Final WB6 softball leaders

Posted Online: May 12, 2014, 10:23 pm
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Batting average
Izzy Anderson, Alleman, .697; Tristan Bautista, United Township, .556; Jasmine Ragusi, Rock Island, .550; Molly Ethington, Alleman, .536; Emily Hoffman, Alleman, .533; Megan Medinger, Moline, .500; Kellie Smet, Moline, .500; Kaitlyn Markin, United Township, .500.

Anderson, Alleman, 24; Alaina Hofmann, Moline, 18; Mackenzie Sanchez, Alleman, 17; Courtney Markin, United Township, 16; Ethington, Alleman, 15; K. Markin, United Township, 15; DeAshya Walker, Rock Island, 15

Anderson, Alleman, 23; Anna Wetherell, Alleman, 18; Lexi Jenkins, Moline, 17; K. Markin, United Township, 16; Smet, Moline, 16; Ethington, Alleman, 15; Michaela Guthrie, Moline, 15.

Anderson, Alleman, 21; Lexi Ferrari, Alleman, 19; Wetherell, Alleman, 18; Jenkins, Moline, 15; Kyrstin Plohr, Rock Island, 14; K. Markin, United Township, 13; Guthrie, Moline, 13; Walker, Rock Island, 13; Ragusi, Rock Island, 13.

Jenkins, Moline, 5; Sanchez, Alleman, 5; K. Markin, United Township, 4; Smet, Moline, 4; C. Markin, United Township, 4; Megan Ballegeer, United Township, 4; Abby Thompson, Alleman, 4; Allison Archer, Moline, 4; Cassie Shaw, Moline, 4.

Smet, Moline, 3; Ethington, Alleman, 2; Wetherell, Alleman, 2; Walker, Rock Island, 2; Bri Brown, Galesburg, 2.

Home runs
K. Markin, United Township, 4; Walker, Rock Island, 3; Anderson, Alleman, 3; Ferrari, Alleman, 3; C. Markin, United Township, 2; Brooke VanHootegem, Galesburg, 2; Sanchez, Alleman, 2; Ragusi, Rock Island 2, Plohr, 2; Jacklyn Young, Rock Island, 2; Hoffman, Alleman, 2; Hofmann, Moline, 2.

VanHootegem, Galesburg, 7; Wetherell, Alleman, 6; Jenkins, Moline, 5; Guthrie, Moline 5; Smet, Moline 4.

Pitching wins
Hoffman, Alleman, 5-0; Dakota Stout, Alleman, 4-1; Emily Hofmann, Moline, 4-1; Shaw, Moline, 4-1; Hannah Hart, Rock Island, 3-2; Alex Sierens, Rock Island, 3-2; Taylor Workheiser, United Township, 3-2.

Hoffman, Alleman, 1.95; Workheiser, United Township, 3.16; Shaw, Moline, 3.20

Heather Johnson, United Township, 38; Hofmann, Moline, 31; Shaw, Moline 29; Workheiser, United Township, 23; Stout, Alleman, 22.

Innings pitched
Johnson, United Township, 37; Gabby Lebre, Quincy, 36.2; Becca Tharp, 31.2; Shaw, Moline, 30.2, Hoffman, Alleman, 28.2; Stout, Alleman 28.1

Hoffman, Alleman, 1; Workheiser, United Township, 1; Morgan McCready, Rock Island, 1.


Local events heading

  Today is Tuesday, Sept. 16, the 259th day of 2014. There are 106 days left in the year.

1864 — 150 years ago: A fine lumber mill is on the course of erection at Andalusia. A flouring mill at that location is doing a fine business.
1889 — 125 years ago: J.B. Lidders, past captain of Beardsley Camp, Sons of Veterans, returned from Paterson, N.Y., where he attended the National Sons of Veterans encampments.
1914 — 100 years ago: President Wilson announced that he had received from the imperial chancellor of Germany a noncommittal reply to his inquiry into a report that the emperor was willing to discuss terms of peace.
1939 — 75 years ago: Delegates at the Illinois Conference of the Methodist Church in Springfield voted to raise the minimum pay of ministers so that every pastor would get at least $1,000 annually.
1964 — 50 years ago: An audience of more than 2,600 persons jammed into the Davenport RKO Orpheum theater with a shoe horn feasted on a Miller-Diller evening that was a killer night. Phyllis Diller sent the audience with her offbeat humor. And send them she did! It was Miss Diller's third appearance in the Quad-Cities area.
1989 — 25 years ago: A few years ago, a vacant lot on 7th Avenue and 14th Street in Rock Island was a community nuisance. Weeds grew as high 18 inches. Today, the lot has a new face, thanks to Michael and Sheila Rind and other neighbors who helped them turn it into a park three weeks ago.

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