Letter: Why bring back Schilling when you've got Rep. Bustos?

Posted Online: Sept. 03, 2014, 11:00 pm
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Bring back Bobby Schilling?

Sure, if you want your representative to staff the local offices with family members (the definition of "nepotism") instead of recruiting and hiring the best qualified professionals to serve you.

Sure, if you want to argue with one of those same family members each time you call the local offices of your representative to voice your opinions on issues and feel completely disenfranchised after every argument.

Sure, if you want your representative to support anti-abortion legislation in violation of the 14th Amendment, yet vote for anti-child policies, such as cuts in health care, food stamps, lunch programs, and education. Sure, if you want your representative to pose for lots of photo ops with veterans, yet vote repeatedly to cut veterans' services and benefits.

Sure, if you want your representative to vote in lockstep with The Party instead of what's best for the constituents of the 17th District. Sure, if you want your former "representative" to call our seat in Congress "his" seat and act like he is entitled to have it back.

Patricia McLaughlin,
Coal Valley


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