Posted Online: Sept. 05, 2013, 10:32 am

Q-C area launches public survey to study travel patterns

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Press release submitted by Bi-State Regional Commission

(Rock Island, September 6, 2013) — Great places start with a plan. Every five years, the Quad Cities Area updates its Long Range Transportation Plan. The update process examines and reflects changes in our transportation system. Quad Cities travel needs, traffic safety, and congestion are evaluated. Picture our roads and bus routes, trails and sidewalks, motor and water freight in 2045. Will Quad Citians be more mobile or less? Will we take shorter trips to our neighborhood shops and services? Imagine catching an express bus or riding your bicycle to work. How will Quad Citians use over 2,000 miles of roads or 120 miles of trails in our metropolitan area? How do we use our transportation system today?
Bi-State Regional Commission is conducting a survey of more than 1,500 households in the Quad Cities in the next two months. The survey results will help transportation planners in our metro area better understand how people travel and why. The results will be used by planners and local officials to identify current travel choices and their effect our transportation system. The data will also help improve regional mobility.
Starting September 9, 2013, households in the Quad Cities will be randomly chosen to participate in this survey. Participation is voluntary but very important. The last survey of this kind was conducted in the late 1960s. Travel patterns and choices have changed greatly since that time. Community participation is critical to the success of our transportation future.
Trained interviewers from a survey research firm, ETC Institute, will call and ask households questions on daily travel. Participants will record the destination address, travel time, mode of travel, and vehicle occupancy for their travels throughout the day. Parents will be asked to keep the travel diary for younger children.
ETC Institute has been hired by Bi-State Regional Commission to conduct the survey. The information provided by Quad Citians will be kept confidential and used only for statistical purposes as part of the Long Range Transportation Plan update. This effort has been funded through an Iowa Clean Air Attainment Program (ICAAP) grant of $300,000.
Bi-State's Quad Cities Transportation Policy and Technical Committees oversee Long Range Transportation Plan preparation. These committees are made up of local elected officials and technical staff. In the next three years, they will work with Bi-State staff to prepare a full draft update by early 2016. The update will include transportation goals and collection of existing and proposed transportation system recommendations. Additional public input is planned in spring 2014 and prior to the adoption of the plan in spring 2016. To review the existing 2040 long range transportation plan, go to
For more information on transportation planning, contact Bi-State Regional Commission at (309)793-6300 or go to Bi-State's website