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Reagan birthplace in Whiteside County

Whiteside County has many historical sites, including several on the National Register of Historic Places and some designated county historical sites. One of the more well-known is the Tampico birthplace of former president Ronald Reagan.

National Register of Historic Places sites:

-- The Albany Mounds State Historic Site, Illinois 84, Albany. Native Americans buried their dead in mounds in the Albany area. The 208-acre site is the largest known Hopewell culture site in Illinois and has 39 burial mounds, midden, and part of the village from this group of Native Americans, who disappeared around 500 A.D.

-- Dillon Home Museum, 1005 East 3rd St., Sterling.

The Dillon home was built in 1858 in Italian Renaissance period. The house features much history of the Dillon family and Northwestern Steel and Wire.

County Historic sites:

-- Asa Crook Home, East 3rd St., Prophetstown.

It was the first frame house, built in 1839, by Whiteside's first settler. Restorations are in progress by the Prophetstown Historical Society. When completed, the site will be open to the public.

-- Cannon and Bell Historical Site on Riverside Drive in Prophetstown.

On a bluff overlooking the Rock River, it has a World War I cannon and the original bell from the first schoolhouse in Whiteside County, dated 1836. A 100-year time capsule buried there July 4, 1959.

-- Civil War Monument on East 3rd St., Prophetstown.

A lone Civil War soldier statue stands in memory of four major battles -- Shiloh, Gettysburg, Kenisaw and Resaca.

-- Grandon Civic Center and Statue in Central Park, East 4th St., Sterling. Given by D.W. Grandon in 1939, the Civil War monument is a cannon. The monument has the names of the soldiers.

-- Ronald Reagan Birthplace at 11 S. Main St., Tampico.

Restored furnished apartment birthplace of the 40th president.

-- By Todd Welvaert (February 2, 1998)

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