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Q-C Online

Engagement Form

The Dispatch
1720 5th Ave.
Moline, IL 61265
(309) 764-4344
The Rock Island Argus
1724 4th Ave.
Rock Island, IL 61201
(309) 786-6441
  • Engagement information should be submitted at least one month in advance of the wedding date.
  • The first 15 lines of your announcement are free; additional lines are $3.75 each. A representative of the newspaper can contact you prior to publication and provide you the cost.
  • Small photographs (1-1/2 by 2-1/4 inches) take up 11 lines; color is an additional $30.
  • Large photographs (2-3/4 by 4 inches) take up 30 lines; color is an additional $30.
  • If a photo is to be used, it must be sent to The Dispatch or The Rock Island Argus or submitted via email (see below). Snail mail photos must be sent at the same time that this form is submitted.
  • Give full names and complete addresses.
  • Telephone number will not be published: it is for our information.
Bride Elect's Information
Bride elect's name
Her address
(street and city)
Her  home phone
Her  work phone
Her parents'
(first and last names)
Her parents' address
(street and city)
Her parents' home phone
Her parents' work phone
Her high-school and college education
(include city and state, also indicate whether attending, attended, or graduated)
Her present employment
(include city and state)
Prospective Bridegroom's Information
Prospective Bridegroom's name
His Bridegroom's address
(street and city)
His home phone
His work phone
His parents'
(First and Last names)
His parents' address
(street and city)
His parents' home phone
His parents' work phone
His high-school and college education
(include city and state, also indicate whether attending, attended, or graduated)
His present employment
(include city and state)
Ceremony Information
Date of wedding
Place of wedding
Hour of ceremony
City of ceremony
State of ceremony
Do you wish us to state that relatives and friends invited to ceremony? Yes   No
Reception Information
Place of reception
Reception time
Do you wish us to state that relatives and friends invited to reception? Yes   No
Additional Information
Additional Information about the engagement
 Photograph Information
Photograph Submitted?
Tiff or jpeg file sent to: socialnews@qconline.com
File on my computer:
*Please be patient, file uploads over dialup may take a few minutes. Please keep photos under 100KB.

Mailed to The Dispatch/Argus.  Photographs submitted via regular mail must be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope if desired to be returned.

No, I am not submitting a photograph. 
I would like my photo to be published:
Small, in black and white (adds 11 lines to the announcement).
Large, in black and white (adds 30 lines to the announcement).
Small, in color (adds 11 lines to the announcement plus $30 surcharge).
Large, in color (adds 30 lines to the announcement plus $30 surcharge).
Billing Information
Billing Name
Daytime Phone
Home Phone
Email Address
Your Engagement Form is Now Complete!


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