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Q-C hospitals carve niches of their own

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Hospitals and medical centers in the Quad-Cities specialize in a variety of medical services, from open heart surgery to advanced trauma care. Trinity recently put the area's only air-ambulance into operation.

On the surface, any of the Quad-Cities' half-dozen hospitals seems much like the next -- each has doctors, X-ray machines and operating rooms. However, a closer look shows each medical campus has its own unique strengths and expertise.

Surgical specialties like open-heart or wound-treatment programs and special equipment like linear accelerators or a helicopter ambulance allow each campus to fill a niche in Quad-Cities health care.

Here's a look at each of the six campuses and some of the services they offer:

-- Trinity Medical Center West Campus, Rock Island: ``The West Campus is the home of the most experienced and established trauma center in the Quad-Cities,'' Trinity vice president of marketing and communications Bob Lundin said. ``The trauma center has had this designation for over 30 years.''

Besides housing Trinity's inpatient services, physical rehabilitation, pediatrics and other key departments, West Campus is home to the Robert Young Community Mental Health Center and Trinity's newest service, the area's only air-ambulance helicopter.

A new crown jewel is planned for the Rock Island campus this year, as Trinity seeks state permission to launch an open-heart surgery program.

``The presence of open-heart surgery backup at Trinity also will enable cardiologists to perform life-saving, interventional cardiology procedures such as angioplasty and stent placement,'' Mr. Lundin said.

-- Trinity Medical Center 7th Street Campus, Moline: ``The 7th Street Campus is truly the hospital of the future,'' Mr. Lundin said. ``It is the first hospital campus in the Quad-Cities to place more emphasis on outpatient care while still offering inpatient care for surgical patients.''

As recovery care grows in popularity, Trinity will add more short-stay beds to its 7th Street Campus, Mr. Lundin said. ``At some point, recovery care will also include medical patients as well as surgical,'' he said.

The campus along John Deere Road also houses a cancer treatment center -- including two linear accelerators -- and a community health resource center for public research into health issues.

-- Illini Hospital, Silvis: Patient service and satisfaction are Illini's specialties, hospital chief executive officer Gary Larson said.

``This last year at Illini saw us rated in the top 1 percent in the nation in patient satisfaction, remodel our facility to be even more patient-friendly, receive designation as a Level II trauma center and continue to build on our affiliation with Genesis Health System,'' he said.

``We're proud to receive such national and state recognition and to be regarded so highly by our peers,'' he said.

-- Genesis Medical Center West Campus, Davenport: '`In order to maximize efficiencies, specialized services at Genesis are, for the most part, centralized on one of our two campuses,'' vice president of stategic development Bob Travis said. ``The West Campus houses physical rehabilitation, neurology, orthopedics, behavioral medicine and pediatrics.''

With the completion this summer of a major renovation and expansion project, outpatient surgery and cancer services also will be consolidated on the West Campus.

-- Genesis Medical Center East Campus, Davenport: ``East Campus specialty areas include obstetrics/gynecology, neonatal intensive care, cardiology services, dialysis and trauma care,'' Mr. Travis said. ``Surgery, radiology, laboratory, intensive care units and transitional skilled units are located on both campuses.''

-- Davenport Medical Center, Davenport: Although the smallest of the six campuses, DMC offers a wide variety of medical services, customer service manager Candace Sountris said.

``Davenport Medical Center is a full-service hospital, complete with 24-hour emergency service, an intensive care unit and outpatient/surgical facilities,'' she said. ``We offer personalized care for the entire family.''

Specialty programs at DMC include the Quad City Regional Wound Care Center; a surgical weight-loss program using stomach-stapling; and certified nurse midwifery services.

-- By John Kanthak (February 2, 1998)

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