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Letter: Clinton's speech was predictable, juvenile

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Posted: Wednesday, August 26, 1998 1:00 am

After all the speculation about ``The Speech'' Aug. 17, it was no big surprise -- a modified, minimal regret, followed by an attack on poor Ken Starr, blaming him for all Clinton's trouble. A very juvenile response.

For all his talk about issues dividing our country -- race, etc. -- the biggest divisive issue is Clinton himself -- those that defend him and those who are appalled and disgusted and think he should resign.

I note that many defenders have been taken in with the White House spin that ``It's a private matter,'' ``All the presidents did it,'' etc., (none of which are true).

I believe he will only resign if enough members of his own party insist. I would like to see Congressman Lane Evans and our two Demoratic Party senators, Moseley-Braun and Durbin, take the high moral ground and speak out now for his resignation and save our country from further distress, so we can truly ``put this mess behind us.''

Dolores Kettering, Moline

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