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Kitty traded life as a stray for a forever home

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By Carol Larson

Photo: Submitted
Kitty, who started life as a stray, has found a forever home with Carol and Keith Larson, of Colona.
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Hi. I'd like to tell you about our very special Kitty.

My husband and I moved from our homeplace of 36 years to a little brick house next to a very busy road in Colona in the summer of 2003. The backyard runs along the bike path next to the Hennepin Canal.

After we had been in our new home for several years, a black-and-white cat started coming to our backyard, looking for food. We set food out for him, and he would eat very cautiously. He wouldn't let anyone come near him.

I would talk to him, trying to gain his trust. Finally, one day he let me pet him. The relationship went on like this for several years.

It was so sad to see him trudging through the snow in the winter! My husband, Keith, even though he isn't fond of cats, felt so sorry for him and said, "If we could get him to come in the house, I would let him live with us."

I became more and more friendly with Kitty. One night late in the fall, I got him to stay in the house overnight. As I let him outside the next morning, I noticed he seemed sick. I brought him back inside, and he stopped eating and drinking.

I set up a sickroom in our bathroom. My son and I would fill an eyedropper with water and squirt it into his mouth. He would lap up a little tuna broth now and then.

I took him to our veterinarian, and she said he had pneumonia and gave him a shot. She said to bring him back for another shot in two weeks, but she warned me he might not make it until then.

He did make it and now is the most lovable pet! He follows me around the house and jumps onto my lap whenever I sit in the kitchen or watch TV.

Our two little dogs have reluctantly accepted him as part of the family. Kitty is now happy in his forever home.