Letter: Many reasons to stay away from voting booth

Posted Online: March 08, 2014, 12:01 am
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I urge you not to vote in the March primary, or the November general election. There are a lot of reasons for staying away from the polls.

But first, for those who feel they must vote, a suggestion: Vote in Chicago. You can vote as many times as you want, just be sure to tell them you are a Democrat. It works! My great-grandfather has been voting in Chicago since 1920. Not bad for a man who passed away in 1908.

Now for some reasons not to vote.

Reason No. 1: We can't risk losing the people we have in office now. Different people in office results in lower taxes. Personally I like paying taxes. At least the government doesn't waste my money.

Reason No. 2: Some people pick a candidate like they are hiring a person to do a job; you know, someone qualified for the position. Forget qualifications. There are more important things to consider. Are they Democrat? What's their sex, race and age? Are they good looking? Also has this person been in office along time? The longer they have been in office the more skilled they are at lining their pockets and raising taxes; great attributes to consider.

If you must vote, be sure there is a "D" after their name. These are friends of the "working man," well those who are left anyway.

And finally pay close attention to the TV. When he was leaving office President Eisenhower warned be wearry of the military and industrial complex and the liberal press.

Now remember, stay away from voting.

Tom King,


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