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George O. Barr Student Writers

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Abby Jecks
Adam Lear
Jandi Varble
Katie Jecks
Olivia Cerda
Leader in Me
By Abby Jecks
Fifth grade
I think the "Leader in Me" program is a great idea for kids at George O. Barr! It helps them to understand that everybody wins. We all got booklets that have fun activities and that help us learn. It's just a fun program that teaches us the 7 habits. You learn to be helpful, respectful, and smart in a fun way. What could be better!
The first habit is "Be Proactive." I first heard this word when my principal came into my room and explained what the program was. He asked if any of us knew what proactive meant. About one week later a man came in and talked to us about the program. Then we started it in our classroom.
For habit 1 we did "Be Proactive." It means to do the right thing even when no one is looking. Each week we do a habit. Habit 2 is "Begin With the End in Mind." This means to have a plan and set goals. I like that one a lot! The third habit is "Put First Things First" which means work first then play.
The fourth habit is "Think Win-Win." This means everybody can win! The fifth habit is "Seek First to Understand then to be Understood" which means listen before you talk. The sixth habit is "Synergize." Working together is better. The last habit is meant for you. It is called "Sharpen the Saw." It means balance feels best.
Those are the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Now you know them, and you can use them the rest of your life. There's no limit. That is the "Leader in Me" program. It's a great program that you can learn and teach everyone you know.

Big Changes in the School
By Adam Lear
Fifth grade
All of the changes in George O. Barr Elementary, the old Silvis Jr. High, and new Northeast Jr. High have been exciting, sad, and loud. In the fall, there were construction workers still working on the old Jr. High so we can move in. Once they are done remodeling that school, they are going to tear the elementary down.
It will be sad to see this school go. I have been here since Kindergarten and am now in fifth grade. On the other hand, it will also be exciting to go to the new elementary. I think we will be in there in April.
I wonder what the new elementary is going to look like. We will have heat and air conditioning when we need it. We won't have to sweat on hot days or freeze on cold days. The walls will be new and will not drip. All of the improvements will help us focus more on school once the workers are done. Overall, I am glad we are moving into a better building with these improvements!

Finding the Leader in Me
By Jandi Varble
Fourth Grade
The Leader in Me is a program that we began at my school. It teaches you to be nice to yourself and others.
"Be Proactive." This means you're in charge. You have to control your feelings. You don't feel good if you're mad or upset. You have to do the right thing. It made me have more fun. It also made me happy.
"Begin With the End in Mind" means have a plan. I have a plan to do everything I need to do. When I make a plan, I use my third habit, too, "Work First, Then Play."
When I wanted what my friend wanted, I thought "Think Win-Win." So I figured out how to get something we both wanted. We were both happy. We got what we wanted. It was hard to figure out a way, but I did it. I was proud of myself!
When I work with my friend, I don't just do all the work. My friend doesn't do all the work. We do it together. We figure out a way we can take turns. It doesn't take long at all. It takes about five minutes. We "Synergize."
These things are what I learned to do. That's what you should do too. It's really easy to do. This is what made me a better person!

Changes in Our School
By Katie Jecks
Third grade

Have you ever been to George O. Barr School? Well if you have, you will notice a ton of great changes. There are changes because the junior high has moved to the new Northeast Junior High. Also there is major construction going on. They are doing construction because the elementary classes are moving into the old junior high. I think it's going to be nice!

At the beginning of the school year, some changes were that fifth grade classes moved because their rooms are becoming kindergarten and preschool rooms. The fifth grade moved to the second through fourth grade hallway. It's squished in the hallway now. The art room and the computer lab are being remodeled. We do not have any extra rooms so Mrs. Schluenz, the art teacher, comes to our room. She brings all the art supplies on a cart. I love it because I can just stay in the room! Mrs. Hill, our computer teacher, also brings a cart full of BRAND NEW LAPTOPS so she can teach us about Internet safety and how to work a laptop or a computer. In my opinion, I think both teachers are very, very nice and make things fun.

Also in the beginning of the school year, we had to play in the courtyard because all the construction materials were on the playground. I didn't like it at all! But we got the playground back in October and everyone was very happy!

The biggest change I think was that old music room is now the library and the music room shares the band room. It's tight. Half the room is for music and the other half of it is the band room. Oh, yeah, and guess what? There's even a new music teacher! Her name is Mrs. King and she's AWESOME! She's kind and knows a ton about music. The library is nice. It still has a ton of books, plus the book "Bad Kitty." That's my favorite book! The best part of library is again we have the best, most awesome library teacher in the world, Ms. Houseman! She's nice and I like her!

Our school has had many great changes with the help of all the kids and teachers! In March, we will be moving to our new school! I'm so excited!

Learning the 7 habits
By Olivia Cerda
Fifth grade
At school we have a wonderful program. It is called the "Leader in Me." There are seven habits. They are all very important habits. Here are all the habits.
Habit 1 is called "Be Proactive." This habit is basically doing what you are supposed to do. Habit 2 is "Begin With the End in Mind." This is about planning ahead and doing things that have important meaning. That really makes a difference.
Habit 3 is "Putting First Things First." This habit is how you spend your time. Say no to things you shouldn't do. Habit 4 is "Think Win-Win." You balance courage for getting what you want with consideration for what others want.
Habit 5 is "Seek First to Understand then to be Understood." You listen to other people's ideas and feelings. You try to see things from their viewpoint. Habit 6 is "Synergize." You value other people's strengths and learn from them. Habit 7 is "Sharpen the Saw." You eat right, exercise, and get enough sleep. You learn in lots of ways and lots of places not just school.
Those are all the 7 habits. They come in handy. They are all very very helpful. If you follow these habits, you are a leader!