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Henry County Right to Carry Town Hall Meeting Oct. 17

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Press release submitted by Valinda Rowe

Henry County Right to Carry Town Hall Meeting

Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2012

7-9 p.m.

Central Theater

111 North State Street

Geneseo, IL 61254

Henry County voters will be voting on a Right to Carry advisory referendum on the November 6th ballot. It is important that voters be informed about this issue. A town hall meeting has been scheduled to educate the voters and to address questions and concerns voters may have. Citizens of Henry County are invited to participate in the town hall meeting which is intended to raise awareness and support for the referendum.

The meeting, sponsored by, is free and open to the public. IllinoisCarry is an online action and discussion forum dedicated to passing Right to Carry legislation in Illinois and putting Illinois citizens on an equal footing with residents in 49 other states. The meeting will feature speakers with a wide experience level and interest in the area of Right to Carry in Illinois.

Key speakers will be Valinda Rowe, spokesperson and retired Senator Todd Sieben, a long time champion of the Second Amendment.

"It has been widely recognized that the desire for passage of a Right to Carry law enjoys broad support across most of Illinois ", according to Ms. Rowe. "The objective of the meeting is to build both understanding and support for the referendum and statewide Right to Carry legislation in Illinois.

It is hoped that those attending this meeting will be a catalyst for change and help build support for the issue."

The organization hopes to get the word out to residents of Illinois that the right to carry a firearm for personal protection is a fundamental Constitutional right and citizens of Illinois are being denied that right as compared to 49 other states. "We especially see this as an equal rights issue for Illinois women who are often the victim of the most serious and heinous crimes", Ms. Rowe continues. "It is not equitable that women in Indiana, Missouri, and Iowa have the right to carry a firearm as a means of self defense if they so choose, while Illinois women are denied that right."

Those sponsoring the meeting are hoping for a strong turnout and hope to encourage politicians from both sides of the political aisle to examine the facts and experiences of the 49 states with effective right to carry laws in place. They also hope to encourage voters to vote for the Constitutional Carry referendum and to also take direct action by supporting only those candidates that publicly give their support to the right of law-abiding citizens to carry a firearm for self defense.

The local leadership of the Henry County Constitutional Carry initiative will be present at the event. These include Co-Chairs Jon Zahm and Rebekah McCaw, District 1 Chair Jake Waller and District 2 Chair Rich Nordstrom. The local team spearheaded the effort to collect 1975 petition signatures from Henry County residents in just 15 days to place this question on the ballot for a vote of the people.

If you have questions about the meeting please contact: Valinda Rowe 618-963-2788 or Jon Zahm 630-946-8683