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Real estate transactions for Sunday, May 22, 2011

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Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.

Rock Island County warranty deeds

Foerderer, Andrew, Bettendorf, to Duke, Mary J., East Moline; Lot 5, Woodlands, Hampton, vacant land; $45,500.

Maloney, Jerald C. and Elena, Milan, to Gillette, Timothy E., Rock Island; 1712 89th Ave. W., Rock Island; $120,000.

Richard and Linda C., Rock Island, to Shaw, Milton, Davenport; 925 24th Ave., Rock Island; $41,000.

McDowell, Timothy B. and Angela A., Glen Ellyn, Ill., to Riffe, Nancy, Silvis; 810 26th Ave., Silvis; $219,000.

Kronschnabl, Joseph G., Roscoe, Ill., to Kuhle, Kevin and Cassandra, Coal Valley; 508 E. 14th Ave. Court, Coal Valley; $217,500.

OHP 1, Davenport, to Baker, Russell and Green, Fatonia, Rock Island; 920 12th St., Rock Island; $42,756.

Ruiz, Marcus C., Rock Island, to Garrison, Amber, East Moline; 2706 Kennedy Drive, East Moline; $75,000.

Brasmer, Daniel C., trustee, Milan, to Brasmer, Kara E., Milan; 1714 116th Ave., Milan; $30,000.

Overton, Shawn P. and Meghan A., Coal Valley, to Mooney, Roxann, East Moline; 409 17th Ave., East Moline; $74,500.

Derrick, Karl J., Davenport, to Seibert, Amanda, Moline; 2625 E. 12th St., Moline; $87,000.

The Ridges at Coal Valley, Omaha, Neb., to Wadsworth, Mark S. and Diane L., Coal Valley; vacant land, Coal Valley, Coal Valley Township; $40,000.

Wildeck, Terri L., Hampstead, N.C., to Steger, Richard J. and Elizabeth M., East Moline; 450 31st Ave. Court, East Moline; $147,900.

Tomich, Donald, independent administrator, Tomich, Kathryn, estate, Crest Hill, Ill., to Sturr, Kathleen A., Moline; 3232 Park 16th St., Moline; $60,000.

Fogle, A. Ernest and Clara, Moline, to Kern, Julie, Moline; 3514 36th St., Moline; $125,000.

Fowler, Donna and Marvin, Colona, to DeCrane, Charles E., Coal Valley; 127 E. 3rd St., Coal Valley; $107,000.

Fulton, Janice and Morris, Linda, co-executors, Lynn Center, to Coon, Josephine M., Moline; 4109 9th Ave. Drive, Moline; $69,900.

Scott QCA Enterprises,
Orion, to Davis, Chad G., Moline; 3526 56th St. Place, Moline; $156,000.

Charles R., estate, Coal Valley, to Hartman, Teresa, Moline; 1064 29th St., Moline; $75,000.

Kevin J. and Cassandra K., Coal Valley, to Vrana, James and Lindsay, Alexis, Moline; 1614 26th Ave., Moline; $93,500.

EDC Corporation, Milan, to Hoffman, Kenneth E. Jr. and Barbara A., Aledo; 3819 Savanna Circle E., Milan, land/lot only, .532 acre; $57,850.

EDC Corporation, Milan, to Hoffman, Kenneth E. Jr. and Barbara A., Aledo; Lot 35, the Conservancy, 5th Add., Milan, vacant land, .159 acre; $48,100.

EDC Corporation, Milan, to Hoffman, Kenneth E. Jr. and Barbara A., Aledo; Lot 46, the Conservancy, 5th Add., Milan, vacant land, .202 acre; $51,300.

Hatch, Shane D. and Kathryn E., Rock Island, to Way, Ruth A., Milan; 634 W. 1st Ave., Milan; $58,000.

Rock Island Downtown Development, East Moline, to Vanderwoude, Derek S., Rock Island; 2044 3rd Ave., Unit B, Rock Island; $110,000.

Hummel, Gregorie S., Reynolds, to Hamelton, Jason T., Reynolds; 409 W. Edgington St., Reynolds; $108,250.

Ochoa, Yolanda, East Moline, to Peterson, Claudia E., East Moline; 1502 12th Ave., East Moline; $35,000.

Dodd, Geneviere R., Moline, to Meyer, Lora, Moline; 2319 18th St. B, Moline; $25,000.

Butterfield, Chad A. and Rebecca M., Port Byron, to Sharp, Angela, Port Byron; 407 Walnut St., Port Byron; $77,000.

Emde, Debra, Davenport, to Hodges, Connie, Moline; 1522 Elm Lane, Moline; $68,000.

