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Posted: Sunday, September 20, 1998 12:00 am

Throughout the month of October the Bettendorf Public Library will be celebrating the fact that they are among only 20 locations across the country chosen for a sneak preview of a new video series.

The library won a grant to serve as a demonstration site for the series, ``From Rosie to Roosevelt: A Film History of Americans in World War II,'' which will be shown at the library in weekly segments from Sept. 22 to Nov. 3.

The library applied for this privilege. ``It was through the American Library Association --they advertised that they had this grant available and I thought, `This sounds like a good one to apply for,'' said Hedy Hustedde, a library employee. ``It's going all over the country so I was pretty excited that we got it.''

Each week different topics concerning World War II will be discussed, and a film relating to the topic will be shown. The discussions will be lead by Father George McDaniel, a history professor at St. Ambrose. That is, except for the program on Oct. 27, which will be lead by Michael Hustedde, a Marycrest professor.

``The scholars will give an introduction to the film then they'll show either the whole thing or part of the film,'' Ms. Hustedde said. ``They will also lead a discussion of the film.''

The library will receive the videos and discussion materials free, and after they are used for the demonstrations they will become part of the library's permanent collection.

``After they see how we do they're going to make it available to other libraries,'' Ms. Hustedde said. ``Except, they'll have to pay.''

The films that will be shown are all award-winning documentaries, chosen especially for this series. ``They bring up things that are sort of disturbing, but they're supposed to be discussion points,'' Ms. Hustedde said. ``These films are films that should be talked about.''

Pre-registration is suggested, but not required for the series. And you can choose to come to any of the sessions. ``Of course we prefer that the participants come to all of them, but they are not required to,'' Ms. Hustedde said. ``They can come to one or all of them.''

The number of participants is not limited, and it the program is free. ``You wouldn't need any background knowledge at all,'' Ms. Hustedde said. ``People will learn from the discussion, from the film, and from other participants.

``Anybody interested in World War II or anybody that has a lot of knowledge about World War II (would enjoy the series),'' said Pamela Briggs, of the Bettendorf Public Library. ``Certainly it's not limited to scholars. People alive during World War II could add a dimension and people that know nothing about history could learn a lot.''

Ms. Hustedde expects that all the participants will leave the discussions knowing ``that there are many ways of looking at the same facts.''

The World War II series will fit right in at the library during October. It will be joined by other programs and displays dealing with the war. ``We're also going to have, in our showcase, memorabilia from World War II from the area,'' Ms. Hustedde said. There may also be some children's programs that tie in to the topic, she said, and the display case in the children's department will be exhibiting some war items on loan.

The library's monthly senior citizens day will also tie in with the war theme. On Oct. 22 the library will host a fashion show for seniors titled ``The Women of the Prairie Meet Rosie the Riveter: 125 Years of Fashion in Iowa.''

The library will also host a poetry reading featuring four local poets who have been asked to read some of their original work that has a war and peace theme. ``Any kind of war and any kind of peace,'' Ms. Hustedde said. ``It could be a family war.''

The topics and dates for the films and discussions are as follows:

Sept. 22: The Home Front, featuring the film ``The Home Front''

Sept. 29: Women Join the Work Force, featuring ``The Life and Times of Rosie The Riveter''

Oct. 6: Japanese-Americans, featuring the film, ``The Color of Honor: Days of Waiting''

Oct. 13: The Double V--African-Americans and the War, featuring the film ``Proudly We Served: The Men of the U.S.S. Mason''

Oct. 27: America and the Holocaust, featuring the film ``America and the Holocaust''

Nov. 3: The Experience of Combat, featuring the film ``D-Day''

For more information or to register call Hedy Hustedde at the Bettendorf Public Library at 344-4175.

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