Posted Online: Jan. 31, 2013, 1:27 pm

Comprehensive Housing Market Study is underway in R.I.

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Press release submitted by Gail Brooks

A Comprehensive Housing Market Study is Currently Underway Within the City of Rock Island

A Comprehensive Housing Market Study is being conducted within the City of Rock Island. The Study, originally initiated by the Rock Island Housing Authority (RIHA), is being done in conjunction with the City of Rock Island.
During the summer of 2012, RIHA staff collaborated with City staff to establish an oversight team made up of three individuals chosen by the City and three individuals chosen by RIHA. Working together, the Oversight Team developed a Request for Proposals (RFP) soliciting qualified marketing firms to conduct a Comprehensive Housing Market Study of the City of Rock Island. Because the project was funded by RIHA, the procurement process was conducted in accordance with all applicable RIHA policies and regulations.
In November 2012, the Oversight Team selected Bowen National Research as the firm most qualified to conduct the Study. The selection was approved by the RIHA Board of Commissioners, and Bowen began working on the study almost immediately. The study is expected to be completed in late spring 2013.
Jeff Eder, Community and Economic Development Director for the City, stated, "The City appreciates the opportunity to work with the Housing Authority on this important project. We view the housing market analysis as an important element that will guide the City's future."
"We are very pleased that the City is joining us to complete the housing market study," added Susan Anderson, Rock Island Housing Authority Executive Director. "We are looking forward to positive community-wide participation and support for this important project."
The housing market study is "comprehensive" in that is does not focus on a single neighborhood, a single type of housing or a single price range – it encompasses all housing of all types and price ranges in all Rock Island neighborhoods.
The results of the study will help all Rock Island decision makers, stakeholders and community leaders identify who in Rock Island and the Quad Cities, is developing housing and the type and price range of the housing that is being developed, and it will help determine where the greatest current and future housing needs exist. The study is also meant to identify potential housing gaps and the impact the economy may or may not have on the local housing market.
The rationale is to provide enough information to gain meaningful insight as to the best and most practical use of available housing dollars, to fill identified housing gaps, and to more effectively meet the housing needs of all Rock Island citizens.
When asked about community involvement, Patrick Bowen, President of Bowen National Research,
responded, "The comprehensive housing study will involve not only quantitative data analysis of market characteristics and trends, but it will also include input from community leaders and organizations as well as a large-scale resident survey to gather insight from the people living in Rock Island on what they believe is needed most in terms of housing in their community."
To accomplish that, representatives from Bowen National Research will be conducting a phone-based survey. The survey includes questions about the ward in which you live, the type of home you rent or own and the number of years you have lived in Rock Island. The survey will also include questions about your overall impression of the housing market and the type of housing you feel is most needed within the City. Researchers are expected to survey nearly 400 Rock Island residents by phone over the next few weeks.
Vern Winter, Chairperson for the RIHA Board, commented, "Both the City and the Housing Authority
are seeking to more effectively meet the housing needs of the citizens of Rock Island and the market study will give us all the depth of analysis to help us accomplish that."