Letter: For GOP, first order of business is impeachment

Posted Online: March 08, 2014, 12:01 am
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In 2005, I was fortunate to tour Ukraine on a cultural exchange.

The individuals we met were always asking questions about free markets and freedom in general. For many of them we were the first westerners they had met. I found them to be a warm and welcoming people.

Now we see Vladimir Putin's totalitarian regime rolling over average citizens who want freedom. Putin and his ilk are always looking and probing for a weakness. Once identified they act swiftly to capitalize.

I was intrigued by Col. Dave Shaver's March 3 op-ed. He states that under our Obama regime the Ohio National Guard ran a scenario against supporters of the Second amendment!! Would our Obama use any excuse to declare martial law? I think he would act swiftly!

Our lawless president is capable of anything, and is constantly probing to see what we will accept! If Republicans keep the House and regain the Senate, the first order of business has to be IMPEACHMENT!

Freedom in Ukraine and freedom here is under assault. No difference except the actors at the TOP!

Bill Hutton,


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