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Posted: Saturday, September 29, 2012 5:10 pm

Finding the Leader in Me

By Kayla Canning

Sixth grade

There are many ways sixth grade is different from any other grade. You are the leaders of your school. I remember when I was younger, and the sixth grade teachers would tell their students, "Be role models for the younger kids." Now it is my turn to be a role model and I am excited! This year we have a new program at our school called The Leader in Me.

You are probably wondering what this does for students. Well it is right in the name, it helps kids find the leader in themselves and learn how to work together to find solutions to problems where everyone wins. I am also going to tell you about the seven habits. The seven habits are seven steps to help kids work together and show leadership.

The first of the seven habits is being proactive. Proactive people stop to allow themselves time to make the right choice. Follow your conscience, and do what you think is right. The second habit is begin with the end in mind. This clarifies what is important to you. For example, we did our mission statements and a mission statement is your goals for the year. I think this is very important for students because it gives them something to work up to. The third habit is put first thing first. This means focus on your top priorities, think ahead and be organized. Imagine a clock and compass. The clock represents your appointments, activities, and how you manage your time. The compass represents your mission, direction, and values.

The fourth habit is to think win-win. You always want to do well and be a winner, but it is always more fun to win together. This way everyone wins, it would be a win-win situation. The fifth habit is seek first to understand then to be understood. This basically means try to understand the other person's point of view then state yours. Next comes the sixth habit, synergize. Synergize means to work together to find a better solution where both of you would want the same done to you. The final habit is sharpen the saw. Sharpen your saw means if someone is feeling down help them out and make them happy, sharpen their saw. The seven habits are very important and are not just steps to use in sixth grade use them throughout your life. You never know they could help you out with a problem along the road.

Sixth Grade, Its Elementary, My Dear

By Hannah Knuth

Sixth grade

I am an intelligent, hardworking, and proud sixth grade student at Eugene Field Elementary School. Here are some of my favorite elements or responsibilities about being a sixth grader.

One of my favorite things is running our recycling paper program. Our class does recycling on Wednesdays in the morning. There are two students in each group to go collect each teacher's recycle bin. The reason why this is one of my favorite activities is because I love to see all of the smiling faces in my assigned classroom. It makes me feel wonderful to know we are doing something good for our Earth.

Another one of my favorite elements of sixth grade is band. I LOVE band. There is so much enthusiasm in all of the participants. I got to pick my instrument at the very end of 5th grade. I picked the trombone! I'm the only one playing this instrument at Eugene Field, but that's all right. Band will help you not only with your music, but with your spirit as well.

My third sixth grade responsibility is patrol. Everyone who wanted to do patrol is doing it. I get to help the students with their safety and it also helps out with our school community.

Lastly, I am on student council this year. It has been such an extreme adventure. Student council has amazing things to do like popcorn sales, scrap booking events, and special projects for the teachers.

These are some of the elements that are going to make this my best school year ever. I plan to try my hardest to succeed in all I do.

Kindergarten Buddies

By Wynter Rade

Sixth grade

What makes 6th grade different is having kindergarten buddies because I've never had a kindergarten buddy before. Now I do and it's really fun to help a little child learn new words and to show how much fun reading can be if you read a book.

When I first started to read with my little kindergarten buddy, I felt really good about reading to my buddy, it was a good feeling. I could tell my little buddy loved it when I add good emotion and feeling, I saw the smile on her face and she even made a few connections to the book while I was reading. I think it's always good if a kindergarten buddy can make a connection to a book that brings back good times with friends or family. What makes it different is that you get to read to them and keep doing that and it makes you feel really good that you're helping a little child learn to read and reading can help them learn new words and it makes you feel so great inside because it's a nice thing to do.

That's what makes 6th grade different for me because I've never had a kindergarten buddy for reading before and I get to help a child learn that books can take you on a journey and they can learn new things from books just like I did back then. That's what makes 6th grade different for me, having a kindergarten buddy in the 6th grade.

I Love Being a Sixth Grader!

By Makayla Chandler

Sixth grade

Sixth grade is a big responsibility. I've always wondered how it would feel to be in sixth grade. This year, I have realized that I have taken on more activities and started to be more independent for myself. Sixth grade makes you mature and since I am already moving that way, it helps a lot to take action. This is what I think of sixth grade.

I've always wanted to set good examples for the smaller kids and be who I am. Sixth grade is basically getting you ready for the real world and your teachers no longer baby you. Simple things like multiplication and division facts you are expected to know. You have to be responsible for yourself and your own learning. Sixth grade lets you express yourself so that you can stand out and be the best you can be.

There are so many extraordinary activities to do in sixth grade that involves your school community. You can be in band, orchestra, patrol, reading buddies, and also Student Council. I am in three of these activities.

I've always wanted to be on patrol. It makes me feel good to be helping kids safely across the street. I am also on Student Council sharing the job of the secretary this year. Writing is a passion of mine so I am looking forward to taking lots of notes! I also enjoy Reading Buddies that we have with the Kindergarteners on Friday afternoons. This gives me a chance to be a great role model for my buddy, Meliah. She loves for me to read to her with expression.

Sixth grade may be the end of grade school, but it really is the beginning of helping you realize where you're heading in life through added activities and responsibilities. I love being a sixth grader!

Staff vs. 6th graders Volleyball

By Christy Bishop

Sixth grade

There are a lot of things different about 6th grade, patrol, classroom pets, band and orchestra, etc. But I think the biggest, most exciting difference this year would be being able to participate in our school's tradition, staff vs. student volleyball game!

Here at Eugene Field, this volleyball game is a huge deal. The whole school makes posters and watches our match. It's the loudest event I've ever been to! Here's how it goes: we all have a regular day at school, then, around 2:15 (45 minutes before school gets out) kindergarten to 5th grade file into the gymnasium and sit in the bleachers. All of the teachers go to the right side of the gym and the sixth graders (who are divided into groups because there are so many of us) go to the other side. Instead of using an actual volleyball, we use a huge inflatable ball that's easier to hit. The game then begins and the craziness starts.

Since I am in 6th grade now, it's FINALLY my turn to take on the challenge of the tradition! I have been looking forward to this since kindergarten. I can't remember a year that I've been here that the 6th graders have beaten the staff, and I plan to break their winning streak. I have big expectations for our performance against the teachers, my classmates and I all want to WIN. Wish us luck!

In conclusion, out of all the other changes in 6th grade, I think this tradition that I will be carrying on this year is definitely the most sensational difference of the year.

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