allow the district to not only maintain facilities, but also maintain and improve technology infrastructure and equipment, as well as upgrade playgrounds and athletic facilities. If residents don't approve the voter-approved PPEL, the $1.34 levy expires and uses of voted PPEL funds stop.
"We have to be responsible and prepare our facilities for our current students, our students' children and the next generations," said Superintendent Schutte. "It would be a tragic loss to the district and students. We would lose funds for building maintenance and repairs. Building and grounds would deteriorate. We will also be unable to maintain technology replacement and infrastructure."

PPEL use is specifically restricted by state code to:
Purchase of buildings
Purchase and improvement of grounds
Construction of schoolhouses or buildings
Opening roads to schoolhouses or buildings
Purchase, lease or lease-purchase of technology and equipment
Payment of debts contracted for the erection of schoolhouses or buildings, not including interest on bonds
Procuring or acquisition of libraries
Repairing, remodeling, reconstructing, improving, or expanding the schoolhouses, or buildings and additions to existing schoolhouses
Expenditures for energy conservation
Rental of facilities under Chapter 28E
Purchase of transportation equipment for transporting students
Lease purchase option agreements for school buildings and or equipment
Equipment purchases authorized by the laws of the State of Iowa; i.e. technology
Any purpose or purposes now or hereafter authorized by law
How is PPEL different than other Funds?
All Fund uses are restricted by Iowa Code
Certain PPEL expenses cannot be paid from other funds
Funds from the PPEL levy may NOT be used for employee salaries, curriculum, or instruction costs
Local Option Sales Tax: major building renovations
General Fund: salaries, curriculum, instruction
Management Fund: insurance, early retirements, unemployment
School Nutrition Fund: school lunch programs
Student Activity Fund: co-curricular programming
Resolution Question


YES [ ]
NO [ ]

Shall the Board of Directors of the Bettendorf Community School District, in the County of Scott, State of Iowa, for the purpose of purchasing and improving grounds; constructing schoolhouses or buildings and opening roads to schoolhouses or buildings; purchasing of buildings; purchase, lease or lease-purchase of technology and equipment; paying debts contracted for the erection or construction of schoolhouses or buildings, not including interest on bonds; procuring or acquisition of libraries; repairing, remodeling, reconstructing, improving, or expanding the schoolhouses or buildings and additions to existing schoolhouses; expenditures for energy conservation; renting facilities under Chapter 28E; purchasing transportation equipment for transporting students; lease purchase option agreements for school buildings or equipment; purchasing equipment authorized by law; or for any purpose or purposes now or hereafter authorized by law, be authorized for a period of ten (10) years, to levy annually, a voter-approved physical plant and equipment property tax not to exceed One Dollar Thirty-four Cents ($1.34) per One Thousand Dollars ($1,000) of the assessed valuation of the taxable property within the school district commencing with the levy for collection in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015, or each year thereafter?


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