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Letter: Monica was the hunter in Clinton matter

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Posted: Monday, September 28, 1998 1:00 am

After reading Monica Lewinsky's testimony I have come to one conclusion: She was no innocent victim here; President Clinton couldn't have taught her anything she didn't already know. Sure she was young, but she was old enough to ``just say no'' just like the president.

She was the hunter in this matter. There was a necktie shown on a TV news program one day and it was said to be one that Monica had given the president. Well, what he should have done was to take that tie and tie her to her desk chair and maybe this would have kept her away for awhile. She was a busy body and lied from the beginning. She'll go on her merry way and get rich (if not already) as the offers are pouring in once again for her graphic three-letter affair.

There was no reason for this testimony to be printed in such a manner, for all to read, even young children. If someone other than the government branch in Washington had printed this in newspapers, and on the Internet, they would all be in jail. But since it was regarding Monica and the president, it was OK for the smut details which really should be private. It was all politics, nothing more. It shouldn't have happened but it did, but we are all human and are not perfect, no matter what office one may hold. As for the three letter word in the White House ... if only those walls could talk they might be able to top this story.

If the politicians, and others who are screaming impeachment, would get off their behind and go after this crap that is shown on TV, movies and in magazines (about as filthy as it can get) maybe they would be doing somthing worthwhile. The wrestling matches on TV are filled with half naked women showing their bare behinds, the talk is filthy in front of kids (who really like wrestling, yet have to also have this garbage thrown at them) just to see a sport. There is a lot they could do but they will not do it now or later. They are all alike and not one is better than the other. The only thing is the trash they are into just hasn't been exposed to the public. I am sick of the whole bunch of them, and I really don't think I will vote anymore for any do-gooders who in real life ain't no better than the president.

I voted for President Clinton. I still like him as president no matter what is said because there isn't one saint out there. As for the three letter word, sex, I am about ready to pitch my TV right out the door because a person can hardly find a good story on unless someone is showing you know what. Some of these women are worse than any men dare to be, and the best thing they could do would be to cover themselves up a bit so not all would have to see.

Shirley Barrett, Rock Island

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