Posted Online: Feb. 16, 2013, 4:00 pm

Sherrard Jr. High Student Writers

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Ethan Duggar
Dakota Grubbs
Kyle Langley
Jacob Laatsch
Cole Swanson
Alexis Spengler
Laura Dybro
Adreanna Ebberson
Megan Dorsey
Stop Obesity Now!
By Ethan Duggar
Seventh grade
We have a problem on our hands, obesity. The rate of obesity is skyrocketing, and it needs to stop now! I think I may have a solution, but you need to try it.
My first idea is to jog everyday for a minimum of 10 minutes. You will lose about a minimum of 50 pounds. I bet you could jog to your car in the morning, or jog through the market while shopping. You should wear ankle weights if you have them. That will help. Run around your block a few times with a sweatshirt and sweatpants on.
My other idea is to STOP EATING AT FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS! You will lose a lot of pounds. Also, if you eat a carrot a day, it would not hurt. So start eating healthy and you will see results over time. I know this might take a while but it will help. I assure you.
Hopefully, this will help you to start your journey into fitness. I am doing this program myself and it works over time. This is a fun and healthy way to lose weight and to get in shape. All I am trying to say it that you will lose weight and have fun doing is.

By Dakota Grubbs and Kyle Langley
Eighth grade
You know what they say about skydivers, right? "There are old skydivers and bold skydivers, but there are no old, bold skydivers." Unknown. Skydiving could be a very great memory, but can be very dangerous.
One of the fun things of skydiving is the feeling that you can fly. You are falling from a plane to the ground with a parachute to help glide you. When you pull the parachute, when your going through the clouds, it's like gliding. It makes you fly. When you first jump you can't pull your parachute right away. While you fall, you can make your body glide. By gliding, you can slow your fall.
Skydiving can be dangerous because your parachute can get twisted up. Sometimes, when you jump and you pull the parachute, it can get twisted. If the parachute is twisted, you have to spin around to get it untwisted so it will glide. If you get the parachute untwisted at a certain height, when you fall you could break your legs from the pressure.
So, skydiving is amazing! I feel that skydiving could bring back memories. I can see myself jumping out of the helicopter and having fun. Skydiving would be very fun and never boring.

By Jacob Laatsch and Cole Swanson
Eighth grade
Commitment, hard work and effort are what it takes to be a wrestler. It changes who you are as a person in a positive way, even though we have a bad reputation. Just because wrestling is a physical sport, doesn't make us trouble makers.
Wrestling is a good sport, yet we are stereotyped as big kids that aren't very smart, but this is not true. On our wrestling team in Sherrard, we have eight kids in advanced classes. Yet the school's scholastic program schedule goes around the basketball program, and doesn't include the wrestlers.
The high school wrestling team is one of the most successful programs at Sherrard, yet the roster hasn't been updated on the schools website for three years. The junior high coach, Eric Link (a college student), is still on the roster from three years ago. We believe that the wrestling team deserves for it to get updated, which isn't much to ask for.
Wrestlers are also stereotyped as bad people. Yet again, this is not true. We work hard and compete in a match of strength, agility and intelligence in order to beat our opponent and be the best we can be.
Wrestling is a good sport that has changed lives and is played by many over the United States. To some people, it's just another way of representing their school, so le'ts respect and represent wrestlers everywhere.

New Gun Law is Inappropriate
By Alexis Spengler and Laura Dybro
Seventh grade
Would you want a law banning handguns or any guns from your households? What would you use to defend yourself if a break in occurred and you didn't have access to a phone? We can only give you one answer ... nothing. We are positive that you would be able to think of creative things to use, but a gun will have the best effect on an intruder.
If the president/government is allowed to have special services protect them, why can't we have guns to protect our families and our children at their schools? We are entitled to use self-defense against an attacker. There is even an amendment that is stated that Americans have the right to have firearms. If we get guns banned, we would go against that amendment. The president would be a hypocrite because he is allowedd assault weapons and guards, but we aren't allowed little guns to protect ourselves.
People have families that need protection. They especially need help in some of the cities in this world. Like in Chicago, if you were to take away the rights of those people to have a firearm, how would you think that they are able to protect themselves from the bad guys?
Some people live in very bad neighborhoods, they need protection. The fact is that the president wants to lower deaths in the U.S.A. but he won't be doing that by taking away our rights. The death rate by guns is going to skyrocket, because bad guys are still going to get the guns, it will just be illegal.
In our opinion, we think that the president is being a hypocrite by doing this to us. Do you?

Closed Minded People
By Adreanna Ebberson and Megan Dorsey
Eighth grade
In a world of closed minded people how are we expected to work together if we can't let each other in? We always have times where we get closed minded; we all get bullied and we all need to realize we all have a right to be who we want.
Throughout almost all age groups and all our lives, there are always people that get picked out and treated with disrespect because of who they are. Many of the things they are judged for are impossible to change about them, such as their appearance. Junior high is one of the areas that kids get singled out the most. Bullying is a major problem for many junior high students, we get bullied for our choice of style, our personality and our choice of whom we like. No matter what we do we are all the same inside, but no one seems to notice this; they only see what is on the outside.
Every single person has their right to be whom they want. We are all the same, but we have many closed minded people that cause issues.
"The problem with closed minded people is they usually have their mouths open." -- Amy 0.
This quote is the harsh reality of most of our world. We have to many closed minded people that think the world should be the way they want it, instead of letting it work on it's own.
We feel once the world opens it's mind to change, it opens its mind to new ideas, and opportunities.