Miller, Allison M., Rock Island, to Cary, Christine A., Rock Island; 2015 37th St., Rock Island; $102,000.

The Conservancy, Milan, to Godwin, Dale, Moline; 3726 Flora Drive, Milan, land/lot only, .28 acre; $44,850.

The Conservancy, Milan, to Godwin, Dale, Moline; 3714 Flora Drive, Milan, land/lot only, .320 acre; $51,300.

The Conservancy, Milan, to Diamond Builders of the Quad Cities, Milan; 3618 Avian Court, Milan, land/lot only, .371 acre; $74,750.

The Conservancy, Milan, to Pithan, Larry, Andalusia; 3527 Prairie Court, Milan, land/lot only, .20 acre; $44,850.

The Conservancy,
Milan, to Pithan, Larry, Andalusia; 3619 Meadow Circle E., Milan, land/lot only, .209 acre; $51,025.

The Conservancy, Milan, to Diamond Builders of the Quad Cities, Milan; 3713 Woodland Court, Milan, land/lot only, .400 acre; $68,250.

Padron, Erik P. and Katrina N., Moline, to Waibel, Carla R., Moline; 2024 15th St. A, Moline; $116,500.

Sauk Valley Bank & Trust Co., Sterling, Ill., to Baker, Christopher M., Schaumburg, Ill.; 1217 11th Ave., Moline; $100,000.

Lykam, Brenda J., East Moline, to Franklin, Kathleen, East Moline; 1800 7th St., Apartment 9E, East Moline; $53,000.

Each, Justan D., Rock Island, to Jaster, John, Rock Island; 2816 45th St., Rock Island; $127,500.

Lane, Irma, Davenport, to Corwin, Katrina, Rock Island; 1336 45th Ave., Rock Island; $63,000.

Hendrickx, David R., Moline, to Simpkins, Bradley, Moline; 514 18th Ave., Moline; $84,000.

Emerald Builders of the Quad Cities, Milan, to Manthey, Andrew W. and Kathleen A., Andalusia; 1.47 acres vacant land, Andalusia, Andalusia Township; $48,000.

Andrew, Tanner, East Moline, to Miller, Adam D. and Patricia A., Sherrard; 1111 13th St., Silvis; $43,500.

Ruud, Jennifer and Jonathan, Moline, to Wright, Jamie N., Moline; 4217 18th Ave., Moline; $102,000.

Beneficial Illinois, Schaumburg, Ill., to Weng, Yi Di, Davenport; 2519 16th St., Moline; $75,500.

Johnson, Brian D. and Lori A., East Moline, to Oatis, Chad E., East Moline; 530 31st Ave., East Moline; $156,000.

Kerr, Elizabeth A. and James H. Jr., Rock Island, to Treptow, Jodi K., Rock Island; 36 Berkshire Drive, Rock Island; $71,000.

Gatz, Clara L., Moline, to Debisschop, Thomas L. and Deanna M., Moline; 3117 26th St., Moline; $138,000.

Madson, Donald C. and Deborah A., Moline, to Madson, Lindsay C., Moline; 2413 45th St., Moline; $55,000.

Skalnik, Lawrence and Alicia, Port Byron, to Kearns, Luke and Jennifer, Port Byron; 2203 Timber Ridge, Port Byron; $267,500.

Kumpin, Zenon H., Chicago, to Kumpin, Aldona, Moline; 429 10th St., Moline; $45,000.

Guy W. and Kelly, East Moline, to Gradert, Marvin J. and Donna M., Geneseo; 416 24th Ave., East Moline; $99,000.

Dirck, Kim B. and Keith, Geneva, Ill., to Swartz Living Trust, Silvis; 1109 18th Ave., Silvis; $142,500.

Bassford, Richard S., Rock Island, to Diamond Builders of the QC, Milan; 1302 38th Ave., Moline; $68,250.

Allen, Lucille A., Sparta, Wis., to Gonzalez Serrato, Jose Luis and Gonzalez, Angelica M., Moline; 1826 15th St., Moline; $50,000.

Noe, Robert J., Huiskamp, W. Gerard, Thakkar, Ishwar, Hurst, William R., and Peterson, Mark D., DBA Stephens Association, Moline, to Goodell, Vedia M., trust, Rock Island; 1302 7th St., Moline, office; $335,000.

Mason, Anna, Moline, to Raya, Cindy, Moline; 2125 14th St., Moline; $90,450.

Cornelis, Cecilia I., Naples, Fla., to Decontrera, Marta Estefania, Moline; 1123 Third St. A, Moline; $89,000.

Watson, Betty L., East Moline, to Bossen, Lee G. and Carolyn E., Taylor Ridge; 344 38th Ave., East Moline; $75,000.

