Zeglin's returns to once again sponsor, challenge Ness Guess

Posted Online: Sept. 04, 2014, 6:33 pm
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Zeglin's TV & Appliance, a sponsor of the Ness Guess Football Contest last year, is upping the ante.

Zeglin's is back for another go-round, but has become an even bigger sponsor when it comes to the Dispatch/Argus Sports production. Zeglin's also has become a sponsor of the sports staff's Press Box Show, which is posted every Friday morning at QCOnline.com.

Andy Zeglin did the football predicting in 2013 and wound up as the season's champion! This year, Jeff Zeglin Jr. will be stepping in to make the picks.

Also, there still remains one sponsorship availability in the Ness Guess Contest itself. Any business that is interested in doing what Zeglin's is going, please contact Kelly Johannes at 309-764-4344.

Now, on to the first week of picks!

1. Michigan at Notre Dame
ND, Best game of the Big Ten (or is it the Big 13).
Jeff: Michigan, Luck of the Irish won't be enough to stop the Wolverines.

2 Michigan St. at Oregon
Oregon, Tough openers for the Michigan teams.
Jeff: Oregon, Marcus Mariota starts his Heisman campaign.

3 Saints at Falcons
Saints, My son has Brees as his fantasy QB. Trying to help him out.
Jeff: Saints, Ready to challenge the top of the NFC.

4. Bengals at Ravens
Bengals, I have Dalton as my fantasy QB. Trying to help myself out.
Jeff: Bengals, Contract that Flacco got last year still weighing him down.

5. Jaguars at Eagles
Eagles, Best 'Survivor Contest' selection.
Jeff: Eagles, Come on; it's the Jaguars.

6. Redskins at Texans
Texans, Should beat the ... umm ... team that is in Washington.
Jeff: Redskins, Hope RG3 can outrun JJ Watt and Jadaveon Clowney.

7. Browns at Steelers
Steelers, Hope Big Ben does the money fingers things.
Jeff: Browns, Johnny Football!

8. Vikings at Rams
Vikings, Can't see Rams recovering from loss of Bradford.
Jeff: Vikings, Best running back since Emmitt "all day."

9. Titans at Chiefs
Chiefs, A happy Alex Smith at the controls.
Jeff: Chiefs, Jamal Charles is too dangerous for the Titans.

10. Patriots at Dolphins
Dolphins, Anti-Patriot hunch.
Jeff: Patriots, Who is the QB for the Dolphins this year? Doesn't matter. Tom Brady!

11. Raiders at Jets
Jets, Would be content with a first-week tie here.
Jeff: Raiders, Rookie QB will do well against a weak Jets defense.

12. 49ers at Cowboys
49ers, Fantasy team has a lot of Niner connections.
Jeff: Cowboys, Romo's back!

13. Panthers at Bucs
Bucs, Saw this stat — Cam has been sacked or hit 467 times in three years.
Jeff: Panthers, Cam Newton ready to take the next snap.

14. Colts at Broncos
Broncos, Peyton's current vs. Peyton's former.
Jeff: Colts, Andrew Luck is going to outshine his predecessor.

15. Bills at Bears
Bears, Question is, how long can Cutler stay healthy?
Jeff: Bears, Bills can't shut down the best WR duo in the NFL.


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