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Real estate transactions for Sunday, Jan. 20, 2013

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Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.

Rock Island County warranty deeds

Anderson, Angela, Bettendorf, to Summers, Ronald and Sherry, Moline; 406 7th Ave., Rock Island; $10,500.

Carlson, Terry E., trustee, Carlson, Rose F., trust, Andalusia, to Taylor Ridge Paving and Construction, Taylor Ridge; 602 2nd St. W., Andalusia; $57,500.

Wickwire, Paula G., Moline, to Bomelyn, Andrea L., Rock Island; 2553 28th St., Rock Island; $127,250.

VanTieghem, Dennis J., Silvis, to Swanson, Bryan, Silvis; 917 4th Ave., Silvis; $75,000.

Arvanis, Harry V. and Alfreda A., estate, East Moline, to Arvanis, Harry R., East Moline; 1915 158th St. N., East Moline; $125,000.

Frieden, Robert, Reynolds, to Emery, William, Reynolds; 408 N. Grant St., Reynolds; $75,000.

DeMarlie, Phillip, trustee of DeMarlie Family Trust, Maywood, Ill., to O'Leary, James E., Aledo; 30 acres farm land, Milan, Bowling Township; $330,000.

Sellers, Jack and Judy, Geneseo, to Maera, Francis and Julie, Colona; 213 20th St., East Moline; $20,000.

Lane, Brett A., Coal Valley, to JBB Enterprises, Phoenix, Ariz.; 835 22nd St., Rock Island; $48,000.

Bossen, Lee G. and Carolyn E., Taylor Ridge, to Cousineau, Jason and Mann, Jeffrey, Rock Island; 4113 27th Ave., Rock Island; $129,900.

Munson, Timothy J., Moline, to Springfield Electric Supply Company, Springfield, Ill.; 2621 5th Ave., Moline; $32,800.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Carrollton, Texas, to Newberry Investment Properties, Rock Island; 1439 45th St., Rock Island; $35,000.

Gustafson, Troy, Port Byron, to Howard, Randall W., East Moline; 916 21st Ave. A, East Moline; $99,000.

Lindeman, Tori S., Bettendorf, to Reger, Chris A. and Katrina S., Rock Island; 4142 35th St., Rock Island; $169,500.

EDC Corporation, Davenport, to Sederstrom, Ivan and Christine, Davenport; vacant land, Milan, Blackhawk Township, .276 acre; $45,000.

Cook, Tiffany M., Davenport, to Dopler, Thomas and Teresa, Rock Island; 1724 16th Ave., Moline; $61,500.

Frerkes, Jeremy F., Milan, to Wakeland, Donald L., East Moline; 1920 3rd St., East Moline; $62,900.

Tone, Ransom L. and Sandra J., Moline, to Santamour, Christian and Tracy A., Moline; 903 51st St., Moline; $146,000.

McGivern, Marguerite, Silvis, to Huyten, Nicholas M., East Moline; 3902 6th Ave., East Moline; $39,000.

Leech, Nancy, Moline, to Paquette, Ammon, Moline; 4720 28th Ave., Moline; $145,000.

Clarke, Drew D., Rock Island, to Jaramillo, Martha, Rock Island; 1437 40th St., Rock Island; $75,000.

Scott, Carla M., Rock Island, to Kain, Darin, Coal Valley; 712 E. 13th Ave. Court, Coal Valley; $192,500.

Kendall, Robert M., Andalusia, to Furlong, Zachary A. and Watkins, Elizabeth R., Andalusia; 607 Edgehill Court, Andalusia; $128,000.

Bingham, Terry R. and Una J., Moline, to Harris, Coleman Jr., Moline; 2311 12th St., Moline; $191,500.

Perez, Antonia T., Silvis, to QC Props, Davenport; 149 4th St., Silvis; $38,000.

Mosley, Brent A., Moline, to Ferreri, Christina M., Moline; 1201 53rd St., Moline; $200,500.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Carrollton, Texas, to QC Props, Davenport; 2424 18th Ave., Rock Island; $37,000.

QC Props, Davenport, to JBB Enterprises, Phoenix, Ariz.; 2424 18th Ave., Rock Island; $44,500.

Brown, Melvin D., Rock Island, to Merrill, Bryce D., Moline; 2417 31st St., Moline; $79,500.

Deboef, Duane, Sherrard, to Huff, Kim, Rock Island; 902 21st Ave., Rock Island; $45,500.

Hofer, Brian D., Moline, to Raisbeck, Ory, Rock Island; 3212 53rd St. A., Moline; $74,500.

Lerminez Properties, Coal Valley, to Elliott, Elmer, Coal Valley; 1213 W. 10th Ave., Milan; $90,000.

Dolan, Timothy M. and Marjorie M., Rapids City, to Murphy, Angela D., Rapids City; 2022 1st Ave., Rapids City; $1,000,000.

Nelson, Richard L., trustee, Rock Island, to Nelson, Richard L., Rock Island; 2807 27th St., Rock Island; $90,000.

Showalter, Mary E., East Moline, to Bush, Holly M., Carbon Cliff; 109 2nd St., Carbon Cliff; $57,000.

Warren, Michael C. and Linsey A., Davenport, to Warren, Steven Edward, North Venice, Fla.; 1231 33rd Ave. Circle, Silvis; $150,000.

Moorehead, Stewart J., Scottsdale, Ariz., to Rummans, Kameron S., Coal Valley; 209 W. 28th Ave., Coal Valley; $155,000.