Welsh, Donna M., East Moline, to D&R Holdings, Moline; 2317-2319 5th Ave., Moline, rental; $44,500.

Fedex Freight, Harrison, Ark., to NATMI National FX Properties, Annapolis, Md.; 3551 5th Ave., East Moline, commercial building, truck terminal; $999,476.

Wendt, Ceceial J., Moline, to SantAmour, Christian, Moline; 1811 35th St., Moline; $99,000.

Christianson, John Neal, estate, c/o Christianson, Cheryl, administratrix, Morrison, to Druien, Mark A. and Connie J., Taylor Ridge; 9922 136th St. Court W., Taylor Ridge; $195,000.

O'Connor, Dale S. and Mary Ann, East Moline, to Gafan, Ange E. and Vida K., East Moline; 4527 8 1/2 St. Court, East Moline; $191,000.

Sheffey, Theresa, Taylor Ridge, to Spragg, Stephanie M., Taylor Ridge; 7115 134th Ave. W., Taylor Ridge; $71,500.

Gause, Virginia, heirs and legatees, Alhambia, Ill., to Frerkes, Jeremy, East Moline; vacant lot, Silvis, Hampton Township; $7,000.

Smith, Monica Ann, Rock Island, to QC Props, Davenport; 1728 20 1/2 Ave., Rock Island; $52,000.

DHCU Community Credit Union,
Moline, to Beck, Adam and Pieper, Heather, Moline; 2385 24th St., Moline; $98,000.

Margaret B., estate, by Kaalberg, Carol, executor, Bettendorf, to Kaalberg, Carol and Skowronski, Robert, Rock Island; 2416 28th St., Rock Island; $55,671.

Burbridge, Patrick, Rock Island, to QC Props, Davenport; 229 14th Ave., Moline; $46,000.

Mendoza, Jeffrey P., Taylor Ridge, to Newman, Claire, Moline; 1810 40th St., Court, Moline; $145,000.

Wolfe, Shelley, Moline, to Brandmeyer, Zachary, Moline; 2350 27th St., Moline; $102,500.

Nash, Robert N., co-trustee, Geneseo, to Verstraete, Tammi M., East Moline; 4213 8 1/2 St., East Moline; $132,500.

Henry County warranty deeds

Central Bank Illinois and Trust No. 100537
to Wilshusen, Michael A. and Mindy M., 106 N. 1st St., Colona; $36,500.

Hahn, Charles N.S. and Sarah S. to Howard, Johnathan; 611 N.W. 1st St., Galva; $55,000.

Crooked House and Fortune, Diane and Griffith, Gale R. and Jones, Theresa L. to ILLOWA Funding; original town, Annawan, Lot 5, Block 5, Annawan; $20,000.

Hier, Traci and Moore, Harry and T&H Investments to Rocha, Jose; 340 5th Ave., Kewanee; $3,500.

May, Janice K. and Sandberg, Kent B. and Mary E. to Heying, Karen J. and Robert L.; 509 W. Central Blvd., Kewanee; $1,500.

Dierbeck, Geneva and Joseph D. to Lee, Steven P.; 28565 County Highway 1, Erie; $190,000.

Marshall, Bradley S. and Michele L. to Locke, Jason M.; 220 Melrose Drive, Colona; $140,000.

Brickford, Annie K. and Timothy L. to Gates, Stacey D. and Terry B. Jr.; 709 6th St., Colona; $5,000.

Palmer, Florence M. to Heisler, Mitchell G.; 509 W. Patey, Annawan; $98,000.

Spivey, Erin L. and Travis M. to Hickman, Lois J. and Terry A.; Section 19, Township 15N, Range 4E; $40,000.

Allen, Jason C. and Tosha I. to Hannon, Lisa K. and Raymond E.; 107 Briarwood, Colona; $188,000.

Ince, Cheryl A. and Ince, Kenna Moore to Ince, Donald G.; 112 Lakeview Ave., Kewanee; $48,500.

Childs, Bradley W. and Melissa A. to Bess, Kyle E.; 402 E Palace Row, Geneseo; $105,000.

Goebel, Kelly A. and Martin, Paul F. to Olson, Johnna S. and Rodney J.; Village Andover, Lot 39, 40, 45 and 46, Andover; $57,000.

Heitzler, Brent and Dawn to Childs, Brad and Melissa; 14 Pleasant View Drive, Annawan; $140,000.

Bell, Judith K. to Karr, David A.; 736 Green View Ave., Colona; $45,000.

Weber Property Development to Mickley, Jacqueline M., trust; Section 8, Township 17N, Range 3E; $147,500.