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Letter: Road money not a gift, it's taxpayers' money

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Posted: Tuesday, August 11, 1998 1:00 am

Re: ``Blacktop war not over yet'' by Kay Yadon, Aug. 4

Rep. Joel Brunsvold was quoted regarding an additional $400,000 in state road improvement money recently given to Mercer County. He stated, ``This was a gift given by Sen. Jacobs and myself. If I wouldn't have given them the money, they wouldn't have it. This is totally a windfall coming out of noplace.''

I dispute the comment that any money received by Mercer County was ``a gift'' from Rep. Brunsvold and Sen. Jacobs. They may have worked to procure the funding, but to imply that the efforts of our elected officials constitutes generosity on their part is offensive.

Additionally, I would like to remind Rep. Brunsvold that the monetary windfall did not come ``out of noplace.'' It came from the hard earned money of Illinois residents as taxes. Perhaps it is we citizens that deserve to be thanked?

Steve Kaschke, East Moline

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