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Andalusia Elementary School Student Writers

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Kaelyn Causemaker
Adrianna Dinwiddie
Jacob Longcor
Grace Habben
Ayden Hofer
Amelia Rursch
My Lawn Mower
By Jacob Longcor
Fourth grade
On Sept. 14, I got my lawn mower at DeKeyrel's sale. It cost my dad $5. It was so big it took three guys to get it in the back of my dad's truck. It would have taken four, but I didn't help. Dad also got a pressure washer.
Dad and I brought it home, and it didn't work or move. We broke the axles loose so they could move. Then we put a new transmission in it. While I was at basketball, dad got parts for the mower at the Snapper store. We also painted the motor white.
We put about $200 into the mower to get it moving and fixed up. It took us two weeks to get it all finished. Since then I have helped my dad pick up apples, rake leaves, and mow the yard with my mower. I am glad that my dad helped me fix my lawn mower. It is now sitting in the garage, waiting for spring. I want to ride it soon!

Second Quarter Celebration
By Kaelyn Causemaker
Fourth grade
Friday's celebration was a blast! We did expectation stations, trivia, and best of all, we did the Character Counts celebration. They had a drawing for two Kindle Fires. It seemed like the day flew by. I liked the trivia the best.
The Expectation Stations were about how we are supposed to behave in the school. They talked about how we were supposed to act in the halls, cafeteria, and other places. The trivia was amazing! The trivia questions were about the U.S.A., sports, music, Disney movies, animals, and planets. We had goldfish crackers and juice boxes as a snack.
The celebration for Character Counts was fun! We talked about who made their Accelerated Reader (A.R.) goal. I made my A.R. goal, so my name got put into the drawing for the Kindle Fire. Then they had a drawing for the Kindle Fires. The students who won were a third grader and a fifth grader.
After that celebration, we talked about READO. READO is like BINGO but with books. If you read a certain book that is on one of the squares on your READO board then you fill that square in. Once you have filled up five squares, your name is put in the drawing. You can get either a small prize or a big prize. The big prize this time is either a trip to the Grand Harbor Resort or a trip to Fun City.
That's how our Friday celebration went.

2nd Quarter Celebration
By Adrianna Dinwiddie
Fourth grade
Friday, Jan. 17 was a great day! We had our second quarter celebration at Andalusia Elementary School.
In the morning, we did our Expectation Stations. We learned about responsibility, respect, and safety. We learned hallway, bus, recess, and always expectations. For hallway expectations, we learned from Mrs. Parchert, our P.E. teacher. For bus expectations, we learned from Mr. Lee and Mrs. Massey, bus drivers of bus 6 and bus 17.
We then had Trivia. The categories were U.S.A., Sports, Music, and Disney movies. Some of it started out easy. As the game went on, it got harder and harder. I think that the music category was the most fun. The music played for a couple of seconds, and then we guessed who the artist was or the title of the song.
After all of that, we finally had our celebration. Everybody was excited for the two Kindle Fire drawing. To have your name in the drawing, you had to meet your AR goal for the second quarter. I was sad that my name was not drawn, but I felt happy for Maverick and Grace, a fifth and third grader, that won. We also learned that for the third quarter celebration, the prize will be an overnight stay at Fun City or Grand Harbor Resort. The more READO boards you complete, the more chances you have to win.
It was a very fun day for me and the rest of the school. I hope others can have the chance to do it too!

Character Counts Celebration
By Grace Habben
Third grade
On Jan. 17, 2014, Andalusia Elementary School had a Character Counts Celebration. We played trivia. The teachers made up the questions for the categories. The categories were Music, USA, Disney, and Animals. The teachers gave us questions and we had to write the answers down on a paper. We also had our Second Quarter Celebration on this day. Staff and students with perfect attendance were recognized, and students who made their AR goal for the second quarter were recognized. After that, everyone that met their AR goal was put into a drawing for two Kindle Fire HDs. A fifth grade student won the first Kindle Fire and I won the second one! That was such a great day!

Andalusia Elementary School
By Ayden Hofer
Third grade
Come to Andalusia Elementary School, you will have fun!
Andalusia Elementary School is one of the best schools ever. It has fun stations before school, the best playground, and great teachers. We have Quarter Celebrations each quarter and do a lot of other cool stuff!
There are third, fourth, and fifth graders at Andalusia. My third grade teachers are Mrs. Meyer, Mrs. Bennett, and Mrs. Zwicker.
In third grade we have different teachers for reading, math, and science and social studies. We also do other subjects like spelling, writing, and grammar. There are about 29 kids in each third grade classroom. Our school has 251 students.
We are doing a program called Read-O right now. In Read-O there are steps you have to do. If you get all of the steps done, you win a prize. Last quarter we gave away Kindle Fires. This quarter we are giving away an overnight stay at Fun City and Grand Harbor. Lots of kids are trying really hard to get their Read-O done so they can be entered in the drawing!

READO On My Mind
Amelia Rursch
Third grade
Have you ever tried stretching your brain and reading different types of books? At Andalusia Elementary School the kids will be experiencing a 3rd Quarter Challenge.
Last quarter the prizes were Kindle Fires. This quarter it's trips! The teachers are hoping these prizes will motivate kids to read more. The more READOs you complete, the more you get your name put into the raffle for the trips.
Finishing READO is not the only goal. Kids will also be recognized for meeting their A.R. goals just like last quarter. Any kid who chooses to participate in READO will have to choose a path and pick A.R. books that fit those categories. Once a child has completed a path they turn the paper into Mrs. Newell. Then, Mrs. Newell will put his/her name in the drawing as many times as they would hand in a READO.
The teachers have put this challenge together not only to motivate readers but to make reading fun and adventurous! More kids have been picking up their books and reading after READO started. The kids can choose a path that might include "a book in a series" or "a book your teacher suggested." You could even choose to "read a diary"!
READO is motivating many, many kids and the number of points on AR is jumping. The teachers worked hard on READO and so are the kids now.