It's hard to find a good scapegoat

Posted Online: July 13, 2014, 8:20 pm
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John Marx,
To the best of my knowledge:

- A central-air body beats a beach body any day.
- A Facebook post about what you had for dinner really isn't necessary.
- Loud sneezers scare me.
- Roger Ruthhart says there should never be a John Deere Classic without John Daly and his outrageous pants. I agree.
- It's hard to find a good scapegoat.
- People will buy anything that's one-per-customer. Then come back.
- In today's world, every action has a corresponding over-reaction by someone from the right or left with a talk show.
- Polygamy means an extra mother-in-law, right? Uh, no thanks.
- If Rock Island County is selling property at 17th Street and 25th Avenue in Rock Island to Unity Point, someone should know about it.
- A trio of coffeehouse (in their minds) geniuses say that because of inflation, 50-cent now will be referred to as 64-cent.
- John Belushi, Dan Akroyd and Chevy Chase are the best trio ever on Saturday Night Live.
- It's important to make sure your laugh is funner than the joke.
- Grocery-outlet snobbery aside, Aldi rocks.
- Dana Carvey is still a world-class funnyman.
- If you spend any time driving Moline's Avenue of the Cities, you will find that Illinois' hands-free phone law will never be enforced.
- There should be some type of public people flogging for those who pronounce the "S'' in Illinois.
- Rosie O'Donnell is coming back to the View? My life -- not complete.
- Downtown Moline has a three-block area of good pizza. You will have to figure it, but it's good.
- A perfect rain would be a thundershower of mild sauce raining down from East Moline's Jim's Rib Haven.
- There are a bunch of high school athletes running around who need of a big dose of humility.
- No PGA tournament does more with volunteers giving back to its community than the John Deere Classic.
- You have to admire the mother who makes margaritas with her kid's slushy machine.
- The World Cup is over, right? Now, I go back to keeping tabs on the Kardashians.
- Lebron James is going back to Cleveland, right? Who cares. Same goes with any other NBA signing.
- The city of Moline should join Rock Island in being embarrassed about the state of its streets.
- Jimmy Fallon rocks. Any time you can get Halle Berry to be a human tire with you, you have it going on.
- I need to get out more, because I have been saving an hour every Thursday at 9 p.m. to watch "Party Down South'' on CMT.
- Ben Butterworth Parkway is cool.
- I'd give my kingdom for a busy, cars-passing-through-at-all hours retail operation at the Audubon School site in Rock Island.
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