Originally Posted Online: Jan. 18, 2013, 8:28 pm
Last Updated: Jan. 21, 2013, 2:53 pm

Carbon Cliff residents speak out about high water, sewer rates

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By Ashley Gomez, correspondent@qconline.com

CARBON CLIFF -- Carbon Cliff officials were asked at the village board meeting this week why water and sewer rates are so high as compared to neighboring cities.

Resident Jon Coe said Silvis and Colona residents pay about half what Carbon Cliff residents do for sewer and water. Questions also were raised about the minimum rate charged to families that use less than the minimum amount of water and sewage.

Board president Kenneth Williams said the rates are high in part because of extensive system upgrades and the need to replace two water wells soon. To compensate for these expenses, Carbon Cliff officials had to raise the water rates to help pay back the outstanding debt of $171,720 he said.

Mr. WIlliams said there are fewer families in Carbon Cliff than in Silvis or Colona, which spreads costs over a smaller base, making it difficult to charge at lower rates. He also said the minimum rate, based on 7,500 gallons is to cover the expense of having the pipes run to every house, regardless of use.

Mr. Williams stressed that he and the other officials know how frustrating it must be to have to pay such high rates when residents of other cities are paying much less for the same services.

In other business, trustees laid plans for disposing of remaining Centennial and Argillo T-shirts.
A price will be set, and the shirts advertised on the back of the water bill. The information also will show on the Carbon Cliff website. All proceeds will go to the food basket program.

Water, sewer rates in Carbon Cliff area.

 --Carbon Cliff charges a minimum of $77.34 to households that use 0-7, 500 gallons of water and $78.87 for sewage.

 -- Silvis charges a minimum of $25.73 to households that use 0-7, 480 gallons of water and $46.21 for sewage.

 -- Colona charges a minimum of $7.50 to households that use 0-1, 000 gallons (that is $56.25 for 7,500 gallons) of water and $7.10 (that is $53.25 for 7,500 gallons) for sewage.