Originally Posted Online: May 15, 2010, 9:45 pm
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Moline students, staff receive awards

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Photo: Martha Garcia-Tappa
The Butterworth School staff, from left to right, Peg Brizgis, Mary Ehlers, Cathy Morgan, Valeree Pieper, Craig Ghinazzi, Kami Christiansen, Maria Lance, Trisha Liebovitz, Krisanne Meehan and Julianne Schierer.
Photo: Martha Garcia-Tappa
Jill Johnston, Sheryl Correll, Maria Ramos, Jean Hesler and Carl Johnson.
Photo: Martha Garcia-Tappa
Carissa DeWaele, Alyssa Ray, Varun Ravichandran, Ashley Lewis and Olivia Ray.
Photo: Martha Garcia-Tappa
Sarah Teed, Chris Lavin, Bob Benson and Jon Nedelcoff.
Photo: Martha Garcia-Tappa
Eugene Pavinato, Mamadou Dialio, Liberty Soliz, Connor O'Brien and Nicholas Lennon.

Ten staff members -- including the entire staff of Butterworth Elementary School -- and ten students from the Moline School District received Spring Special Recognition Awards from the John Deere, Moline and Moline School District Business and Education Partnership.

Award winners were honored April 28 at the John Deere Seeding Group facility, 501 River Drive, Moline.

District staff are nominated by co-workers or students and are honored for being involved in community activities or projects that are performed above and beyond their work guidelines. Student winners are nominated by other students or staff for volunteer efforts within the community, extra curricular work or special achievements.

Staff winners

Bob Benson, principal, Wilson Middle School; Sheryl Correll; special education, Moline High School;

Jean Hesler, accompanist, Moline High School; Carl Johnson, principal, John Deere Middle School; Jill Johnston, reading recovery program teacher leader, Coolidge; Chris Lavin, third grade teacher, Jane Addams Elementary School; Jon Nedelcoff, social studies teacher, Wilson Middle School; Maria Ramos, administrative assistant, Ericsson Elementary School; Sarah Teed, elementary counselor, Butterworth Staff, Butterworth Elementary School

Student winners

Carissa DeWaele, 11th grade, Moline High School; Mamadou Dialio, sixth grade, Franklin Elementary School; Nicholas Lennon, 11th grade, Moline High School; Ashley Lewis, eighth grade, Wilson Middle School; Connor O'Brien, sixth grade, Butterworth Elementary School; Eugene Pavinato, 11th grade, Moline High School; Varun Ravichandran, sixth grade, Butterworth Elementary School; Alyssa Ray, eighth grade, John Deere Middle School; Olivia Ray, eighth grade, John Deere Middle School; Liberty Soliz, fifth grade, Franklin Elementary School