Onderbeke, Clarence D., trust, East Moline, to Onderbeke, Dorothy J., Moline; 3007 15th St., Moline; $40,000.

Fannie Mae, Dallas, Texas, to QC Props, Davenport; 1020 18th Ave. A., Moline; $30,000.

Snyder, Alice R., Davenport, to Brooks, Frank and Joanna, Moline; 1014 2nd St. Court, Moline; $158,500.

QCA Holdings, Milan, to Minasian REI, LaHabra Heights, Calif.; 1530 14 1/2 St., Rock Island; $44,000.

QCA Holdings, Milan, to Minasian REI, LaHabra Heights, Calif.; 2412 12th St., Rock Island; $68,000.

QC Props, Davenport, to JBB Enterprises, Phoenix, Ariz.; 1020 18th Ave. A., Moline; $38,040.

Longley, Daniel B., Coal Valley, to Rossa, David and McClaine, Charles, Moline; 424 44th St., Moline; $11,274.

Henry County warranty deeds

Batch, Edythe L., estate to Tennant Agriculture Corp.; Section 8, Township 16N, Range 1E; $858,500.

Tossell, Erma A., estate to Watson, Kirk H. Jr. and Marie D.; 904 N. Chestnut St., Kewanee; $26,000.

Mickley, Jacqueline M., trust to Mickley, Avery M. and James V.; Section 32/29, Township 18N, Range 3E; $238,000.

Doubler, Dale L., trust and Doubler, Linda M., trust to Borkgren, F. Randall, trust and Borkgren, Martha A., trust and Borkgren, Rick A., trust and Borkgren, Teresa M., trust; Section 13, Township 14N, Range 2E; $485,000.

Mickley, Jakob L. to Mickley, Jacqueline M. trust; Section 12, Township 16N, Range 2E; $440,000.

Eby, Fernita Elizabeth and Polson-Sponheimer, Jamee Lea and Polson, Rex Alan and Sean Cliff to Olson, Deric D., Dustin C. and Melissa R.; Section 29 Township 18N Range 5E; $709,112.

First Federal Savings and Loan to Kraft, Kristina K.; 305 W. 5th St., Kewanee; $26,000.

Stiles, Dale R. to JBB Enterprises; 1318 4th St., Orion; $40,000.

Stiles, Dale R. and Lorrie R. to Lees, Gerald S.; 509 13th Ave., Orion; $64,000.

Vandamme, Laura M. to McDonald, Andrew P.; 303 W. Division St., Kewanee; $38,000.

Dunn, Judith Ann to Surratt, Autumn, Johnny J. and Megan; 1119 Rose St., Kewanee; $2,000.

Atwell, Cory V., Laurence R. and Todd A. and Jannie, Amber E. and Osborn, Nichole A. and Randall, Kelly R. and Seibers, Courtney J. to Pritchard, Hugh A. and Walters, Michelle R. and Scott A.; 308 W. Henry St., Atkinson; $39,000.

Colins, Kathleen L. and Randall C. to Buechler, Donald W. and Mary Ann; Section 3, Township 17N, Range 3E; $22,000.

Nightingale, Betty J. and Richard B. to Edmund, Teresa R. and Paul T.; Section 30, Township 15N, Range 1E; $260,000.

Perron, Kathryn and Whisler, Patricia and Phillips, John D. and Marya A. to Rivera, Luis D.; 319 Helmer St., Kewanee; $56,000.

Anderson, Chad Philip and Ronald Gene, estate to Cook, Samantha R.; 215 and 223 Hillcrest Drive, Kewanee; $64,500.

Bradley, Jane M. and Michael S. to Rafalko, Jarosla W. and Rafalko, Wieslawa Czaban; 715 N. Tremont St., Kewanee; $40,000.

Hadsall, Denise K. and Jeffrey M. to Bergren, Arthur C.; 513 W Elk St., Geneseo; $190,000.

Hufford, Mary J. and Newell, Nancy A. and Johnson, David C. and Dwight G. and Ruehrwein, Robert S. to Swanson, Maurice H.; Section 14, Township 18N, Range 3E; $177,500.

Blackhawk Bank and Trust Illinois to McKenna, Edward M. and White, Kathryn D.; 713 and 715 Mineral Creek, Colona; $40,000

Schmedt, Janelle K. to Nelson, Douglas R. and Terri N.; Section 33, Township 15N, Range 2E; $600,000.

IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union to DeWitte, Michael; Section 3, Township 16N, Range 5E; $50,000.

Jackson, Arthur P. and Jan L. to Schurr, Tyler William; Section 3, Township 16N, Range 1E; $255,000.

Patramanis, A. Alexia and George M. to Mortensen, Jodie B. and Kevin S.; 5 Windcrest Lane, Coal Valley; $300,000.

Snodgrass, Barry L. and Lorrie L. to Hadsall, Denise K. and Jeffrey M.; 120 E. South St., Geneseo; $247,500.

HSBC Mortgage Services to Fernandez, Fernando and Paula M.; 1228 US Highway 6, Coal Valley; $71,000.

Rutherford, Janice V. and William L. Jr. to Hodson, Becky L. and Eric S.; Section 34, Township 18N, Range 2E; $309,000.

Langdon, Burgess R. to Casteel, Lesley Miller; 318 S.W. 6th Ave., Galva; $23,000.

Taets, Dewayen H. and Sylvia M. and Taets family to Chamberlain, Jonathan D. and Kimberly L.; Section 11, Township 16N, Range 1E; $911,500.