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True Blue
from Ellis Kell
Argus/Dispatch blues columnist

JUNE 2006

Juke Joint Sinners Advance to International Blues Challenge in Memphis...

Local blues all-stars the Juke Joint Sinners won the Iowa Blues Challenge finals, held May 19at the Hilton Garden Inn in Urbandale, Iowa, and will move on to compete at the Blues Challenge in Memphis on February 1-3, 2007. Group members include veterans from QC blues bands: Shane Johnson, John Resch, Detroit Larry Davison, Wade Braggs, and Daniel Rangel. Congrats and kudos to these area blues musicians on a job well done, and we wish them the best of luck on Beale Street! For photos and more, visit the Central Iowa Blues Society web site at www.cibs.org .

Alligator Records Celebrates With "35 x 35" Compilation...

alligator_cd (16K)Chicago's own Alligator Records takes listeners on a voyage back through the 35 yr. history of the label, with 35 tracks from some of the Chi-town blues label's finest moments. The set includes two CD's, plus a 44-page booklet, all for the single disk price of $17.98. Per the folks at Alligator, this collection "contains no repeat tracks from any previous Alligator anniversary title or our Crucial Blues series." Trace the history of the blues biggest little label, which literally started out with founder Bruce Iglauer selling Hound Dog Taylor recordings from the trunk of his car. The success of Alligator Records is a classic American dream come true, and it's archives include some of the finest contemporary blues tracks on record.

eric_lindell (35K)The folks at Alligator have never been ones to rest for long, and "Change In the Weather" is yet another prime example. This brand new Alligator release showcases vital and soulful licks and vocals of Eric Lindell. Born in California and raised up in New Orleans, this young-blue-blood is on fire with hot rockin' rhythm, blues and soul. For more about Alligator records and all of their recording artists, visit www.alligator.com on the web.

Telarc Introduces A New Voice in the Wilderness - Australia's Jeff Lang...

jeff_lang (16K)Due for release on June 27, 2006, "Prepare Me Well: An Introduction to Jeff Lang" marks the Telarc debut of "Australia's best roots-music artisan," as described by Rolling Stone. Lang is spontaneous, fresh and vital, drawing from a wide spectrum of influences such as Skip James, Blind Willie Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, Ry Cooder, Bob Dylan and Richard Thompson. However, what emerges is purely Jeff Lang's own, and something purely inspired. For more on this new release, and other Telarc International artists, visit www.telarc.com on the web.

Also from Telarc...John Lee Hooker, Jr.'s "Cold As Ice"...

coldasice (8K)Just as sure as his name, John Lee Hooker, Jr. busts out some no-nonsense blues 'n boogie on "Cold As Ice," his new release on the Telarc label. From the first few bars of "You Blew It, Baby" until this new collection rolls home with the closer "Eva'body Pays Attention," the son does the father proud. John Lee Hooker, Jr. most definitely has his own brand and spirit, and takes the music exactly where he wants it to go - all the time payin' homage with pride in the tradition. Watch out, 'cause Jr. is just gettin' started! For more about John Lee Hooker, Jr., visit http://www.intrepidartists.com/johnleehookerjr.html on the web.

Further On Up the Road...

Johnny Goldmine and the Nuggets host Blue Mondays in the Redstone Room at River Music Experience, starting at 7 pm. On that note, I'll guess I'll be movin' on down the line. If there was anymore to tell 'ya, don't 'ya know I would? Until we meet again at this crossroads, peace, love & blessings to all, and...

Blues to ‘ya!

Local musician Ellis Kell writes about blues music both local and national in ‘True Blue’, running the first Sunday of each month in Entertainment. He is also on the staff of River Music Experience, a not-for-profit center dedicated to preservation, education and celebration of American Roots music.


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