Posted Online: Sept. 27, 2013, 10:42 am

In the festive mood? Get your fall craft on

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By Ali Lenger,

Photo: Submitted
Feeling festive this fall? South of 20 writer Ali Lenger, of Moline, sure is! She made this DIY scarecrow jar using an old glass bottle, a plastic cup, buttons and construction paper.
Photo: Submitted
Here is Ali Lenger's scarecrow jar, made from a repurposed glass bottle, a plastic cup, a bit of construction paper, glue and buttons.
Photo: Submitted
Ali Lenger, of Moline, made this thumbprint tree with paper, a marker and some ink pads.
Summer vacation is over, school has started, and fall is here. As the cooler weather drives us all indoors, warm your home with some unique fall crafts.

These fun-filled crafts will bring family and friends together to create festive fall decorations.

I searched online and found a few I liked and gave them a try.

Scarecrow jar

The scarecrow jar, found on, is an adorably decorative way to store cooking ingredients or candy by re-purposing a Mason jar or another glass jar or bottle.

To create this adorable creature, you will need one Mason jar or other glass bottle, construction paper, scissors, a pencil, two buttons, acrylic paint (of any color you'd like), a colored or clear plastic cup that fits over the top of the bottle and regular white glue.

To make it:
1. Cut a triangular nose out of colored construction paper. From a different sheet of paper, cut out a mouth with stitches across it.
2. Glue the pieces onto the bottle or jar.
3. Turn the plastic cup upside down and lay it on a piece of newspaper. This cup will be used as the scarecrow's hat.
4. Paint a coat of acrylic paint onto the cup, and give it 10 minutes or so to dry.
5. Determine how tall you want the hat to be by placing the cup on the jar or bottle, then mark it with a pencil.
6. Then, cut vertical slits up to that mark. The ends will frill out a little, which is good -- it will create the brim for your scarecrow's hat.
7. Curl the edges towards the hat to make it look like straw by rolling the edges. I found it was easier to roll the edges towards the cup.
8. When you are finished, cut out a rectangle from construction paper. This will be the band of your scarecrow's hat. Make sure that it is long enough to fit around the hat of you scarecrow, just above where you cut the slits over the pencil mark.
9. Fill your jar, then add the hat!
10. Proudly display your scarecrow on your counter!

Leaf garland

"Leaf" an impression on those who see your crafts with this DIY leaf garland creation. String it across your fireplace mantle, in your room or in a hallway. Found on the Popsugar Moms website, at, these leaves are made from coffee filters!

To make them, you will need coffee filters, of course, a small paintbrush, markers, watercolors, yarn or ribbon, scissors, a hole punch, and a little imagination.

To get started,
1. Using a marker, draw the outlines of a few different leaf shapes that are roughly the same size on a coffee filter.
2. Color it in with the watercolors. The combination of the marker and watercolors will create a tie-dye effect on the leaf.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have enough leaves. Anywhere from 10 to 15 leaves should be enough.
4. Let all of your leaves dry. This will take about 10 minutes.
5. After the leaves are dry, cut them out. Using the hole punch, punch a hole toward the top of each leaf.
6. Tie a knot at one end of your string of yarn or ribbon and slide on a leaf. Tie a knot at the other side of it to hold it in place. Be sure to leave enough space between the leaves so that you have enough string to make more knots.
7. Continue adding leaves until they're all on your string, then hang it up!

Fingerprint tree

Create a more personal project with the fingerprint tree. It will look great framed on the wall, or stuck to your fridge.

Found on the website The Chaos and the Clutter, at, the project is great for children, too. It requires a few ink pads, markers, scissors, a glue stick, white paper, and construction paper.

To make your fingerprint tree:
1. Cut out a piece of paper for the background for your tree. If you wish to save this project, make sure the paper is cut to fit in a picture frame.
2. Cut a tree out of construction paper. Make sure it will fit on your background paper. If you prefer to save paper, you can draw the tree on the background paper instead.
3. Using the glue stick, glue the tree to your background paper.
4. Once the glue dries, decorate your tree place with various thumbprints near the branches and on the ground. When you are finished, your thumbprint will look like leaves for the tree!
5. Be sure to sign your masterpiece before you display it on your wall.

Though the weather will grow colder, don't waste time wishing for summer to return. Instead, embrace the indoors during the autumn season, and use the opportunity to be more creative. These crafts are sure to inspire you, and may even spark ideas for new projects!
Ali Lenger, of Moline, attends Black Hawk College.