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Andalusia Elementary School Student Essays

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Grace Habben
Gia Johnson
Eliza Zulku
Samantha Finley
Brooke Hitchcock
School is So Much Fun
By Grace Habben
Second grade
My name is Grace. I am 8 years old, and I am in the second grade. Second grade is so fun! My favorite subject is reading. I love to take A.R. quizzes.
School is about learning, making new friends, and having fun on the way!
In Andalusia, we get Character Counts Tickets if we are good. In P.E., we sometimes play parachute. P.E. is really fun! My principal's name is Mr. Helling, and my teacher's name is Mrs. Peschang. Andalusia Elementary School is so fun!

Snow Days
By Gia Johnson
Third grade
Snow days are the best because you get to go outside and play in snow.
I like to play in the snow because I like to make snow angels and snow forts. Snow days are also the best because you get to lie around and watch TV. I like to just lie around and chill, because some mornings you just do not want to get up.
One other thing snow days are good for is to mess around with my brother and sister. I like to do that because it keeps me from being bored. Snow days are the best!

Baby Trouble
By Eliza Zulku
Fourth grade
Last year my mother sat us down to talk to us. At first I thought I was in trouble. We talked for an awfully long time until my parents got to the point. My mother was pregnant. We were to have another baby! At first I was shocked. My two sisters were, too. I absolutely did not want another baby in the house! You know how hard it is to take care of one child! The next day I told my friends that my mother was pregnant.
Three months passed, and it was Christmas break. We went to Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. It was so much fun! When we were in Florida, my mother told me, "Come here." I felt the baby kick! Then I was thinking that maybe this baby thing isn't that bad!
So now four more months have passed and my birthday was coming up. My parents were telling me that the baby was going to be born on my birthday. I absolutely hated that! Then my birthday passed … no baby. Thank You, God!!
Then I came home from school one day. My grandmother was there. I asked her, "Why are you here?" She responded, "Your mother is going to have the baby!" I was kind of excited! We did our homework and stayed up really late.
The next morning my grandmother woke us up. She said, "Your mother gave birth." We went to the hospital. When I saw my mom, I cried. Then they sat us girls down and said, "You have TWO BROTHERS!" I screamed with joy because that meant double boys!
They were so small, but now they are growing up. They are nine months old, and I still love them!

Showing Sheep With 4-H
Samantha Finley
Fifth grade
Do you like animals? I love animals. I'm in 4-H for Kountry Kids. We have meetings with our leader on weekends in a barn. Our club has about 20 members of all ages. I like to show sheep at the Mercer County Fair and the Rock Island County Fair. Some people show cows, horses, goats, and other animals. All I do is show sheep.
Before you go to the fair, you have to practice. I called my sheep Snoopy because it liked to wander off. When I first started 4-H, I showed a sheep that liked to jump a lot. It was funny because when I was at the house and I practiced with it, it didn't jump once. Showing sheep isn't that hard if you have a sheep that doesn't jump all over!
Before you show them you have to give them a bath and make sure they are not dirty. We put a purple garment on Snoopy so that if he would lie down, he wouldn't get dirty again. At first you take your sheep around in a circle, and you have to watch the judge at all times! You also have to make sure that his body is straight. You have to make sure that all of his legs are lined up together. You have to put your knee into the sheep so it will stand like it is supposed to. Did you know that when you push your knee into a sheep and they are straight, that they are born to know they are supposed to do that?
It was fun to be at the fair. I like doing 4-H. I like showing sheep and being with my friends.

State Bound Competitive Cheer Team
By Brooke Hitchcock
Sixth GradeGo Rockets! Go Rockets! Go Rockets! Cheerleading is definitely a sport. My sister and her team are the best cheerleaders to me. They are not just regular cheerleaders, they are competitive cheerleaders. They are excellent at everything they do and their performances are always amazing. Every single one of the cheerleaders on the competitive cheer team for Rockridge gives 120 percent every performance. They have gotten first place at every meet they have to this season.
On Jan. 26, the team performed at Sectionals. There were a lot of great performances, but two teams were their real competition; Byron and Sonoma. Those teams are really good too. After each team performed, it was time for awards. I was so surprised when the announcers said that third place went to Sonoma, second place went to Byron, and first place went to Rockridge. Everyone on Rockridge's side almost lost their mind! Rockridge first place! Everyone was so happy!
On Thursday, Jan. 31, the cheerleaders had their send off to the state meet. The team and all the parents are really excited and so am I! I know they are going to do wonderful. If they do well at the competition on Friday, they will get to move on to Saturday. I am almost positive that they will make it to Saturday. I believe in them. No matter what happens, I will be their biggest fan!