Posted Online: Feb. 13, 2013, 1:03 pm

Letter: This letter not true record of president's leadershipcord

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This is in response to the Feb. 9 letter "Socialism, oppression, etc., are not American values." Under President Obama, our economy is improving.

The DOW is at an all-time high. Jobs are being created and unemployment is decreasing. Socialism is defined as vesting of ownership and the control of production. Just HOW will Rep. Cheri Bustos "regulate" free enterprise? Give me an example. These ridiculous statements need specifics. Certain regulations are needed for a safe and orderly society.

Most major countries provide health care for their citizens. It is indefensible to say that it defiles rights and liberty. What defiles our rights is the Republican campaign to take away Social Security and Medicare as we know it and have paid into.

Welfare and immigration didn't originate with President Obama. There is better border control and more illegal immigrants have been deported now than at any other time. Our previous president spent us into a depression so deep we almost didn't get out of it. It will take years to recover from his irresponsible spending and totally unfounded wars. I think we still have total religious freedom in this country. Again, give me an example of religious oppression.

No matter how often President Obama is called a socialist, it's NOT true. Democracy is defined as political or social equality, formal equality of rights and privileges. President Obama's speeches always include his belief that everyone is entitled to a "fair shot". This is true democracy.

Carole Stoner,
East Moline